Last year, YouTuber Emily Hartridge tragically passed away at the age of thirty-five.

And now, over a year on, her cause of death has finally been confirmed...

On the 12th of July 2019, Emily Hartridge sadly passed away.

She was just thirty-five-years-old.

Emily was best known for her career as a YouTuber and social media influencer.

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Hailing from Hampshire in the United Kingdom, she started publishing vlogs on her YouTube channel back in 2010 captioned, "10 reasons why."

Her material covered topics such as sex, relationships, love, gender and modern life...

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As well as pieces about her personal life such as her sexuality and mental health.

Emily wanted to make people laugh from her content...

And she also wanted to give advice and spread awareness of certain topics - including controversial ones.

She was always very honest to her 355,000 followers about her own mental health breakdown...

And by doing this, Emily was able to build a safe space within her YouTube channel that was watched and loved by so many. She would even arrange weekly meetings in London for women to gather and discuss their mental health.

She was also a fitness enthusiast who encouraged her followers to take part in online workouts...

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As well as weekly fitness meetings and sessions.

Emily had been in a relationship with her boyfriend, Jake Hazell, for quite some time before her death...

And she regularly featured him on her YouTube channel - with the fact of him being 8-years younger than her being constantly discussed.

But in July last year, disaster struck.

Emily, who was very open about the subject with her followers, was traveling on her e-scooter that she received as a birthday present to go and get her eggs frozen at a fertility clinic on the 12th of July 2019.

She was driving through Battersea in London when she was struck by a lorry.

Emily tragically died instantly from her injuries. People were left completely shaken and devastated by this sudden loss, and it didn't take long for tributes to come pouring in for the young woman - who clearly touched so many lives.

Emily's funeral took place 3 weeks after her death...

And now, over a year on, her death has finally been ruled out as an accident.

A flat tire on the e-scooter that Emily was driving has been blamed for the accident.

Dr. Fiona Wilcox said to the BBC that the scooter being "unsuitably driven, too fast" and the lack of air in the tire had caused the crash. A record of the inquest document seen by the BBC also said the death was accidental.

Even though it's been a year, it never really gets any easier.

Rest in Peace, Emily. For the most recent tragedies of this year so far, keep on reading...