37 Cheap Products With Amazing Results | 22 Words

Getting results is good, but doing it on the cheap is better.

Like you (probably), I am usually very skeptical about stuff that claims to do the job it's meant to do while also being insanely inexpensive. The words "you get what you pay for" are thrown around a lot in our society, so naturally I've developed the notion that if something is cheap, it is also low quality.

But boy, is that the furthest thing from the truth. Let's be honest, we've all spent a lot of money on something just to have it underperform, from beauty products to cleaning supplies. Turns out, the price of a product really doesn't have much to do with how well it works. Go figure.

Next time you need something to just work, rest assured that you can find what you're looking for that's also in your budget on Amazon. That's what I call "bang for your buck."

We hope you find these handy products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: we participate in affiliate programs, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page.

37. This Eye Shadow Primer That Keeps Your Look Pristine

I used to roll my eyes at the idea of primer, but since then I've learned that this product is a must-have if you don't have the time to constantly reapply your makeup. And something else I've learned is that you can also afford a powerful primer if you're on a tight budget. This eye primer from Thank Me Later controls makeup-smearing oils on your eyelids, leaving you a smooth canvas that helps your liner and shadow stay all day.

36. This Makeup Brush Shampoo That Fights Acne-Causing Bacteria

I cannot stress this enough: Clean your makeup brushes. Even if you wash your face diligently every night to get rid of makeup in your pores, you're still smearing bacteria all over your face every time you use a dirty brush. Sounds gross, I know. But that's because it is gross. This shampoo deeply and easily cleans your brushes so leftover makeup, bacteria, and other germs don't sit around. A clean brush can also be a great defense against breakouts.

35. These Foam Curlers That Give You The Best Air Dry Style

Air drying is hard. I have thick, wavy hair that rarely behaves without some sort of heat intervention –– or so I thought. If you're tired of having to break out a hairdryer every day, I suggest getting a great airdrying product and use it with these foam curlers. They work great with all hair types and ensure your mane is bouncy and springy as ever.

34. This Highlighter Palette That Adds The Perfect Amount Of Shine

If you're tired of contouring (like I am), there's another alternative out there for getting a sculpted cheekbone. It's called "strobing." The art of strobing is all about strategically placing highlighter on the light-reflecting high points on your face, leaving you looking glowy and sculpted. And you don't need a fancy highlighter to do it. This affordable palette has high-quality pigments that will catch the light.

33. This Serum Trio That Has Everything You Need For A Perfect Complexion

Stop spending hundreds on serums, I beg of you. There's literally no reason for it, especially since those expensive brands have zero added benefits as the affordable ones. You can get quality, pure serums like Vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, and even retinol without spending an arm and a leg. Don't know where to start? This trio set has all you need to start incorporating a serum into your routine.

32. This Cleansing Balm That Washes Away Every Scrap Of Makeup

Since I wear makeup most days, I've turned on to the idea of double-cleansing, which is basically washing your face twice in order to get all the dirt and makeup out of there. Instead of just doubling up on face wash, I start with a cleansing balm like this one to melt away all that makeup without too much scrubbing and pulling and then following up with a gentle wash. Managing breakouts and uneven skin tone has never been easier.

31. This Clump-Free Mascara That Truly Stays Clump-Free

Buying expensive mascara is a true waste of money. Regardless of whether you finished the tube, you should throw it away every three months or do to avoid clumping or infected eyelids from bacteria. Yes, your mascara can expire. So, buying a $20+ mascara makes very little financial sense. Luckily, I found a mascara that I truly love that is less than $10, and this is it. No matter how much I layer it on, it stays true to its promise of being clump-free.

30. These Eyeshadow Shields That Prevent Shadow Fallout

I don't have prominent dark circles, but like everyone else, I do have a little bit of darkness under there. This is especially true when I'm stressed or sleep-deprived. And naturally, this usually puts a damper on wearing dark eyeshadow (even when I want to) because the fallout from my makeup brush can accumulate on my lower lids and make them seem darker. The solution? I use these shields and do my eyeshadow first, then foundation, for a flawless finish.

