Your Sleeping Position Reveals Way More Than You'd Expect About Your Inner Personality | 22 Words

These days, basically everything you do says something about your personality. According to the Internet, at least. Why else would there be so many online quizzes that tell you all about yourself?

Today, though, we're talking about sleeping positions. If you're lucky, you spend about 1/3 of your life asleep, so it stands to reason that the methods by which you achieve that slumber may say something about who you are as a person, right?

Settle in for this one. Take a second and think about how you fall asleep in your bed each night. Here's what each sleeping position reveals about your personality.

1. The Soldier

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The Position: Sleeping in the "Soldier" position means you sleep on your back with your arms straight down at your sides. (Much like a soldier standing at attention. You get it.) This is actually a very healthy position for your spine as it keeps everything aligned nicely. However, it may lead to snoring, so you may want to switch it up if that's an issue for you (or your partner.)
What it Says About Your Personality: People who sleep in the "Soldier" position are typically pretty reserved. They probably tend to be introverts who keep to themselves and don't necessarily venture outside their comfort zone too often.

2. The Starfish

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The Position: "Starfish" sleepers fall asleep on their back. Unlike "Soldier" sleepers whose arms remain at their sides, "Starfish" sleepers bend their elbows and/or knees.
What it Says About Your Personality: If you're a "Starfish" sleeper, you're a very good listener. You encourage people to open up and share their thoughts whenever they're around you. Now, let's move on to people who sleep on their sides...

3. The Log

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The Position: "Logs" fall asleep on their side with their arms held pretty much straight. This position is also pretty good for spine alignment, although you run the risk of your top leg twisting down toward your mattress, thereby also twisting your spine.
If you sleep in this position, consider placing a pillow between your knees for more stability! The good news is that the "Log" sleeping position can provide relief to those who suffer from acid reflux.
What it Says About Your Personality: "Log" sleepers are very sociable. If you sleep like a log, you probably consider yourself to be an extrovert who loves to be among the people. You're probably also a great conversationalist.

4. The Yearner

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The Position: This one is very similar to the "Log." The main difference is that while "Log" sleepers keep their arms at their sides, "Yearners" usually stretch their arms forward. (Almost as if they're yearning for something.)
What it Says About Your Personality: "Yearners" are often very suspicious people — but that's not necessarily a bad thing! It may simply mean that you're a natural skeptic who is always searching for the truth. Next up is the "Fetus" position...

5. The Fetus

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The Position: You can probably guess this one. "Fetus" sleepers are the side-sleeping version of the "Starfish." They sleep on their side with their legs and elbows bent.
Looks pretty cozy, right? Unfortunately, this is actually one of the worst ways to sleep as far as your spine is concerned. There's not much alignment going on at all. If you insist on sleeping on your side, the "Log" or "Yearner" positions are both better for you.
What it Says About Your Personality: "Fetus" sleepers typically keep to themselves and may be less likely to open up about how they're really feeling. If you sleep in this position, you may struggle with letting people into your inner circle. (But once they make it past the initial barrier, they're there for the long haul.)

6. The Freefaller

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The Position: "Freefallers" sleep fully on their stomach (as opposed to on their back or side) with their arms held up above their head. This is another position that's not great for your spine, as your neck will have to be at a weird angle in order to breathe. If you're a stomach sleeper, you may want to consider eliminating your pillow — or at least use a very thin one!
What it Says About Your Personality: Even though sleeping on your stomach may not be great for your neck and spine, it reveals good things about your personality! Stomach sleepers tend to be extra friendly and outgoing. They typically have a large group of friends and often find themselves fulfilling their role as the life of the party. This next position is similar to the "Freefaller," but slightly more spread out...

8. The Sprawl

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The Position: This one's kind of a free-for-all. "Sprawlers" sleep on their stomach with their arms and legs bent. The more spread-out, the better.
What it Says About Your Personality: If you tend to sprawl out in bed, first of all, that might make things a bit tricky for anyone else who happens to be in bed with you.
"Sprawlers" tend to be rather anxious people who may feel as though they don't have things in their life under control.

8. Combo

The Position(s): Maybe you're finding that you don't fall into one specific sleeping position category. In that case, you're probably a combo sleeper who finds themselves in a variety of positions throughout the night.
What it Says About Your Personality: If you're indecisive at night, you're probably similarly indecisive during the day. Combo sleepers may feel hesitant to make any commitments or settle down.