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8 Amish men jailed for not putting orange safety triangles on their buggies

Sep 15, 2011 By Abraham

The news is going around about eight members of an Amish sect in Graves County, Kentucky who are serving several-day sentences for refusing to put reflective orange triangles on their slow-moving vehicles. Their faith apparently denies the display of loud colors.

[Update: They weren’t jailed right away. They got jail time because they wouldn’t pay the fines that they got first. Sorry for the confusion.]

This is interesting enough…

But what really got me was the accommodation shown them regarding their attire while in jail. Instead of the standard-issue orange uniforms, they’ve been given uniforms that were dyed gray.

If I were in charge of their punishment I’d probably give in to that request too, but from an outside perspective it seems a little too accommodating of their — Let’s be nice. — eccentricity. What do you think?

(via CNN Belief Blog, The Smoking Gun)


      1. Andrew Kember says:

        Ha! You saved me from making a fool of myself – I only tried to figure out the numbering system after you figured out that it needed figuring out…

        Would it be insensitive to suggest they have a look at Revolights? Probably.

      2. Paulette says:

        But guys… it’s not height, it’s the hair. I feel for them but it’s that hairdo. Those bangs, that flip. Is that really a biblical requirement. Just grow it out Jesus style, what the heck? PS. I feel bad for their problem. Can’t they find some natural florescent juice somewhere?

    1. bob says:

      But wouldn’t they be above average height for the most part? 69 inches is 6 feet 5 inches tall. The two shortest are 5’11 inches 180 cm. 5 11 is average in most northern european countries. So, they go from average to pretty tall.

    2. John says:

      These are just some guys who don’t take handouts from the government and are not asking for anything but to be left alone. I agree that they should have some safety markings on their buggies. I also applaud them for standing up for a lifestyle that they believe in, one which does not drain other’s pockets by mooching off the government (ie, you and me) and which teaches them to be productive citizens. This is a difficult life they have chosen.

      While their life choice is not one that I will follow (I really like air conditioning and cool adult carbonated beverages). I think most of us agree that our youth could learn something from their sacrifices, and their strong will to do what they believe is right.

      Now if we could all just mail them gift cards to the local Vidal Sassoon salon…

      1. Aramat says:

        Beware insinuating insults toward those using government funding/handouts…. have you ever used public school? Yeah…that’s a handout (continuation of government daycare vouchers basically but you get it even if you’re rich!) Taxes pay tens of thousands of dollars per student yearly. Families getting food stamps don’t get near that for a family of 5 to eat all year…goodness, even a family of 10! So, basically unless you homeschool and don’t get any handouts or help whatsoever, you’re taking handouts from the government of far great proportions than the ones youre referring too. Beware of insults that are forgetting key points that reflect back. Just sayin’ . No, the Amish don’t take handouts and do take care of each other. But they aren’t really all that sound theologically. They just have selflessness and community down pat.

        1. Aramat says:

          Yeah…just ignore those grammar errors. I’m my own grammar nazi. Yikes! Phone typing is such a joy.

        2. Vermicelli says:

          What insults? He said “ie, you and me.” I think you’re making up some point (and getting defensive about it) that John never made.

        3. Meg says:

          “Government handouts” can also include public libraries and public roads. I definitely take advantage of those. I can’t remember the exact numbers, but I believe that for each child in elementary school (my only frame of reference, since I don’t have older children), the government pays $4,000-$5,000 per child, per year. Thank you, government! I couldn’t afford to send my child to private school if it cost that much.

          1. VermicelliJack Vermicelli says:

            If you take into consideration property tax, a percentage of your state and federal income taxes, and the cut that goes to bureaucratic wages and overhead, that number gets a bit more affordable. Government doesn’t create wealth; it can only redistribute.

          2. DarlaHood says:

            Accommodate their eccentricities?? It’s their religion, which they base their entire life around. The fact that they are even in jail for this is completely ridiculous, and that is the government handout they are getting. They would probably be just fine with dirt roads, and they don’t send their children to public schools. They have their own schools and curriculum.

          3. Ed Aker says:

            Government handouts are only received by people who don’t pay taxes. (bums on ssi dis. and other welfare programs who refuse to work) If you work or own a home, you definitly are not taking any handouts.

        4. Ed says:

          If I pay taxes… Then it is not a hand out (I’m using what I payed for)! It’s only a handout for those who do not pay in. And the amount of money that I pay in school tax every year would more than pay for my children’s private education!

          1. Michelle says:

            I agree, my kids go to private school. I made my child and I am willing to pay so that they get a good education. If you cant afford to send you child to school then you shouldn’t have any kids. Why should I pay for other public school when my kids don’t attend it. Why should the people who chose not to have children pay for your kid. Its bull, we need to make people accountable for themselves. Now the person who brought up roads I am more then happy to pay taxes on them because I use them.

        5. shellie says:

          public school may be a government handout but we have to partake of that handout or we will go to jail for “not taking this government handout”….

          1. Michelle says:

            Wrong, YOU made that child, YOU should pay for YOUR child’s education. That’s part of having a child. There shouldn’t be public schools. Food, Clothing, Shelter and Education are all required for a happy healthy kid. If people were held accountable for their choices I think people would stop making stupid choices like bringing a human into this world when they cant afford it.

      2. Jake says:

        Thanks John for the only “educated” comment I have read so far. The rest of you are morons, especially the author of this article, you have no sense of reality but have been brainwashed by television and how society tells us to conform. These people have the courage to live the way many of mankind wish to, truly living without the aid of the goverment and big corporations. These folks live without destroying the environment and should be applauded not ridiculed nor chastised.

      3. janice says:

        Their strong will to do what they believe is right includes running some of the most horrifically disgusting puppy mills in the USA.

        If they are using the roads (which, btw, were built using tax monies for the greater good – hello socialism!), they need to abide by the rules of the road, and need to have bright orange markings.

      4. kristin says:

        You know what the ironic value of your asinine post is? That they have a collective based society, something we all call socialism… The only real difference between our american socialism society and theirs is that we use government agencies as the middle men. In their society they each have a responsibility to their community and neighbors.

  1. Yllarius says:

    I don’t really think so, I mean, it’s just different CLOTHES. It’s not like there are any real special concessions being made. I see of no reason why we can’t help accommodate on some things. Now, if they were baby-rapers or something it might be a little different.

    1. Cheshyr says:

      Then why not make accommodations on the reflectors? There is no reason they can’t be reflective white triangles.

      1. Jon says:

        Solution: How about a Black or Grey triangle with white reflectors! I will start manufacturing these and sell them to the Amish communities at $15 a pop.
        100,000+ Amish buggies = $1,500,000 USD.

        1. Jason says:

          Best math ever: 100000 + Amish buggies = $1500000 USD.

          Apparently, adding Amish buggies to a unitless constant adds 14 million and converts to dollars.

