This Ice Cream Guy Ruthlessly Messing With a Dad Basically Broke Twitter

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Woman Live-Tweets While Sitting Next To the Strangest Thing EVER On a Plane

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The Latest Sparkling Lip Trend Is Rocking Instagram…Literally

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Just when you think you’ve seen it all when it comes to creative makeup trends, Instagram freaks the heck out over something brand new and sparkly…literally.

This Teacher’s Post Reveals the Tulsa Shooting Victims Nobody Is Talking About

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People Are TICKED at ColourPop Over the Name of Its Products For Dark Skin

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This Is DEFINITELY the Best Round of ‘Celebrities Reading Mean Tweets’ Yet

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The Internet is both a wonderful and horrible place. In fact, it’s a place where people go to share their love and also their hate. From time to time, Jimmy Kimmel calls out the haters by inviting well-known people to read some of the meanest tweets ever written about them.

It’s pretty much become one of the most popular segments on Jimmy Kimmel Live, and this latest edition — the 10th, to date — is arguably the best yet with people like Ryan Gosling and Melissa McCarthy taking on the Twitter trolls.

It escalates rather quickly…

30 Tweets That Will Speak To the Soul of Every Book Lover

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There’s nothing like a getting lost in a good book, unless it’s sometimes getting lost in the Twitterverse reading hilarious tweets about books.

Hey, reading is reading!

This Student Says Trigger Warnings Could Have Kept Her Out of a Mental Hospital

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Warning: There is talk of suicide and, well, trigger warnings.

Kristen Bell Gives the Gender Wage Gap a Big Ol’ ‘Screw You’ In This Hilarious Commercial

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Do you want to save your company money? Well, you could hire only women!

At least that’s the idea behind a hilarious spoof commercial produced by The Huffington Post featuring actress Kristin Bell.

The Best Reactions To Donald Trump Jr.’s Horrible Skittles Analogy

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30 Tweets That Are Unexpectedly Hilarious

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Who doesn’t like to laugh?

People who hate happiness, that’s who, and it’s even better when something unexpected happens to make you crack up like a lunatic.

There’s no better place to display lunacy and humor than Twitter, which is why these tweets with a twist are never not hilarious.