A pair of YouTubers have sparked fury online this week after a resurfaced video from 2018 shows them explaining why they canceled an adoption of a baby because "they couldn't be on video for a full year"...

And parents from all around the world have been left utterly disgusted over such a shallow perspective...


Especially those who have adopted children themselves.

Now, Nikki and Dan Phillippi are YouTube influencers...

YouTube / NikkiPhillippi

And the married couple, who are based in California, earn a living through documenting their day-to-day lives on YouTube and social media.

The couple, who are now parents to their 1-year-old son Logan, document literally everything that happens in their lives...

Including their recent - and rather controversial - decision to euthenize their dog, Bowser, after he bit Logan.

But before Logan was born, the couple were very open about their ambitions to adopt or foster a child...

YouTube / NikkiPhillippi

So much so, that back in 2018, the pair almost completed the adoption of a baby from Thailand.

But things didn't quite work out with the adoption...


For a very controversial reason.

Explaining in a 2018 video that has since resurfaced, Nikki and Dan spoke about how their plans to adopt from Thailand had fallen through.

YouTube / NikkiPhillippi

"We are still adopting, we just aren't adopting from Thailand anymore," Nikki said to her followers.

"The organization we were adopting through started following Dan and I on Instagram... and they sent me through their 'social media policy' which confused me! So I sent back an email saying, 'is this basically saying not to share any information about our future child until they're officially ours?'."

The couple found out about a unique law in Thailand that says after adopting a child, parents aren't allowed to share photos, videos, or information online about their new child for an entire year.

YouTube / NikkiPhillippi

"After you pick up your child, they are your child but you are not allowed to talk about them or share any images, photos, videos, anything about them online for a year," she explained.

"I mean, Nikki's got a YouTube channel and we share a whole lot," Dan then added, suggesting that they weren't okay with concealing a baby's privacy for a year.

"When that hit we literally were like 'Oh what?'."

YouTube / NikkiPhillippi

"So we were like going round the houses like trying to figure out how this could work like 'Hashtag baby blur face'. What are we gonna do? Dan's like, 'Maybe we could deal with that for a year?' We're like alright, let's pray about it, let's sleep on it and then let's see how we feel in the morning."

"The adoption wouldn't be finalized until a year later anyway."

YouTube / NikkiPhillippi

"So you know, the kid's gonna be living in our house for a year and it's not about all-time... not our kid... so yeah, we're not okay with that either," Dan explained.

Nikki said she discussed the entire process with her close pals and her "logical" assistant Melissa and they decided that adopting from Thailand wasn't for them.

YouTube / NikkiPhillippi

Later, in September 2018, the couple announced they were going to adopt from Korea instead.

However, they later went back on this too as an agency informed them they would not easily get approved given their social media presence.

So, as you can see, many believe the couple only wanted a baby if they could show it off on social media.

Do you agree with this outlook? Or do you think it was selfish of Nikki and Dan to refuse a child a healthy home over the fact they couldn't share them on social media?