          1. Euan says:

            He is not saying that at all. It is not 100,000 plus amish buggies, he is saying that there are more than 100,000 amish buggies.
            So 100,000 multiplied by $15 gives $1,500,000

          2. Coolchick207 says:

            How, how, how did you even, James?? (Sorry for replying to you, Jason, though I hope this clears up your confusion also) Let me break down the math for you algebraically,

            a = price of black or grey triangle = US$15
            b = number of amish buggies in USA = 10000

            a*b= US$15*10000

            The original poster would have to be making a PROFIT of $15 for this to work, though. Irrespective of that, I do not know how you got to 15 million minus 100,000. I just do not. So don’t make fun of other peoples maths, especially if you are not 100% certain that you are correct yourself.

            Kind regards,
            A maths teacher who sees enough of that kind of thing in her year 7’s and doesn’t need to see it on a funny thread on 22 words.

          3. James (Different James though... confusing..) says:

            Ironically, Coolchick207, you seem to think that 10,000 * 15 = 1,500,000… as you stated 10,000 not once, but twice. You sure taught my fellow James a lesson…
            Please, “A maths teacher who sees enough of that kind of thing in her year 7′s and doesn’t need to see it on a funny thread on 22 words”.. don’t teach my kids, eh? ;)
            No hard feelings, just a bit of humor.

            Also, for the record, no one said it was profit. We could have been talking about net income.

      2. Name Required says:

        Actually there is a very good reason. It is the same reason that we don’t change the color of traffic lights in Amish communities from Red and green to white and purple, for instance. The color is not incidental. The color carries information itself.

        You can buy material which looks black in daylight but which is highly reflective at night. If mere reflectivity were the issue, material like this could be go onto the black Amish buggies. But the law does more than place some amount of some kind of reflectivity of some color on the back of the vehicle.

        The quite specifically designed triangle-with-border *means* “slow moving vehicle”. The Amish or anyone else can put various sorts of reflective material on their vehicles. It still won’t serve the purpose of the triangles.

        When I, as a driver, perhaps come around a turn and am confronted with some random visual thing in the roadway, I have extremely little time in which to react. If it is one of those orange triangles I already have a pretty good idea what I’m dealing with, instantly. If it is some random shape/color/size then my mind has to grapple with that for some short period of time, but meanwhile my car is going 80 feet per second.

        Also, in my state, anyway, you can’t have any white lights or refelctors on the back of a vehicle except the backup lights, which again is a rule for a good reason. If I see glowing white then I know that a vehicle is actually coming toward me, making the closing speed between us that much higher. A vehicle going 10 miles per hour the same direction as me shouldn’t “fool” me into thinking it is actually coming at me. I might ditch my car to avoid a collision which could have been avoided just by breaking.

        Just some thoughts regarding the whole issue.

        1. GregSki says:

          Hmmmm. Refusal to comply with state law because of their faith. It seems to me there was this passage I once read in a religious book (the New Testament) that went something like ‘Render unto Caesar that which belongs to Caesar, render unto the Lord what belongs to the Lord’. I’m paraphrasing, of course, because who really memorizes those things? Anyway, the statement was made in reference to taxation. Those who didn’t worship Caesar felt they shouldn’t have to pay the taxes, and my man J. said “Yo holmes – if you live in Caesar’s land, you better pay the tax. No need to call attention and bring all that heat down on yourself. Caesar will get his in the end.”
          Basically states obey the law of the land where you live. Right about now I’m getting the impression that the Amish feel they are ‘above the law’. And, while they may all LOOK like Steven Segal, they are NOT Steven Segal.
          You have 2 choices. Put the orange triangles on your vehicle that are required by those who MADE THE ROADS, or get the hell off the roads and stick to the dirt-paths you make for yourselves.

          1. Tim says:

            Your paraphrase is closer to the mark than your exegesis. (As I recall, it’s “to God” not “unto the Lord”.)

            One interpretation might consider that *everything* is God’s, Caesar’s so-called possessions already included.

          2. Nolan.stiles22 says:

            This fits better. God says that he has placed ALL kings to rule the land and that we should follow the leaders who he has appointed. Conversely, We are NOT to follow a law or leader who is in violation of what God wants for us to do. Also the Bible says If any man thinks in his heart that it is a Sin, then it is a sin unto that man. So if they believe that God can’t allow them to display “bright colors” then they are validated by scripture… I say with all the ridiculous things going on in our country, To name one, I can’t say Mohamed is a moron and allah is Really a pagan moon god, cause it may hurt some feelings. (wait did I just say that… haha)Just let them express and Bring Honor to God the way they see fit. At least someone is showing PEBLIC respect to Our living God. It’s a horse drawn buggy for cryin out loud do you really need it to have a sign so you will know it’s not goin real fast?!

          3. Nolan.stiles22 says:

            I added a comment.. but I bet it gets kicked back because of the thing I said that “may hurt some feelings” I’ll be surprised if I see it get posted…

          4. nolan.stiles22 says:

            To the MODS…. I can’t say “what may hurt feelings” yet it’s ok To kick Christians and laugh and make fun of them? I don’t understand the the two hearted nature of our “society” But it’s all good, cause Jesus Loves all of us! Even that other “prophet” no matter how misguided he was and even is…

        2. AS says:

          This is by far the most thoughtful post on here. Props for thinking through the whole situation rather than having a knee-jerk response on one side or the other.

          tl;dr: Yes, properly-colored triangles are needed for safety, not just anything reflective but the specific triangle that is generally agreed upon to mean “slow-moving vehicle.” They standardize that business for a reason, and it works.

        3. Robin D. says:

          I think you said it yourself. It’s the shape (triangle) which gives the information to the other drivers. I would think that as long as it was a triangle and it was relflective at night, then it wouldn’t really matter what color it was. I would think that the other motorists on the road would get the idea.

        4. Name Also Required says:

          First of all why are you traveling at 55mph around a curve in Amish country. Second of all last time i checked stationary objects on the side of the road such as guard rails on the right side (the same side of you that the buggy would be as you passed it) are marked with white reflectors. If you really are traveling at 55 mph around a curve the buggy would seem like a stationary object so the white would work in this case. Further more if you have to “ditch [your] car to avoid a collision” with a vehicle going in reverse chances are you are going to fast for that road considering the majority of the driving population does not go in reverse on a road that the speed limit is 55mph at night. Just saying, if you want to make a scenario you should really think about the scenario you’re make and make sure it is a logical situation and doesn’t make you sound like a reckless driver that deserves to have to “ditch [his] car”.

          1. Name Also Required says:

            Also, this country was founded on the idea of religious freedom; In prison, Muslims are given prayer rugs, Christians – bibles, Jews – Old Testaments and yarmulkes, why wouldn’t the Amish be deprived of plain clothing.

            [There is also a few grammatical errors in my first post: comma after “first of all” and end that statement with a question mark, comma after “second of all,” capitalize “i,” comma after “side of the road” and “you passed it),” comma after “curve,” furthermore is one word and should have a comma following it, and “you’re” should be “you” or “make” be “making.” Wanted to correct that so people don’t criticize the piss poor grammar of that]

      3. rocksolid says:

        All of the Amish buggies in Lancaster county Pa. have the colorful triangles on them. The bishops
        decide what they can and can’t do, all the way to the types of shoes they wear. I’m sure that one of
        these men is a bishop. I come from Amish heritage, (way back). You do nothing without the
        bishops consent.

