You've Definitely Never Seen an Animal Shelter Like THIS Before | 22 Words

What do you think of when you imagine an animal shelter? Row after row of small, dingy cages with sad-looking animals and flickering fluorescent lighting? Or do you imagine a vast, modern space with an educational center, a delicious cafe, interactive exhibits and high-tech adoption suites where you can spend quality time with each adoptable animal in a chic, welcoming environment?

If the second scenario seems crazy to you, keep reading to learn about the incredible new center located in Los Angeles, CA.

Visiting an animal shelter is often a pretty big bummer.

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Each dog or cat you pass has those sad eyes that make you want to adopt them all and quit your job to become a full-time animal caregiver. Even the best shelters have a hard time creating anything less than a depressing atmosphere.

The Wallis Annenberg PetSpace flips the traditional shelter concept on its head, and the result is nothing short of spectacular.

First opened on June 24th, the Wallis Annenberg PetSpace is referred to as "a unique community space featuring an interactive place for pet adoptions, an education center and a leadership institute," according to their website. This $20 million facility features 30,000 square feet and offers much more than just an adoption center.

Yep, that's a human-sized hamster wheel.

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General Manager Carol Laumen described the center to TODAY as a place for people to "come in and have fun, even if they don't want to adopt." Their website goes on to describe their mission as "to focus squarely on the mutually beneficial and dynamic bond between people and their pets, as well as the origins and science of that relationship."

The adoption suites allow guests to get to know the roughly 80 adoptable dogs, cats and smaller animals in a spacious and comfortable environment.

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What a refreshing change from the dreary bare-bones shelters we're all used to. It's hard to believe that this even is an animal shelter!

The creation of the Annenberg PetSpace was a labor of love for Wallis Annenberg.

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"This new initiative couldn't be closer to my heart," said Annenberg. "The purpose of Annenberg PetSpace is to strengthen the bonds between us and all animals and pets, and to form innovative new policies and partnerships — to save animals' lives through adoption and education, and to help make our communities more animal-friendly."

This cat activity space is a great place for adopters to get to know their new feline friends.

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There are also an extensive number of programs offered to the community. They include dog massage workshops, obedience classes, kid-focused activities, and pet bereavement groups, to name a few.

The modern space utilizes each and every corner so guests can have a truly unique and interactive experience.

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Ever done yoga with a cat? The Annenberg PetSpace gives you the opportunity to do yoga with your cat. Enough said.

Even celebrities are endorsing this amazing new facility.

Kristen Bell recorded this video that appeared on the Annenberg PetSpace Instagram account. I don't know about you, but I think I know where I want to spend my next vacation.