29. This Eye Gel That Will Give You The Brightest Eyes

I was so delightfully surprised when I found this eye gel. I used to be one of those people who thought eye gel was too expensive, but now I'm a believer. This gel is like a miracle worker. It reduces dark circles, fine lines, puffiness, you name it, just like an expensive formula would, but it's way more wallet-friendly. Now that I'm no longer 22, I've turned to this gel to keep my eyes looking bright.

28. This Detangling Brush That Won't Damage Your Hair

Since I have wavy hair that's on the longer side, I've become more aware of how much dry-brushing can damage my look. Instead, I try to detangle and thoroughly brush while my hair is still wet, ideally after conditioning. And when I brush, I use this detangling brush that looks as good as it performs. It minimizes the damage that can be done by regular brushing and can even get those nasty knots out with little effort.

27. This Makeup Brush Set That You'll Want To Keep Out On Your Counter

Got a little spare change? You should absolutely treat yourself to a new set of makeup brushes. Over time, brushes can break down, lose fibers, and generally not work as well, so it's good to just recycle them and opt for a new set. And luckily, you can do that without breaking the bank. This eyeshadow set works beautifully and looks good enough to keep out on your counter 24/7.

26. This Foot Peel That Leaves You With The Softest Feet Ever

If you've seen that Baby Foot peel everywhere on the internet, here's some good news for you. You can actually get the same type of product for half the price. As the seasons change, I tend to like to do a foot treatment to get my feet sandal and/or boot-ready. Your feet can develop some gnarly calluses and dry skin over a few short months, so it's good to take care of them. Plus, these peels are so satisfying.

25. These Heel Socks That Keep Calluses At Bay

If the idea of a peel makes you squeamish, don't fret. You can still get rid of calluses and dry skin with some deep hydration. The best way to do this is with a high-quality foot moisturizer and some fuzzy socks to trap that moisture in so it can work deeply. I am not a socks-person, however, so these heel socks are the perfect way to treat dry heels without feeling like I'm overheating.

24. This Dry Shampoo That Won't Leave A Weird, White Residue

Because I have a wavy texture, I really don't wash my hair every day. That's what the beauty experts are recommending anyway, right? Instead, I just refresh my hair with a dry shampoo on day two or three, so I can go a little longer without having to get my hair all soapy. This dry shampoo is one of the best I've ever used, hands down. It works so well, is affordable, and doesn't leave a weird, white cast over my hair. Win-win-win.

23. This Curling Iron That's Perfect For Travel

Air drying isn't always in the cards for me. Sometimes it's just faster to whip out the curling iron to refresh my waves, and I am very pleased to see that I can also do this without breaking the bank. This curling iron works just as well as those fancy ones on the market, and it looks gorgeous (I love rose gold) and is fairly small –– making it ideal for travel.

22. This Retinol Moisturizer That Delivers Some Impressive Results

Searching around the internet for a new moisturizer takes me forever. There's so much to think about, from formulas to skin needs, to budgetary restrictions. I had heard of this brand's eye gel (which works wonderfully), but I was curious about this moisturizer as well. As I said, you can get good retinol products at a steal –– including this one. Happy customers are raving about how it has changed their skin for the better.

21. This Purple Shampoo That Keeps Your Blonde From Getting Brassy

I went from a redhead to a full blonde for a number of years, and one thing I realized very quickly was that blonde takes a lot of maintenance. This is especially true for people who have reddish hair. It turns brassy very quickly after each treatment, so at-home care is a must. While I was golden-haired, I stumbled on this purple shampoo that totally zaps out brassiness leaving hydrated, brightly-toned hair.