        1. shudderette says:

          I believe the clothing should not have been changed either. I work in a prison. In a glance I can tell an inmate is an inmate because they’re wearing blue. If inmates there normally wear orange and these amish inmates are wearing grey it could slow reaction time of the officers. Odds are that nothing will happen in the couple of days they’re in there… but still… from my point of view it’s safer to have all inmates in the same color.

    2. Tootie says:

      You *do realize this is a joke, right? They were arrested, true – but it had nothing to do with triangles and buggies.

      @AlwaysMe -Amish are human and have just as many whackjobs (possibly more per capita) as English.

      These men were arrested for hate crimes against other Amish. IMO, suitable punishment would be an eye for an eye – or a shave and a haircut, given the circumstances.

  2. Bethany says:

    Interesting that they were accommodating to their preferred colors in prison when they are in prison for not placing a brightly colored triangle on their buggies. Also, it should be punishment enough that they took their mug shots since Amish don’t allow their pictures to be taken for religious reasons.

    1. Lorraine says:

      I was just thinking the same thing, how horrible for them to have to have their picture taken when their religion doesn’t brelieve in pictures.

      1. Alysia says:

        “I was just thinking the same thing, how horrible for them to have to have their picture taken when their religion doesn’t brelieve in pictures.”‘

        Oh these poor people have to have their pictures taken,…. How horrible?? How horrible would it be if a minivan carrying a baby and family came around a corner and was caught off guard by an unmarked buggy and had an accident? It is pretty ridiculous that they dont have the common sense to realize that its not a damn bumper sticker and the orange color serves a specific purpose of SAFETY for people on the road. If they want to have use of public roads they need to abide by public rules.The world does not revolve around the amish religion.

        1. Glynn says:

          If you can only see a horse drawn carriage if it has a small reflector on it then you need your eyes testing and should immediately refrain from driving until your vision is corrected.

          1. Obvious says:

            I live in a rural area that has an Amish population. They use our roads and those carriages become invisible at night until you’re right up on them. Even with the signs, I’ve had several close calls by coming over a hill only to find a buggy right in front of me. If it hadn’t been for the lights on the back, I wouldn’t have had a clue they were there until it was too late.

    2. Sean says:

      I don’t think they’re in prison. Looks like booking to me. In my experience, you don’t get a jumpsuit during that process yet.

      1. Fault says:

        No, it’s a violation of their faith, not their rights.

        Americans don’t get the right to break the law nor pervert the process of that law. That would be stupid. There are plenty of religions that call for men to beat women. It’s not violating someone’s ‘right to practice their faith’ when you put a violent criminal in jail.

  3. Kenneth says:

    I think if your faith says that you are not aloud to display “loud colors” then you have bigger problems than several days in jail.

  4. Thor says:

    Am I the only one who thinks that putting them in jail was a bit over the top? Certainly there are better things to spend tax dollars on.

    1. Lee Shelton says:

      I, for one, feel safer knowing these hardened criminals are behind bars. They probably even sell raw milk, the monsters. I think Child Protective Services should step in, otherwise their kids might grow up to operate lemonade stands.

    2. Other JB says:

      I disagree, think about how much tax dollars are spent when someone rear ends one of these all black carriages at night because they couldn’t see the guy on account he didn’t have a $2.00 high visibility SMV sign on the back of his buggy.

      1. vbm says:

        yeah, right. because if you’re driving at an average speed in the middle of the night and their buggies are so black you can’t see them, the triangle is going to make a huge difference…

        1. ajs says:

          Yes, it does make a huge difference. Have you ever had to drive through an Amish community late at night? You would be surprised at how many buggies are on the roads at time and the triangle makes the difference of seeing them or not most of the time. However, I do not agree with putting them in jail. After all, the courts make deals with REAL criminals everyday.

          1. Beet Salad says:

            Do you drive with your headlights off? By your argument, we should also be locking up deer, skunks, opossums, and raccoons. I’ve driven a lot on country roads at night and still never hit these animals that are going much slower than a buggy. But, then again, I drive the suggested speed limit for these roads at night, which is usually around 55, and slows down for turns.

            I’m not trying to defend the accused in this situation, but rather think that maybe irresponsible drivers of motor vehicles should take some of the blame. Bad drivers are the worst.

        2. R. Mike says:

          A few years ago PA made it mandatory for buggies to have blinkers after a family in a buggy got wiped out at 3:00AM: they were driving on the highway with no blinking lights or reflectors when they got hit by an 18 wheeler going 60mph.

          So yeah, they can be very hard to see, and when an accident does occur, someone usually gets killed.

          Their religious freedom ends where my right not to die because they won’t use safety equipment begins.

        3. andy says:

          not taking any respect out of freedoms,,, but if the roads had no rules thought out for decades,,, then we would all be subject to a lot more hazards,,, anyone here ever drive in vancouver down mount seymore in the winter rainy season, flash flood,,,no turn offs,,, truck behind you,,,,, no lights on something in front of you? good luck,,, even at 20-30 km,,,, hope you eat more karrots than bugs bunny if u rely on your sight skills only,, make your own trail then amish,,, or abide by minimum saftey rules, arent roads that are paved technology? ,, change the laws for u????? ok i dont like green traffic lights,,, i want mine blue cuz green lights are like devil lasers to my eyes in my religion,,, ranting? yes,,, im in the field of public saftey and out of respect for the dead,,, will not give any examples,,

      2. Tim says:

        You forget to multiply the amount of tax-dollars by the expected rate at which such accidents can occur.

        At a guess, I’d say the US has bigger financial worries at the moment.

    3. Lissie says:

      I’m with you, Thor!

      I hate it when an outsider (us) drives very close by their buggy then they blow the horn just to see if the horse will spook!

      1. andy says:

        it seems drastic,,, but give an inch,,,,, whats next,,,, a saftey rule is there for everyone,,, its not a personal freedom,,, dont use our high tech road then,,, built for high tech vehicles,,,how about i steal a candy bar from your store and dont pay the fine???

    4. Dee Dee says:

      I live in the 2nd largest Amish community in the US. I have to share roads with Amish buggies. MANY buggies don’t have the proper reflective triangles and/or lighting on their rigs to help us see them at night and in bad weather. You may think it’s no big deal, but I’ve seen the nasty buggy accidents. It IS a big deal – it puts lives at risk. And don’t even get me started about the dang buggies that don’t use their turn signals…

    5. Melinda says:

      I’m with you Thor! I wonder if this is really a hazard and if so, how many accidents have occured from this type of traffic violation? Plus, were any such accidents actually caused by auto drivers who were unable to see well or even speeding? Just saying…I need some facts!

