Zac Efron enlisted the help of his brother Dylan to recreate his movie Dirty Grandpa with his own grandfather on Monday.

The siblings teamed up to break their grandfather out of his retirement home so they could spend some time with him and shared the whole heartwarming experience on Instagram.

The thirty-three-year-old actor did his best to avoid being seen, crouching, and hiding before getting access to his grandpa's room and wheeling him out of the complex.

"Let's bust grandpa out of here," Efron said at the start of the video he posted to his Instagram account.

He could be seen wheeling his grandpa down the hall and past other residents before watching a soccer game together as a family.

Efron's grandpa looked thrilled while riding in the front of the car with his grandsons.

The footage was taken by his brother, who could be seen towards the end of the clip, which gained over 3 million views in less than an hour.

His latest Instagram post comes after recent reports that he and his now ex-girlfriend, Vanessa, broke up. The actor was introduced to Vanessa by her boss at Byron Bay's General Store café in June last year and they clicked instantly.

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2 months later, in August, Daily Mail Australia revealed Efron had canceled his scheduled return flight to Los Angeles because he "didn't really want to go back."

The couple then moved in together in Byron Bay after just weeks and the actor confirmed their relationship in September when they were spotted holding hands in public.

Vanessa accompanied him as he traveled around Australia for a variety of his projects over the course of late 2020 to early 2021.

Bust sadly, it wasn't meant to be and their breakup was confirmed in April after they had split up, with Kyle Sandilands announcing on his KIIS FM radio show: "I can confirm [the break-up], after speaking with him yesterday."

Kyle also confirmed Efron had been dating Vanessa for much longer than was reported by the media. According to Eonilne, he later confirmed this on The Kyle and Jackie O show: "They've been together for a lot longer than people realize."

"I don't know where they met, but it wasn't recent. It's been going for a little while, but I don't know exactly how long," he added.