This Mom’s Viral Post Captures the Incredible Sacrifices Parents Make For Their Kids

Sep 16, 2016 By Abby Heugel 0

Bunmi Laditan, the hilarious mom behind Honest Toddler, got serious on Facebook about why she treasures the time after her kids go to sleep ― at least until one of them wakes up.

This Little Girl’s Reaction To Meeting Donald Trump Hilariously Sums Up the Election

Sep 15, 2016 By Abby Heugel 0

30 Kids Who Know How To Dish Out an Epic Burn

Sep 15, 2016 By Abby Heugel 0

Kids might be little and look innocent and angelic — at least while they sleep, anyway — but most of them are too young to really have a verbal filter.

But make no mistake.

Most of the time they know exactly what they’re saying, and sometimes that brutal honesty is quite the (hilariously) epic burn.

They’re really all just wise beyond their years.

A Very Pregnant Olivia Wilde Went OFF When No One Offered Their Seat To Her On the Subway

Sep 15, 2016 By Abby Heugel 0

This is the story about how one very famous, very pregnant actress stirred up a lot of strong opinions by taking the subway, where most people are already cranky because they’re all smashed together on the subway.

This College Student Got an INSANE List of Demands From a Roommate She Hasn’t Even Met Yet

Sep 14, 2016 By Abby Heugel 0

Getting your roommate assignments for college is like Russian roulette in that you never know what you might get.

Just as Winnie Chen, 17, who is about to move into student accommodations at UCLA.

The Internet Is Divided Over Whether This Curvy Teacher’s Outfits Are ‘Inappropriate’

Sep 14, 2016 By Abby Heugel 0

These Hilarious Tweets Prove That Roommates Can Be Total Weirdos

Sep 13, 2016 By Abby Heugel 0

Ryan Lochte Was Rushed By Protesters On ‘Dancing With the Stars’ and Twitter Had a Field Day

Sep 13, 2016 By Abby Heugel 0

A Guy Bought This Woman a Drink and Sent Her the Most Awkward Text EVER Days Later

Sep 12, 2016 By Abby Heugel 0

When you’re out on the town and exchange numbers with a stranger, there’s always the chance that things could get weird at some point in time. Add in alcohol and the expectations of weirdness get exponentially higher.

These Photos Perfectly Show a More Hidden Side of Depression

Sep 12, 2016 By Abby Heugel 0

I speak from personal experience when I say that depression is something that affects people in ways that you often don’t see. It’s not as tangible for people to grasp on to, like a physical injury, but the pain runs just as deep as any other type of illness.

Some days are fine, but some days simply getting out of bed feels about as tangible as climbing Mt. Everest. And while I tend to go the opposite way at times and clean all the things, it’s the opposite for a lot of people.

A Dude Somehow Got Hundreds of People To Send Him Beer Money With One Clever Sign

Sep 12, 2016 By Abby Heugel 0

There have been thousands and thousands of signs at ESPN’s College Gameday, but there was one in particular this week in Bristol, Tennessee, that might just be the most successful game day sign ever — and it paid off pretty big.