Youtube ‘Time Traveler’ Gives Chilling Explanation of What 2300 Will Be Like

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In our current climate, it’s pretty obvious that our future is a bleak one.

With large percentages of our natural forests destroyed, the world’s climate getting hotter with every year, and our oceans completely swimming with plastic and waste, our planet’s fate isn’t looking great.

But, luckily for us, we have extremely legitimate time travelers to tell us just how doomed we are in the future.

Gerard Gardener (if that is his real name…) is a British government worker-turned time traveler who has recently claimed to have visited the year 2300, and he reported back with some pretty bizarre stories.

Keep scrolling to watch his video, where he describes floating cities and a planet run by giant computers…

Ever since Marty and Doc jumped into their time-traveling Delorian, we have been obsessed with the concept of traveling to the future.

There are some firm time travel supporters out there, and even some who claim they have been to the future themselves.

The Youtube channel, ApexTV, to be precise. ApexTV is one of the biggest voices of all things paranormal on YouTube. The channel has over fifty-six million views and 100,000 subscribers and is best known for its various paranormal videos covering topics such as aliens, teleportation, and time travel.

And there is an abundance of terrifying stories of not-too-far-away apocalyptic futures where robots have outpowered the human race.

This week, yet another time-traveler has returned from the grizzly future with some terrifying tales from his trip.

Okay, this is 110 percent not his real name, but let’s just roll with it. Gerard claimed that, in 1977, he started working for the British government, thus leading him to a life of time travel.

Apparently. In the video, he explains that he gradually rose up the ranks and, in 1988, was offered £2.3 million (roughly $2.8 million) to be sent into the future.

So Gardener accepted.  

And, of the project to send him to the future, he said: “If they could do this, they would have great power over our society, and they knew they must perfect this technology before any other country does.”

According to Gardener – Yes. In the video, he describes a “machine that was a large spheroid object, around thirty foot in diameter.”

And rolled into a compartment within the machine. Not quite the slick sports car time machine I was picturing, but okay.

Because he lost consciousness pretty much immediately after being rolled into the time machine. He recalls feeling like he “had died,” and, once he regained consciousness, he was no longer in the machine, but in a city.

He begins his recount by describing seeing vastly large buildings that “appeared to go up in the air for miles.” Okay, it doesn’t sound too outrageous so far…

This is when the floating cities come in. Yes, floating cities. Gardener insists that, in the year 2300, there will be some cities that float “roughly 6,000 foot in the air.”

Apparently. He insists that this technology has been “perfected to a degree that they can levitate an entire city.” He explained that the benefit of a floating city is that they can be moved around easily. Well, this sounds like something our government would definitely do…

Gardener explained: “There was essentially no government. Each city was independently operated. There were no elected officials. The cities were governed by a computer.”

And they dish out serious punishments. If someone breaks the guidelines, the computers ship them off to a work camp for a bit. The worst offenders have their consciousness uploaded to a computer, in which state they live out their days.

There is no money, no banks, no laws (just computer guidelines…), and no war. Doesn’t sound too shabby, does it?

And he had a jolly old time. “I enjoyed living in the future very much, and I would give anything to return. But I had to come back to see my family and the people I cared so deeply about.”

Still think it’s a load of garbage? Keep scrolling to see what a different time traveler had to say about the year 2075…