20. This Wine Stain Remover That Erases Every Bit Of Vino

Spilled wine can be a nightmare. As much as I like a nice glass of pinot noir (especially in winter), I have experienced one or two wine mishaps. This stain remover is made with wine in mind, so it is powerful enough to work on rugs, carpets, and upholstery quickly and efficiently. No pink halos left behind. Spill? What spill?

19. This Cleaning Gel That Grabs Everything From Hard-To-Reach Places

Cleaning all the little details in your car is so time-consuming. Even when you're done getting it washed, vacuuming the interior, and organizing all your odds and ends, you're still left with itty-bitty places that you just can't reach through traditional methods. This gel changes all that. Stick it anywhere that you can't get to so it can lift dirt, dust, and other nasties with ease. It also works great on computer keyboards.

18. This Diamond Cleaner That Keeps Your Jewelry Sparkling

No, you don't need an actual diamond for this "diamond cleaning" stick to work. Although it's very useful for keeping your engagement and wedding rings looking clear without sending them back to the jewelry store, this cleaning stick can keep any gemstone looking pristine and sparkly as the day you got it. Who has the time to drop off your jewelry at the store anyway?

17. This Shoe Cleaner That Keeps Your Sneakers Looking Like New

I am the first to admit that I give little to no thought to the current state of my shoes. However, I will also admit that putting on a fresh pair of clean sneakers feels amazing, so I guess I've become a person who keeps the outsides of their shoes clean (especially white ones), even though they'll probably get dirty within five minutes of being outside. No matter, at least this cleanser works wonders and lasts a long time.

16. This Drill Brush Set That Gives You The Deepest Clean Ever

When I first heard of the notion of attaching a scrub brush to the end of a drill in order to clean my shower, I felt like someone turned on a lightbulb in my brain. It's such a simple solution! Why didn't I think of this before? If you don't believe me, this set that is actually made to work with any drill is less than $20. You'll be amazed at how clean you'll be able to get your bathroom and kitchen with these babies.

15. This Corner Brush That Gets Into Tiny Crevasses

But not everyone had a drill set, and if you're still committed to scrubbing by hand even if you do have one, that's your decision. You can still make the job easier on yourself by using a special brush that really gets into the corners, including in between tiles, to really scrub out every speck of dirt. This corner brush is the only detail brush you'll need because it works on all kinds of surfaces.

14. These Produce Bags That Keep Your Groceries Fresher, Longer

As much as I like bananas, I almost never buy them because they go bad so fast. These produce bags have saved many other people with the same concerns because it is made of a unique material that protects against browning and moisture. They're also completely reusable, so you're not creating any plastic waste as well as food waste. It works on all kinds of fruits and vegetables as well.

13. This Lemon Squeezer That Gets Every Drop Of Juice

I use citrus fruits for lots of things, from dinner recipes to cocktails. And if you've ever had to squeeze 20 limes to get one margarita, you know how time-consuming and tedious that can be. I also really don't like to waste food, so if there is something out there that can help me do that, I'm sold. This squeezer is so simple, yet it yields big results. No more squeezing by hand.

12. This Berry Keeper That Seals In Freshness

While berries are some of my favorite fruits, I admit that I try to avoid buying them because they go bad quickly and are expensive to buy. I've lost many baskets of "fresh" strawberries because I didn't eat them quick enough, and frankly I don't have that kind of money to waste. This berry keeper protects against all that, so your strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, and so on can stay fresh and juicy for longer.

11. This Ice Mold That Gives You Crystal-Clear Ice

Yes, having clear ice is better than cloudy ice for a number of reasons. They melt more slowly, they're made of purer water, and they taste better (so your ice doesn't make your drink taste funny if it melts). This handy ice mold helps you get clearer ice every time without using fancy filters. You'll be surprised at how much of a difference it makes.

10. This Handheld Spiralizer That Makes Making Zoodles A Snap

One major (and totally reasonable) reason not to get a traditional spiralizer: It can take up a lot of room in your cabinets. If you're low on space, or just don't like using one-function kitchen gadgets, this handheld version will give you all the delicious veggie noodles you want without taking up unnecessary space. Even though it only does one thing, at least it does it well.