  5. Irish Coffee says:

    Jail for no Orange triangle?? Seriously?! Can we get those officers and laws out here in Cali where child beaters and drug peddlers walk our streets freely and laugh in the faces of our goverment?

    1. Hmm let's think says:

      Hmmm why is this a problem? I don’t know maybe a large slow moving heavy dark color vehicle on the road might be, how do you say, hard to see during the not so bright times of day. Call me crazy but if they want to use the roads they have to submit to society a little bit.

      1. Laura @ Texas in Africa says:

        There have been wrecks and children killed because the buggies can’t be seen at night. The orange triangles are an attempt to accommodate both the need to not have light on the buggies and to protect people, most Amish communities use them, but some do not.

        As for the jumpsuits, this question falls under the same as every other religious protection for prisoners. Basically, prisoners get to exercise their 1st Amendment religious rights as long as it doesn’t interfere with safety and security. So Muslims get to pray 5 times a day at the appropriate time, observant Jews don’t have to eat pork, Christians get access to a Bible, and, apparently, Amish don’t have to wear orange. Although prison uniforms at a lot of places are this blue color as a standard.

  6. Terri Canter says:

    I believe in accommodating religious beliefs where possible, but not displaying a yellow triangle on their buggies is endangering their lives and lives of others on the roads. No one’s religious beliefs surpass my safety nor the safety of my passsengers. As for jail, think that is a little over the top for the offense….maybe ‘tow in’ buggies out of compliance???

    1. Stella says:

      Disagree, Terri. There are road signs all through Amish country warning of buggies. The ones who endager lives are the ones who drive like maniacs and are too stupid to notice a freakin HORSE DRAWN BUGGY in front of them and slow the hell down!!!

      And the jail sentence is BEYOND retarded. But then .. it’s Kentucky …

      1. nick says:


        you know, so they are easier to see AT NIGHT. It’s easy to see a buggy during the day, but a DARK BLACK buggy is a bit hard to see at night without REFLECTIVE warning signs.

      2. Becky says:

        I agree with Terri. A signs warning of buggies nearby is not sufficient if you can’t see the *actual* buggy in poor light. I live in PA and see horse-drawn buggies all the time, and they have the reflectors on them. They are especially important living in a mountainous area where the roads are curvy. If there is no reflector, I won’t see the buggy, and that is dangerous. For them and for me. (Also, the article said they were NOT jailed for failing to use the reflectors but for failing to pay the fine.)

        1. JenB says:

          Hmmm… it doesn’t say they didn’t have anything reflective… it says they didn’t have orange triangles. Maybe they were not aware there are other options.

      3. Emily says:

        I’m proud to be from Kentucky since the anti-KY poster (i.e., Stella) misspelled several words, used improper punctuation, and used “retarded” in a derogatory manner. At least I know she’s not from the commonwealth! :-)

    2. Mike says:

      So maybe you should read the article?

      Via points out that the Swartzentruber Amish use a high-quality reflective tape on their buggies, along with lanterns and red reflector lights. They are trying to comply with the law, Via said, without violating their religious beliefs.

      They are trying to be safe, just not posting a sign on their buggies that is sacrilegious in their eyes. SO what’s the problem here?

    3. Jackson says:

      I feel the same way about ANY time a religious belief infringes upon something health/safety related. Like people refusing to immunize or receive medical treatment for diseases they’ll end up coughing on somebody else on the street. Every religion has plenty of these types of eccentricities, not just these minority ones either.

      It’s a crime anytime someone’s choice to entertain ANY religions eccentricities (even the ones in mainstream Christianity) end up imposing themselves on members of the public in a way which could potentially endanger lives.

      Keep locking them up I say. Religion is a personal choice. The law is not.

        1. It's Me Again...Margaret! says:

          So – orange reflective signs on buggies are the mark of the beast? Who knew… Oh, I guess you did!

    4. Gladys says:

      The Amish are usually very careful and keep to the side of the road. You’d have to be blind not to see their buggies. I don’t think they were endangering anybody. It’s ridiculous to jail someone for not displaying an orange triangle. Stupid!

      1. Name Required says:

        “Usually” is fine. Road crashes are unusual moments. And car/buggy crashes do occaisionally happen. In my area there seems to be full compliance with the traingle law (which applies to far more non-Amish than Amish vehicles, by the way) and accidents are rare.

        I have a question for you.

        First some background:
        The law calls for fining, and jailing if the fine is not paid. These guys have already made clear that they won’t pay the fine. In your mind, jailing them is out of the question. So if you have your way we can pretty

        Here is my question:

        When some law-abiding driver rear-ends an un-triangled buggy and a full, steel can of delicious and healthy raw milk comes through a windshield and takes your kids face off, who are you going to sue?

        Because I really think you’re gonna say: “Law, schmaw. If that Amish dude didn’t want to obey traffic safety law that’s up to him and tough luck for my permanently disfigured kid.”

      2. AS says:

        “I don’t think they were endangering anybody.”

        You don’t THINK they were endangering anybody. Meanwhile the fact is they were. Try googling “Amish buggy traffic accident statistics”. Forgive me for deciding to go with “hard facts” over “what Gladys thinks” when evaluating public policy.

        “You’d have to be blind not to see their buggies.”

        Hmm. Black buggies. On black pavement. In the middle of the night. Yeah, you’d have to be TOTALLY blind not to see that. In other news, cars never get into accidents with each other due to visibility, because you’d have to be BLIND not to see another CAR, amiright??

  7. Jumpingjoy says:

    Dude this is messed up! Our jails are overcrowded already with real criminals without having to lock up honest-good people in there. If you gotta punish slap them with a fine and move on. This is such a waste! A good example of what happens when the practice of the law conflicts with the purpose of the law.

    1. simon says:

      well observed JumpingJoy.
      the banking system bends you over and over and over, then has you pay THEM (in ways of our taxes bailing them out) and this is what’s important to some Americans? How about the criminals at Lehman?, Merryl Lynch? Any of them in jail yet?

    2. briangw says:

      This is Kentucky, not New York City, LA, or even Durham, NC.

      Or in other words, we should let them go with a slap on the wrist? You forgot the part up there that said they didn’t pay their previous fine which is why they are in jail.

    1. Jackson says:

      Because if you made it white you’d be making concessions. If every minority religious group was allowed to make similar concessions to the law then the law would eventually break down, since there are so many religions out there with plenty of crazy old rules which some small proportion of followers still adheres to.

      It’s a question of where you draw the line, and when it comes to issues of safety, the line should be quite rigid.

      To address your particular comment, I could imagine that white would be a bad color purely because the reason the “safety” colour is such a bright orange is that there’s usually nothing much else out there in the world colored that way. There’s plenty of white things on the street already. Start changing the colour away from “ugly orange” and you’re suddenly not standing out quite so much, and the effectiveness of the sign diminishes quickly…

        1. Jo says:

          A bit of difference between supplying kosher meals and allowing people to defy safety regulations, don’t you think?

