Olympian Gabby Douglas Is ‘Heartbroken’ After Being Bullied Online

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These Guys Are Definitely the Funniest Dads On Twitter

Aug 12, 2016 By Abby Heugel 0

Fatherhood is no joke but, in order to survive it, you do need to have a good sense of humor.

And these guys here? They don’t mess around or sugarcoat things. They’re hilariously honest about being a dad, and thank goodness, they tweet it out.

Woman DESTROYS Dude Who Thought Being a Jerk Was a Good Way To Get a Date

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Jimmy Fallon’s #WhyDidISayThat Tweets Prove We ALL Say Stupid Stuff

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32 Hilarious Tweets About the Rio Olympics So Far

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There’s nothing like the majesty of the Olympics — the dedication, the athleticism, the strength — to make all us average peons marvel in disbelief and do the only thing we can to compete — tweet.

Here are the best reactions to the Rio games so far that deserve some kind of medal of their own.

Here Are the Most Hilarious Reactions To Michael Phelps’ Terrifying Game Face Last Night

Aug 9, 2016 By Abby Heugel 0

Move over hot oiled Tonga flagbearer, as Michael Phelps’ game face is now the most talked about Olympic meme — for now.

While sitting and waiting to swim in the Men’s 200 butterfly semifinal last night, the most decorated Olympian of all time donned his signature Beats headphones and pulled up his hood while getting into the zone. 

Trump Accidentally Said ‘Titties’ Instead of ‘Cities’ and Twitter Lost Its Damned Mind

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This campaign season is turning out to be stranger than fiction, so let’s add this chapter to the book.

Twitter Struck Gold With These Two Unfortunately Named Field Hockey Players

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The Olympics celebrate the best of the best, and athletes are honored and admired for their dedication, their skill, and their ability to do things that most normal people cannot.

A Man’s Complaint About a Worm In His Cucumber Took a Hilariously Unexpected Turn

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This is the story about William the Worm and how one British company — Tesco — somehow ended up adapting a famous Oasis song to act as tribute for the worm’s funeral.

Buckle up, because it’s a good one.

Leslie Jones’ Hilarious Olympics Tweets Might Have Just Landed Her a New Gig

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This Proud Tweeting Grandma Won the Internet’s Heart After Her Grandson Took Gold In Rio

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