This is Scott DeShields Jr. - and he's lucky to be alive.

Just a few weeks ago, while filming a video for his YouTube channel dedicated to firearms, Scott pulled the trigger of a 50. Cal and completely wrecked himself in multiple places when the rifle exploded in his face.

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Don't play with guns.

Yeah, shouldn't have to say that but it just probably isn't a good idea, you know?

Sometimes even experts get wrecked up.

Such is the story of Scott DeShields Jr...

Scott DeShields Jr. runs the YouTube page Kentucky Ballistics.

And as you can probably imagine, Scott uses the channel to try out a huge array of weapons and the likes.

But despite his expertise.

A few weeks ago, Scott was testing out a 50. Cal rifle...

And I think it's only fair to say he's lucky to be alive...

After the rifle exploded in his face the second he held back the trigger.

He shared the video online.

Kentucky Ballistics/YouTube

And people are absolutely delighted that Scott was able to make a full recovery.

Kentucky Ballistics/YouTube

Kentucky Ballistics/YouTube

Kentucky Ballistics/YouTube

And the whole thing was caught on camera.

And it makes for a pretty gnarly watch - as the gun explodes backwards tearing into Scott in multiple places.

In a video posted just days ago, Scott explained what went wrong.

He explained that he'd been using the rifle for a long time.

Although he said he noticed something strange about the ammunition...

When he put the last round in, it was 'extra hot' – but he had 'no way of knowing' what would happen next.

He probably should've stopped there...

Kentucky Ballistics/YouTube

But Scott decided to pull the trigger.

What happened next is truly shocking.

The gun explodes right in front of him. His cap and goggles are blown off.

He then falls backwards off his chair as the steel cap off the gun fired back into his face.

​The steel cap also broke his orbital bone in three separate spots.

It also broke his nose - requiring facial surgery.

Another part of the gun went directly into his throat.

It lacerated his jugular vein.

And tore a hole through his lung.

He also really destroyed his left hand...


Amazingly however...

Scott made a full recovery thanks to his Dad who was there when the incident happened - and also those at the hospital who helped him!

Take a look at the video below.

Maybe take it easy for a few weeks Scott!