      1. Jeremy says:

        Yeah, dammit! Like tax exemptions (501c3), tax write-offs, tax credits, welfare programs, pacifistic religions and the military, affirmative action, Native American casinos and reservations, profiling and national security laws, FEMA programs, the American Disabilities Act, the Matthew Shepard Act, blah blah blah.

        No way these ass-hole Amish dudes are getting away without a proper sign.

  8. Joshua says:

    Funny thing about their rights and why they didn’t request them; How Sad. All Amish are true sovereigns of the United States (they don’t have social security numbers).

    Technically speaking, unless it can be proven that they “did harm” not “could do harm” to another sovereign (American Citizen), they then as true sovereigns of the Unites States can not be prosecuted.

    That includes a dumb ass sign and the fees. They should have written an I Owe You to the court system. Being that we have no debtors prisons what next?

    They are true free citizens of the United States.

    That police department should be ashamed of themselves.


    1. Tom Ames says:

      Then if a “sovereign” drives drunk on public roads, as long as he doesn’t actually maim or kill another “sovereign”, technically he can’t be prosecuted?

      “Sovereignty”: glibertarian-speak for “entitled anti-social narcissism”.

      1. Joshua says:

        It is actually much simpler than it seems.

        As sovereign, no one has more ore less authority than each other. This is the premise of what the United States was trying to accomplish. No man, king, or queen is more or less powerful. Thus the revolution from the British empire *including the bank of England (there was never supposed to be a federal bank – they just now call it the “Federal Reserve” but it has nothing to do with the Government at all.

        The only way to find fault with a sovereign is if you can prove in a court of law that he or she has done you harm.

        If applied to an individual driving drunk. The question is; Can you as a citizen prove that they did harm to you by driving drunk? Technically the answer is going to be no.

        It’s specific application is to give rights to every American status of representation being equal. Being that historically people in England would be judged then sentienced by the order of the king or queen. This meant if a king didn’t like you he could judge you then, hand you a sentence – what ever they desired. You could do nothing. Because you had less rights than they did.

        That being said, obviously there are concerns when applied in a modern society. That I will agree.

        That being also said, they are concerns (drinking and driving) and who are you to judge are you my king?

        I like puns.


  9. Aaron says:

    They can’t use loud colors, but they can yield the safety of other drivers’ caution around loud colored signs? I don’t think they should be allowed on the roads honestly.

    1. Beth says:

      Seriously? They shouldn’t be allowed on the roads???? Horse & buggies are what the roads were originally made for! What a pompous statement!
      I find it odd that nobody mentions the fact that Amish normally do not allow photos of their faces either which is why many are not looking at the camera.
      Jail? Wrong. Impound the buggies until they comply with the law? Right. This was handled badly.

  10. Skailz says:

    I mean seriously.. if you see a horse and buggy in the road.. do you REALLY need an orange triangle on it to figure out you should slow down and be cautious?

    1. Jackson says:

      It’s night time. There are no street-lights. It’s raining. Their cart is black.

      Your eyes might be good, but there are plenty of people whose eyes or reflexes aren’t as good as yours.

      You could use the same argument to explain why people should never ever have car accidents to begin with, or accidentally hit cyclists at night who don’t have lights on their bikes, or for that matter, why even cars have lights/reflectors on them to begin with.

      Visibility on the roads is crucial, even if it feels like overkill. Wait til somebody close to you dies on the road for a visibility reason and see if you feel the same way…

  11. Joey says:

    Doesn’t bother me if they want to go without the reflector, just as long as they stay off of public highways. If you’re going to use public infrastructure, you have to abide by the rules of that infrastructure’s use. And if you’re going to have a rule about that infrastructure’s use, you’ve got to enforce it. I don’t know why this makes anyone upset. If there are more important things for our law enforcement to be doing, then change the law. This just isn’t a law that should be changed.

    1. Stella says:

      So are there minimum speed limits on your “public highways”? If there aren’t, what is the problem? I believe they pay taxes and have the right to vote, just like every other American, and have the right to use the roads as much as farmers with tractors, people on horses or bicycles or motorcycles Earth-destroying SUVs.

      Leave them alone, I say. But I am Canadian. We see things differently.

      1. Joey says:

        Legal lights and reflectors are required on bicycles. Can someone tell me how this is any different?

        Of course they have the right to use roads, as long as they follow the rules of the road. These guys didn’t.

          1. AS says:

            If their religious beliefs say they can’t follow safety laws that are a condition of road use, then their religious beliefs should tell them to stay off the road. Problem solved. No need to trump anything. It’s just like the Quakers: Their religious beliefs say they can’t shoot at people, so they follow their religious beliefs by not applying for jobs that would require them to shoot at people (i.e. soldiers, police, etc.). They don’t volunteer for armed service and then whine about getting in trouble for not following the rules thereof.

            Where I live, the Amish communities have all decided that safety is a valid exception to the bright-colors rule, because the whole point of the rule was to prevent the sin of vanity and there’s nothing vain about a standardized safety sign, and so Amish around here all post the standard regulation orange triangles on the front and back of their buggies.

      2. Name Required says:

        Non-Amish farmers are subject to the same laws as the Amish. They put the orange triangles on the back of each tractor and trailor they use on the roads.

        I live on the border and have a lot of Canadian friends. If yopu believe all Canadians think alike, you need to met some more Canadians.

      3. AS says:

        “So are there minimum speed limits on your “public highways”? If there aren’t, what is the problem?”

        Actually, yes there are. The minimum speed varies by state but it is almost always faster than a buggy moves, and vehicles moving slower are still allowed to use the road but are required to post a standardized orange triangle on their vehicle. Farmers do it for their tractors, semi trucks dragging mobile homes do it, it’s just what you do here.

  12. stu says:

    Didn’t they get the memo?

    Home of the brave,land of the free was sold off a long time ago.

    This is the new Amerika,one where you have no freedoms,rights or anything.

    Just do as your told and STFU or else okay!

    After all the moozlims terrorists hate our freedoms……………Wake up America and smell the coffee FFS!

    Didn’t they realise that freedom is the right to watch celebrity come dancing and eat fatty foods until you die of type two diabetes.

    Thats the real Amerika.

    1. Name Required says:

      So in your Dream America you have the right to pull a huge, black wooden and steel box along the darkened roadways at five miles per hour and everyone has the right to smash into it, kill your kids inside the box and kill their own kids in their car?

      Sounds like an interesting place, this America of yours.

