This Girl Brought a Third Wheel on Her Tinder Date…Her Dog!

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A Princeton Professor Shared All His Failures To Make You Feel Better About Yours

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32 Hilarious Exercise Tweets That Prove the Struggle Is REAL

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In an ideal world, pizza wouldn’t have fat and you could simply burn more calories by scrolling on your computer instead of strolling down the street. But as we know, that ain’t happening. You have to eat right, get moving, and keep a sense of humor about things.

Or do neither of the first two options and instead tweet about the fitness struggle. That works, too.

To Combat Internet Bullying, People Are Comparing Themselves To Cheesecake On Twitter

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30 Times Older People Adorably Failed on Facebook

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You have to give older people credit. They grew up in a time when rotary phones were the norm and there was (gasp) no Internet. So when they try and keep up with the times and join social media, you have to expect there to be a few bumps in the virtual road.

At least they get credit for trying — and for making us laugh with their Facebook fails.

This Guy Figured Out How To Have Pizza Delivered To a Moving Train

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The first rule of any trip is that you always pack enough snacks. Well, apparently British DJ Artwork didn’t get the memo, and found himself trapped on a train from Glasgow to Sheffield hungry and without food options.

Instead of getting mad, he got creative, and took to Twitter to document his saucy success.

If ’50 Shades of Grey’ Starred Nerds, THIS Is What It Would Be Like

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Love it or hate it, 50 Shades of Grey is one of those novels-turned-movie that everyone has heard of at some point in time, if only to make fun of someone they see trying to discreetly read the steamy stories while grabbing lunch in the office break room.

The popularity means there are also no shortage of parody accounts, but this one might just come out on top (no pun intended…okay, maybe just a little).

The Twitter account 50 Nerds of Grey reimagines the erotica with nerd-infused brilliance that is much more relatable and no less ridiculous than the original.

Ready to get nerdy by nature?

Meet Huff, the Tiny Fanged Rescue Hedgehog That Is Winning the Heart of Instagram

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35 Hilarious Tweets About Work (That You’ll Probably Read While Pretending To Work)

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There’s a reason shows like The Office and movies like Office Space are such hits — because working in an office brings its own special, shall we say, “charm.”

While all offices are a bit different, dealing with coworkers and small talk, break room mystery smells, and paperwork — oh, the paperwork — can do a number on the soul.

But they say laughter is the best medicine — and Twitter is the best distraction — so while you’re pretending to work, have a laugh to keep from crying…

A Woman Shamed a Subway Pervert By Making Him EAT the Evidence

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The 35 Funniest Food Tweets of All Time

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Let’s be real. There are people who live to eat, and then there are people who eat to live. And speaking from personal experience, the latter group is much more fun.

Their bucket list is basically just a list of things they want to eat, and so today, we salute those hungry heroes who tweet the things that fill up our very souls…and stomachs.