YouTuber Builds Elevator for His 20-Year-Old Cat Who Struggles With Stairs

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We all love our pets so much that we would do anything we could for them, right?

Well, when one YouTuber’s twenty-year-old cat started to struggle with walking up stairs, he decided to do something to help his pet out…

By building an elevator.

Liam Thompson is a YouTuber based in Auckland who is known online for his DIY creations such as a robot butler, a secret door and a backyard rollercoaster.

But this time, he has made his own ‘cat elevator’ in order to help his furry friend, Frodo, get up the stairs.

Liam developed the special elevator using the knowledge he learned while building his backyard rollercoaster.

The elevator consists of a cart for Frodo to sit in, which is then attached to a wooden track on the stairs that moves up and down using an electric hoist.

Now, it may seem like a strange idea, but after 4 days of work, Liam’s idea came to life and surprisingly…

It worked pretty well!

“Are you ready to go downstairs without having to move a muscle?” he asked Frodo as he then traveled down the stairs with ease.

Where can we buy one?