  13. dude says:

    So, the first thing you should know about Amish people is that they are not of uniform belief. They have (for lack of a better word) different sects which have slight to moderate variations on their beliefs. I am not a religious scholar, and so I can only speak from first hand experience, but here are some examples: Amish communities in PA are generally more moderate, and will allow orange triangles on their buggies, whereas the Amish communities I have spent time with in upstate NY will allow any orange triangles, but instead generally place a candle inside of a red jar, and hang that from their buggy.
    This is sort of the tip of the ice berg, and there are many many of these types of differences. Another one I always found interesting is the use of buttons or latches (some find the former too modern), and some Amish won’t let rubber-tired (tyred?) vehicles drive on their property. Also, many Amish are famed for their “Rum Springa” right of passages for their young adults. In the communities I was around, I never heard any mention of this.
    In short, there are quite a number of interesting differences between different communities. It seems that this community was a bit more conservative.
    My second point is that I wish people would spend 1 hour dealing with the workings of a misdemeanor criminal court before informing everyone of how they work. I for one am often in court, and without reading the complaint or subsequent paperwork, my best guess is that they refused or were unable to pay fines, and so were jailed temporarily (in the court I work at, I believe the standard is $50 credit for each day served). This is a fairly typical method for municipalities to “collect” the money they are owed because of criminal sanction. Whether this is a good idea or not is another story. To me, the sort of interesting topics that spin out of this discussion or freedom of religion issues. For instance, they may be required to wear special clothes during their time in jail (generally prison is a term reserved for state prison. In California, a prison is where you go if you have a sentence longer than one year.)
    That being said, I am sure these issues have long since been resolved (at least on the federal level), but I don’t know them off the top of my head.

  14. Stella says:

    and I feel bad for #2, who can’t seem to get the Amish Flip going with his hair. I bet he has trouble getting girls because of that.

    1. stu says:

      Too right.

      Not conforming to social norms should be punishable by death.

      Not tweeting,eating processed foods,cheating on your wife/husband,living in debt and dying at 40 is just plain weird.

  15. Sunnie says:

    Deer are hard to see at night too, are we going to jail them for not having reflective lights. They cause more accidents than horse and buggies. This is seriously stupid. It is control and that is annoying.

    1. j says:

      Sunnie, that’s the most ludicrous comment here. You can’t enforce laws with animals. They weren’t jailed for not having reflectors, they were jailed for not paying a fine. And it’s not about control, it’s about safety and not endangering people’s lives.

  16. Chris says:

    Those are not uniforms in the pics. That is their own clothing.
    If they were uniforms they would all be the same. I’ll also bet they didn’t spend even one night in jail.

  17. naomi says:

    Yes, this is over the top. The government is going after the Amish for many reasons, not just orange signs….their form of agriculture, raw milk, eggs, canning and food preservation. You can bet that they do not use Monsanto seeds. This is going to get worse and worse.

      1. Leanne says:

        Unfortunately, It’s not conspiracy theory, it’s true. There have been several accounts recently of Amish farmers being raided by police for having raw milk on the premises. Big ag sees the rise in popularity of organic and raw, and fights back.

        1. Aimi says:

          There is no law against having raw milk, but it is a problem when they sell it. Raw milk is a major source of E. coli O157:H7 and Brucella infections… in fact, there was an E coli O157:H7 outbreak associated with a farm selling raw milk this year in Minnesota. Again, this is an issue of protecting safety. Before pasteurization of milk become routine in the US, milk was a significant public health concern.

      2. TotalCollapse says:

        True..they are busting their doors down aiming machine guns at their heads for not pasteurizing milk…break the will of the people…Down America goes….

      3. TotalCollapse says:

        I hope all involved in this disturbing tale of horrific behavior to these good Amish men, are rolling around in their beds right now, trying to sleep, with the image of the sexy beards of a thousand Amish men rubbing all over their bodies……

        The police should be ashamed of themselves, and shunned from their families and friends!

  18. Joeblow says:

    I never thought I’d see the day; The Amish telling the man to shove it. Why are non Amish Americans letting the Amish to fight their battles for them?
    Are they so thick they cant see the thinly veiled attempt to start with shutting down the Amish life and style/beliefs first before setting their sights on everyone else?
    In case it hasnt dawned on you Americans; you have the very means right at your disposal to thwart evil government; it’s called your constitution!!
    A piece of protection the rest of the world only wish they had in our countries.

  19. steve says:

    They should never be put in jail for such a ridiculous ‘infringment’, when are we going to wake up and get our sovereign dignity back. You can say that the US and western countries are a democracy. Petty BS like this is designed to demonstrate power over us.

  20. d says:

    Free Exercise Clause 1st Amendment of the United States Constitution:

    Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof..

    I think they should have little lanterns hanging from their buggies with candles like the olden days!

  21. Randy Walker says:

    LOL! The good ole USA, where freedom is freedumb!!!

    This story makes me want to go out and punch a neo-liberal and a neo-con in the face! Both are destroying our country!

  22. Alaric says:

    Reading the comments of the brilliant masses, I’m starting to think the eugenicists might be right.
    I’m not going to sacrifice, and won’t encourage anyone else to sacrifice anything for the retarded trash in Amerika who don’t even understand what freedom is, much less want it. They don’t want it. I will not impose freedom on them. Get your shots, use lots of fluoride, and eat all your GMO food.

    The sooner your shriveled brain, 90 IQ, white trash, public school and television educated family tree dies, the sooner the renaissance can commence.

  23. TotalCollapse says:

    This I find sad….I recently had a Amish man do some work on a property I have in the mountains…What a great pleasant wonderful person..

    We could all learn something from these caring gentle people….


  24. Arthur says:

    Just for reference. I remember that only a few days ago (maybe about one or two weeks ago) one of these Amish carriages with some kids (~10yrs) was hit and these kids died. Seems a good reason to have this triangle. It’s similar as the obligation to wear a seat belt. That has notihing to do if these people are nice of not. Society is changeing, rules are changeing resulting in the fact that people (including the Amish) HAVE to change. And hiding behind expression of religion I find a gotspe (for any religion).

  25. Chris says:

    If I have a headlight out on my car I might get a ticket and, most likely, just a “fix-it” ticket. Never went to jail over that.

    Also, 8 in one day???

    Looks like a major sting operation…They were probably trying to bust them for raw milk and, to save face, had to find something to arrest them for to justify (who knows how much $?) they allocated for the anti-milk operation.

    One thing does seem out-of-place though. Haven’t the Amish always been following these practices? Why now, suddenly, do they get busted? Are these rogue Amish terrorists?

    DOWN WITH THE AMISH TERROR CELLS! They might pitchfork us to death!!!

  26. Nobody says:

    So funny, I hope their not too shocked in jail!!! I wonder if they’ll start promoting omish self defense classes or ju-jitsu, or who’s maybe even MMA after this. I’d love to see one of them go UFC!

  27. Dr. Watson says:

    Um. This isn’t accommodating their “eccentricities”. This is their religion, which in the United States people are given the right to practice as they choose. These are religious practices not eccentricities, and they should be accommodated.

    And, if we’re going to punish the Amish for this, then we should punish the religions that believe in “faith healing” and use it (yes, the Amish believe in this, but they do at least eventually take their children to a medical doctor if the situation gets bad) to the point of allowing children to die from very curable conditions that could easily be treated by doctors. This seems like a more pressing issue than either the triangle or the fines for it.

