Frank Ocean has firmly cemented his self as one of hip hop's few unique creative forces - and racking up the huge fanbase to show for it.

4 years on from the release of his second studio album, Blond,  it looks like we're in for some new music...

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Frank Ocean burst onto the music scene nearly a decade ago.

The singer-songwriter - born Christopher Edwin Breaux - is a huge figure in the contemporary hip hop scene, going on to become one of the industry's rare unique creative forces.

Although, his career didn't begin with writing music for himself.

Ocean started out by ghostwriting music for famous stars. He has penned tracks for the likes of Justin Bieber and Beyoncé - so we're not talking mediocre talent here.

Things began to really ramp up when he joined the hip-hop collective, Odd Future in 2008.

His work with Odd Future, and in particular with fellow hip-hop powerhouse, Tyler, The Creator, spurred on his own songwriting.

And it wasn't long before he hit the charts with his own music.

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His breakout mixtape, nostalgia, ULTRA, achieved widespread critical acclaim

He went against his record label at the time...

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He released the tracks as a free download on his Tumblr site, without Def Jam’s knowledge - claiming that his move came because the label had not been supportive of his efforts after signing him.

The self-released mixtape put him on the path for a lucrative, chart-topping career.

And nostalgia, ULTRA was closely followed by the star's debut album, channel orange. 

By this point, he had begun to repair his relationship with Def Jam.

And the album was released under the label for download on iTunes on July 10, 2012. Sticking with tradition, Ocean also made the album available on his Tumblr site.

Within hours of its release...

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It shot to number 1 on the Top Albums chart, and most notably, went on to bag the 2013 Grammy Award for best urban contemporary album.

The album was met with near-universal critical acclaim.

And of course, we can't forget that it gave us the smash hit single "Thinkin' Bout You."

It was only up from there...

The star delivered hit after hit, and that was certainly no exception when it came to his second studio album.

4 years after the landmark Channel orange, Ocean dropped Blond in 2016.

And, just as we all expected, it shot to the top of the charts.

In fact, it remains one of his most popular works.

And his chart-topping success has made him one of the hottest properties in music.

But, since the release of Blond...

Things have been fairly scarce on the music front.

There doesn't appear to be any signs of a new album yet.

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But the star has been releasing singles.

Most recently...

Ocean dropped singles “In My Room" and “DHL" in late 2019.

But now, the wait for new music appears to be over.

Last year, Ocean previewed an Arca remix of an unreleased track called “Little Demon." At the time, the hitmaker also launched a pre-order for the 7" vinyl edition of the song.

But those who pre-ordered the vinyl received an unexpected email this week...

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A fan tweeted out a screenshot of an email from Ocean’s, revealing that “Little Demon" will not be included on the vinyl.


The email states there will be “a new, unreleased Frank Ocean song." Keep scrolling to take a look at the email for yourself.

There's a massive downside, however.

The email contained no details as to when the new track would be released.

But it's still exciting to know that we've got some new music to look forward to.

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Let's just hope we aren't waiting too long! The track is yet to be unveiled, so stay tuned for updates. Eminem recently released new music, although one of the tracks is causing a serious stir. Keep scrolling for the full story...