Sports Illustrated has featured their first plus-size Asian model and the incredible news has been well-received by audiences.

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Now, there's a problem within the beauty industry.

It's been there for a very long time: despite calls for change, the same kinds of models crop up over and over again. Instead of diversity, we see white models with one body type, one skin type, and complexion.

It's a painfully exclusive industry.

And this issue extends into all aspects of fashion and beauty.

There's absolutely no denying that people with darker skin tones struggle to find certain products that match properly...


Makeup companies have been under fire for a long time now.

Over the last few years, the beauty industry has been slammed for failing people of color...

But change is slowly happening.

Thanks to the incredibly successful product launch of Rihanna's Fenty Beauty, which addressed the whitewashing of the beauty industry, any brands now launching with fewer than forty shades of foundation are seen to be slacking, and rightly so.

A lot of brands are finally getting their act together...

Though there is still a problem with drugstore brands trailing behind with a smaller selection of skin tones that they cater for.

This goes beyond just the availability of darker skin tone shades in makeup...

The beauty industry has been known for its lack of diversity for years. Not only did we fail to see models of color and Black models on the runway, but we also did not see them promoting products which led to the alienation of several minority groups.

And those that were lucky enough to be the one POC model were subjected to traumatizing rituals throughout their careers.


​From bleaching their skin to being forced to use lighter shades unfit for purpose, these women were not considered the "default" like white models were so the industry did not care about promoting them.

​Why did it take so long for such a necessary change to occur?

​The past decade has been focused on repairing a broken industry, with glimmers of hope finally starting to show. A lot of the newer shades that weren't available before have now been marketed towards medium to dark skin tones.

And now, we now have a range of different models at the forefront of a lot of popular brands...


And we're still reaching those all-important milestones.

Sports Illustrated have recently made history after featuring their first "plus-size" Asian model.

Yumi Nu has described it as "an incredible honor."

And of course, congratulatory messages came pouring in...


In an Instagram post, the model talked about what it feels like to be of Japanese and Dutch heritage and reach this milestone.

"Secrets out!!! I'm a 2021 @si_swimsuit Rookie! What an incredible honor it is to be in such an inclusive and beautiful magazine that has pushed the envelope since day 1."

She continued:

"I'm so proud to be making history as the first Asian curve Sports Illustrated model. Thank you to my team..."

In an Instagram video, she also added how difficult the journey has been:

"For Asian-American women, there's a lot of shame in flaunting your body and feeling sexy. And I think for me as a plus-size model, we've had to evolve and battle this like, inner voice that hasn't evolved."

She also added this:

"I'm plus-size and Asian. That's why I'm like, this is important."

"I want to do as much as I can to show other people that we don't have to be dainty and little. I can say, I know that in myself, I'm beautiful."

Sports Illustrated editor-in-chief MJ Day said that Nu "shows up for women in a strong way and is on a mission to end the conversation around limiting women in the industry."

Here's the video:


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