9. This Bottle Opener That You Can Use With One Hand

You can't do a lot of things one-handed, but opening a bottle is absolutely doable without the need for crazy tricks or gadgets. This simple yet amazing bottle opener helps you hold your bottle and open it at the same time with little effort. Now you can open your beer even if one of your hands is busy. It's a lifesaver on game days, holidays, or basically any party atmosphere.

8. This Thaw Tray That Stops You From Having To Leave Meat Out All Day

Like many people, I usually buy meats ahead of time, separate them, and take them out on days when I'm ready to eat them. However, I'm not entirely comfortable with leaving meat out on the counter, so I usually have to plan ahead. But if I can't do that, then dinner usually defaults to take out. This contraption is the solution to all of that. It defrosts anything in a fraction of the time, so I don't have to worry about planning ahead or salmonella.

7. This Cutting Tool That's A Knife And A Cutting Boards All In One

Yes, you can even cut up meat and veggies for recipes with one hand. This aptly-named device, known as the "clever cutter" acts like a knife and a cutting board all in one. Chop up meat for salads, stir fry, what have you, without the need of dirtying another cutting board. It even works for vegetables, so you don't have to risk your fingertips. It's perfect for anyone who has limited counter space or just hates doing a ton of dishes.

6. This Scrubber Pad That's Powerful And Reusable

Disposable sponges are often pretty gross. They're houses for germs and mold, they don't last long, and they create needless waste. Of course, not all reusable sponges and cloths work all that well –– except this one. It has a scrubber/scourer on one side and a soft microfiber fabric on the other, so it washes any type of dish. Ones with baked-on food get a good scrub, and your dinner plates don't get scratched up. Plus, it's easy to clean, so it's better for the environment.

5. These Wood Markers That Will Save Your Scratched-Up Furniture

Scratches can be such an eyesore but that's no reason to have to toss out your furniture. But I get it, sometimes scratched up furniture can be embarrassing, so you do everything you can to protect and conceal the offending scratches. Instead, try fixing the problem by using these wood markers. They come in several colors to match your wood finish and they do a great job of concealing little scratches with little effort.

4. This Cord Protector That Fights Fraying

Apple users especially know how annoying it is when your laptop charger starts to fray. Those things can run you upwards of $80 to replace, so naturally, I like to avoid that at all costs. Luckily, it doesn't cost much, because this cable protector wards off fraying by reducing the stress that's put on a cable end. It can even help keep a fraying cable from getting even worse. Hey, anything that adds to the longevity of my tech products is a winner in my book.

3. This Universal Scrubber Tool That's Good For Dishes, Your Body, Your Pets –– Whatever

This scrubber does everything. You can do dishes with it. You can give your dog a bath with it. You can scrub out laundry stains. You can even use it to wash your own body (though maybe not the same scrubber for all these things). It's also made of silicone, so it lasts practically forever, doesn't degrade, and doesn't play host to mold. Say goodbye to scouring pads, sponges, and cleaning cloths because you just don't need them anymore.

2. This Powdered Cleanser That Cleans Literally Everything

How much do I love Bar Keeper's Friend? Let me count the ways. It is the only cleanser I use for deep cleaning my pots and pans, busting rust, cleaning my stovetop, cleaning my sink, and even cleaning my bathroom. It literally does it all. And despite being a very powerful cleanser, it's gentle enough that it doesn't strip or leave my hands feeling tight or dry. It's truly a wonder of science that this thing exists.

1. This Scratch Remover That Saves You A Trip To The Body Shop

Getting your car detailed can literally cost you hundreds at the body shop. Depending on how big your car's scratch is, it can also devalue your vehicle or just become an eyesore to drive around in. Instead of paying for a full-body paint job, you can actually buff out those scratches easily with this cleaning solution. Now you can drive around with confidence and keep your wallet where it belongs: in your pocket.