  28. Lisa says:

    I am a total heathen, but out of respect for another’s faith I wouldn’t call their attire an “eccentricity” any more than I would say that about a Catholic’s rosary beads or a Jew’s yarmulke. It’s an important part of their creed.

  29. Jetgraphics says:

    This is not a case of public safety but of domination. Reasonable men could adapt the rules to accommodate their religious principles – such as substituting lanterns or other acceptable compromises.

    But unreasoning tyrants demand obedience to their rules, regardless.

    SHAME on the government of Graves County, Kentucky.
    SHAME on the people that submit to tyranny.

  30. James Kenny says:

    They were find and ultimately jailed for not displaying ‘loud colours’, and yet an exception was made for their uniforms. Could there not have been an effective, alternative safety measure to the orange warning signs?

  31. Gold John says:

    Look at freedom of speech and religion. They were willing to use a reflective tape across their buggies just not a orange triangle. These men are from the oldest amish in the country. And the picture is a big one if they were ___they wouldn’t have had or wanted to have their picture taken. When did man’s law become higher than God’s law???

    1. Name Required says:

      If my interpretation of God’s law says I should kill you is you eat shrimp (as it indeed says in the Bible) are you cool with the state respecting my religious rights by letting me stab in the heart everyone walking out of the local Red Lobster franchise?

      The orange triangle with its characteristic border *means* slow moving vehicle. Just like the red octagon *means* stop. Shape and color are both crucial parts of how the message is sent that you as a driver are quickly closing on a slow moving vehicle travelling the same direction that you are. No combination of random reflective tape conveys the same information. This is information which can save Amish as well as “English” (that’s what they call us) lives.

      These guys are not just endangering their lives and those of their children. They are endangering the lives of anyone on the public roadways.

      Your right to abide by some arcane interpretation of your religion (which most Amish do not agree with, by the way) does not extend to you killing my kids by slowly dragging huge, heavy, unmarked black boxes along unlit roadways day and night.

      If some non-Amish idiot killed your family this way, and said that his preacher told him it was ok, how would you respond?

      And this is no exageration. For those of us who have to drive on roads shared with Amish it is a matter of lie and death.

      1. Babs says:

        Lots of good points, “name required.” But curious – can you cite your claim that the Bible states we should kill those who eat shrimp? I’m aware of some of the distinctions between “clean” and “unclean” animals, but maybe not aware of all the consequences of eating an unclean animal.

    2. William M. says:

      When did man’s law become higher than God’s law???

      When we realized that God was just a story told to grownups to make them behave in a certain way and that he was no more real than Santa Claus.

  32. seb_tetris says:

    What bothers me is that these pictures taken at some police station
    appears in public on the internet. its disgusting.

  33. M Halverson says:

    The Kentucky Constitution requires that accommodations be made. This will take some creative thought, but it is not impossible to do.
    Kentucky Constitution
    Section 1:
    All men are, by nature, free and equal, and have certain inherent and inalienable rights, among which may be reckoned: …Second: The right of worshipping Almighty God according to the dictates of their consciences. Third: The right of seeking and pursuing their safety and happiness. Fourth: The right of freely communicating their thoughts and opinions….

    Section 2: …Absolute and arbitrary power over the lives, liberty and property of freemen exists nowhere in a republic, not even in the largest majority.

    Section 5: …Right of religious freedom. No preference shall ever be given by law to any religious sect, society or denomination; nor to any particular creed, mode of worship or system of ecclesiastical polity; nor shall any person be compelled to attend any place of worship, to contribute to the erection or maintenance of any such place, or to the salary or support of any minister of religion; nor shall any man be compelled to send his child to any school to which he may be conscientiously opposed; and the civil rights, privileges or capacities of no person shall be taken away, or in anywise diminished or enlarged, on account of his belief or disbelief of any religious tenet, dogma or teaching. No human authority shall, in any case whatever, control or interfere with the rights of conscience.

  34. Snow White says:

    These are the ones I remember but I’ve never seen the last dwarf

    Top Row Left to right

    1. Doc 2. Dopey 3. Sleepy 4. Grumpy

    Bottom Row

    5. Bashful 6. Happy 7. Sneezy 8. ?? * ??

  35. Kim says:

    The triangles are for safety. I guess the Amish are against being safe. America is sooooo accommodating for all faiths, beliefs, etc. How about THEY make an accommodation to just.put.the.darn.thing.on.the.cart!!!! It doesn’t make you FLASHY it makes you SAFE. holymoly people.

  36. Alysia says:

    “I was just thinking the same thing, how horrible for them to have to have their picture taken when their religion doesn’t brelieve in pictures.”‘

    Oh these poor people have to have their pictures taken,…. How horrible?? How horrible would it be if a minivan carrying a baby and family came around a corner and was caught off guard by an unmarked buggy and had an accident? It is pretty ridiculous that they dont have the common sense to realize that its not a damn bumper sticker and the orange color serves a specific purpose of SAFETY for people on the road. If they want to have use of public roads they need to abide by public rules.The world does not revolve around the amish religion.

    1. Tory says:

      Actually, I’m pretty sure they don’t go out much at night. The amish don’t use electricity, thus, no headlights. If you can’t see a horse and buggy in time to slow down during the day you’re probably driving too fast.

  37. Dawn says:

    I grew up near an Amish community (Arthur/Arcola, IL area), and I’ve never heard any of them who had a problem with the orange reflector signs. And there are a lot of buggy/car accidents (even with the triangles). They do go out at night, and on rural roads with abrupt turns, steep hills and very few markings, they are very hard to see. I think each Amish community has their own interpretations of things, too, because I’ve seen things done in one that aren’t allowed in another.

  38. Angela says:

    Wow so many responses. I just wanted to chime in and say in case you havent noticed, that these guys all look scary and very very much alike. Imbreeding maybe?

  39. Jon says:

    One thing you did not point out is that it is part of there belief not to photographed also. Its to bad we haft to ram rod things down there throat but it for the safety of everyone envolved. Wish them god blessing but I think they are wrong in this case.

  40. Anne-Marie says:

    We pander to Islamic Terrorists in Gitmo and any stateside prison, child molesters, and murderers, so what’s the big deal about giving the Amish men grey jumpsuits? — Don’t know how much the orange safety triangles help anyways when you’re flying down the road & come upon a horse & carriage. Why not just post yellow caution signs for drivers? I think they do in some areas.

  41. Dipstick says:

    Looks like the stunt doubles from Cinderella and the seven dwarfs with an extra one for good measure! Lol (“,)x

  42. AS says:

    The Triagle symbolizes a warning to the vehicle drivers. You would think their safety would override the color issue. Especially for the women and children riding in the buggies or wagons with them. I understand there is a religious issue, but c’mon..Priorities people!

  43. Rob says:

    There’s so many comments here so I am not sure if someone has already said this but THIS IS A MISCARRIAGE OF JUSTICE! They should NOT have served any time. And it has nothing to do with the stupid triangle. If you are racing up to a horse and buggy in your car and you can’t see it you’ll hit it before you notice the little orange triangle on the back. The real crime is against fashion and I don’t just mean the hair cuts. I think, they should have been made to wear the orange jail uniform for a week… and get decent a hair cut.

  44. Mikki says:

    I actually saw these same photos last year with another article, except it said that they were arrested for driving their buggies while drunk.

  45. Nani says:

    Their haircuts are the ugliest thing I have ever seen!! My face hurts just looking at them from cringing so much…

  46. turtlegirl784 says:

    I just read through all the comments to see if anyone else had brought up this point, and I was surprised that no one had…

    The rule against bright colors is intended to avoid ostentation and pride in standing out. Wouldn’t wearing uniforms of a different color than everyone else in jail make them stand out?

    Reminds me of the Idrians vs. Hallandrens in Warbreaker by Brandon Sanderson.

    1. turtlegirl784 says:

      Also, what a lot of people are obviously missing is that these men weren’t jailed for not using the proper signs on their vehicles. They were jailed for not paying the associated fines. If you let people not pay fines without any consequences, then there is no disincentive.

  47. Jennifer Lawrence says:

    I was originally born into an Amish family. I disowned them when I was nearly a teen and went to the movie business.I went to another home and found the parents i have now. I am glad these people are in federal prison.

  48. Aly says:

    Legally their religious ‘needs’ have to be accomadated. Special diets etc. This is of course ACTUAL religious needs, and within reason.

  49. Mervin Hart says:

    I’ve read every comment and have come to these conclusions: (
    Also, I realize that reading these comments is not to be confused with actual research.)
    1) Though I sympathize with the Amish and resent the overreaching government in many cases, in this case they should have had the orange triangles. Their objection was to the use of loud colors which was rooted in the belief that it would be ostentatious. That does not apply here.
    2) I approve of the accommodations regarding the jumpsuits while in jail. True, that might make immediate identification a little slower but how likely are these non-violent people going to be getting in trouble in jail.
    3) The fines will probably be paid, indeed probably have already been paid, by well-meaning people like me (except with more money) who are reading these posts.

  50. AlfredoPG says:

    I’ll go over the replies and comments as they seem important.

    Orange Triangles: All slow moving vehicles are required to have an orange reflective triangle on the back. This includes (but is not limited to) construction vehicles, public works vehicles (that are slow moving), and of course buggies. An example of buggies (or carriages) that are required to post these distinctive markings are horse drawn carriages in Central Park, NY. The reflective orange triangle is a universal symbol that cam be found from LA County construction tractors, to New York City horse drawn carriages. It is universally understood throughout the country that a reflective orange triangle denotes a slow moving vehicle. This is done so that everyone will understand what it means. By arguing that they could switch to a less “loud” color, you open up the door for religions and everyday people to call on their own beliefs as a reason for changing how they follow the law. The fact that they do not believe in bright colors does not suddenly give them the right to supersede the law and not post the triangles. Roads are PUBLIC, let me say that again, PUBLIC property and while on them all drivers must abide by the laws. Amish persons, or others like them, may choose to remove the bright colored orange reflector as soon as they make their way back onto their own PRIVATE property. It is true that it is considerably less likely to hit a buggie in the middle of Amish country than it is to hit a bull dozer in a major metropolitan area but that doesn’t make them an exception to the law. All vehicles on public roads must follow all public laws or the drivers will be fined. Get fined enough times, and you will be jailed. If Amish buggie drivers are allowed to supersede the law and not post the reflective triangle due to their beliefs, then I argue that I can remove the tail lights on my car and replace them with a crucifix on the back of my trunk door that lights up red when I stop as I believe Jesus will protect me. Also, like standard tail lights, it still lights up red and alerts people I’m stopping.

    Clothing and Pictures: Pictures is self explanatory, if you get jailed you’re getting your picture taken no matter what you believe. Allowing them to wear gray clothing, versus bright orange colored clothing doesn’t hurt safety at all. If you’re a corrections officer you can probably make a safe assumption that you are ALWAYS in danger and that anyone not dressed like you or dressed in body armor is a threat.

  51. Sheena says:

    These men are within their rights to refuse to display orange on their buggies. These people do their best to keep to themselves, and this is an example of why they have to keep to themselves. This is the United States of America. We are founded on freedom of religion. Everyone’s religion. There has to be an alternative that’s good for both sides.

  52. Destiny242 says:

    Actually, I live near Amish people and know a bit about them. As all US citizens deserve rights, their religious rights have been taken away in this case in more ways than one. Their religion does not agree with showy colors, buttons, or belt buckles, necklaces, or other accessories. And just by putting their faces on here with their photos made public is against their beliefs. They are not to have any type of photo made of them. You are not to photograph them unless they permit it. They are a people that live honest lives and help each other survive more than some regular families I know. If a barn burns down they rush to put one up in a few days so the fellow farmer is not without a barn for long. This post should be taken down to help them with keeping their lives private. If they were fighters which they are not, you might see a law suit. I run a gift shop and their children well behaved, quiet, and do not beg their parents for anything, but are gracious when given something or given a little money to spend. Think before you judge. This case is similar to “Helmets should be worn on bikes” or else. I believe bike riders should have a choice.” although I personally would choose the helmet. We can only try to keep people safe with information. It is futile to force them. (i.e. the reflective triangle)

    1. MmmBop says:

      If you run into a cyclist without a helmet they could suffer brain injuries that YOU have to pay for. Unles we start a waiver system that says “I’ll go without a helmet and won’t sue you for harming me” we shouldn’t let dummies go without them. Unfortunately dummies do.
      The same is true for the triangles, imagine if in the pouring rain you struck a carriage you couldn’t see because there was nothing reflected. You and they could be harmed. YOU would have to live with that all because they want accomodations. This is not about vanity (the bright colors thing) it is about safety. To harken back to the fun days of wrasslin’: Know your role and shut your mouth! Your role on the road is to be safe and help others be safe.

      1. Loren says:

        Wow I can’t believe you would have the balls to tell him to tabut his mouth. He said NOTHING offensive to you or to anyone. He was merely explaining freedom and Amish customs. He is right that in situations like helet laws or seatbelt laws that we should not be forced to abide by such matters because they only care about the safety of the drivers and not the victims that might also be affected by the crash. For instance if I don’t wear my seat belt and die in a crash the only person harmed is myself. However if I speed and kill myself along with 3 others I could see how enforcing a law requiring a maximum speed limit. But in a free libertarian America like how our founding fathers imagined there should be no laws affecting only the safety or rights of of a single persons personal choices that do not harm anyone else’s same right as well.

  53. Chris says:

    A horse drawn buggy does not need a shiny triangle to attract your attention or to make you aware that it is a slow vehicle. This is a case of rural police being assholes and flaunting their questionable authority.

  54. Ray says:

    If they would accommodate by allowing them to dye the triangles blue instead of their uniforms then everyone could be satisfied that we still live in a free country! (lol!) Don’t you think we could produce blue reflectors that would work? Somebody start that free enterprise business. It is the America way, still!

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