19 Amazing Things That Only Exist in Japan | 22 Words

You don't have to visit Japan to know they're out there living in 3018 while we're stuck in 2018.

From wacky vending machines to friendly robots to toilets beyond your wildest dreams, Japan truly has it all. The oddities that Japan has to offer are incredibly innovative, but more importantly, they're adorable AF.

Seriously, everything is so cute that you won't be able to keep from screaming

If you aren't already convinced, here are 19 uniquely Japanese things so precious you may pass out.

You can ride in a tram that looks like a cat

To mark the 110th anniversary of the Tamagawa Line last year, Tokyu Corp created these special trams painted with a manekineko, or beckoning cat. Manekineko are talismans meant to bring good luck and prosperity, but honestly, we'd be beckoned by its cute cat face regardless.

You can take part in a real live Mario Kart chase

MariCar is a company that lets you take part in a public go-kart race through the streets of Tokyo. You even get your choice of which classic Mario Kart character costume you want to wear. We already called Yoshi, so get over it.

You can take a train that travels up to 320 kilometers per hour

Shinkansen bullet trains are operated by Japan Railways and are some of the fastest trains in the world. Not only are they speedy — they're efficient as well. In fact, the average delay time is only 36 seconds. Your move, Metropolitan Transportation Authority.

You can slurp a hojicha roasted green tea Frappuccino

When green tea leaves are roasted before brewing, the resulting beverage is called hojicha. When you make hojicha into a Frappuccino at Starbucks, as only Japan has, the resulting beverage is called delicious. Get lost, matcha — there's a new tea in town. If you think this treat is sweet, then you should really check out this next one...

You can eat cotton candy bigger than your head

At the Totti Candy Factory in Harajuku, you can order a giant rainbow-striped cotton candy treat that would give your dentist nightmares. We dare you to try and finish one of these things (pics or it didn't happen).

You can get tourism tips in multiple languages — from a robot

Keikyu Corporation, which provides access from Haneda Airport to Tokyo and Yokohama, created a robot rental service that gives multi language guidance and directions to international tourists. But can they tell us what "Dōmo arigatō, Mr. Roboto" means?

You can buy sushi from a vending machine

In Japan, you can buy just about anything from a vending machine, from bread in a can to bras to pornography. Arguably the best thing you can purchase: sushi rolls. Sushi conveyer belts are so 2018 anyway.

You and your ladies can ride in peace on a girls' only train car

In order to protect their female passengers from unwanted sexual attention, Japanese railway companies have created women-only train cars, with most lines in Tokyo providing ladies' wagons since 2005. Once again, Metropolitan Transportation Authority, get on it.

You can sit upon the world's most technologically advanced porcelain throne

Japan's TOTO toilets are so tricked out that they basically do everything but go to the bathroom for you. With an automated lid, cleansing nozzle, flush sensor, and a whole guide book to go along with it, learning to use Japanese toilets is basically as complicated as learning to speak Japanese (but totally worth it). Chances are you're going to get totally addicted to this next one...

You can visit an adult arcade wonderland

Even though gambling is still illegal in Japan, there's still plenty of Pachinko, a popular arcade game that first originated back in 1920s Japan. Players flock to Pachinko parlors in droves, and even though winners are offered prizes instead of cash, it's estimated that $209 billion is spent on Pachinko annually across Japan. Have they ever tried Angry Birds though?

You can get a hat for your cat (from a vending machine, of course)

Did we mention you can get literally anything from a vending machine? Japanese Gacha capsule vending machines let you pick out the perfect headpiece for your feline friend. They even have a "Kawaii Kawaii Neko Hitsuji-chan" collection, or "Cute Cute Cat Sheep," that will turn your kitty into a little lamb (and will probably also get you scratched across the face).

You can hop aboard a giant panda bus

If you're looking to ride in style through Japan, you can do so on the Asakusa Ueno Panda Bus. Not only does it take you all the way from Asakusa all the way to the Skytree complex and back in an hour — it's also free! Honestly, do you even need forms of transportation other than this?

You can send mail via the cutest boxes you've ever seen

Japanese mail boxes are anything but ordinary — you can find mailboxes shaped like tea urns, birds, trains, fish, and even adorable Kokeshi doll. We don't even mail letters anymore, but we'd get a penal just to use one of these.

You can buy kitty cat donuts too precious to eat

At Floresta Nature Donuts in Japan, you can buy the sweetest little dough babies that money can buy, with everything from penguins to chicks to teddy bears. They're also organic and all natural, but we honestly donut care because they're too cute to consume anyway. Now gear yourself up for these last few items...

You can receive assistance from a smiling humanoid robot

Pepper is the first humanoid robot capable of recognizing human emotions, and you can meet one in more than 140 SoftBank Mobile stores in Japan. The next move for Pepper is into more than 1,000 Japanese Nescafé sales outlets to tell customers about new products. We'd probably be very scared if Pepper wasn't so cute.

You can attend a live sumo tournament

Though the official sumo tournaments only take place 6 times a year, you can find a sumo tournament, or basho, to attend almost anytime you want. You can even attend a morning practice, or sumobeya, if you want, but apparently participating involves more than supersizing your McDonald's meal.

You can dine while watching a crazy robot dance show

The Robot Restaurant in Tokyo's Shinjuku nightlife district taking dinner and a show to a whole new level. With warrior princesses in sequined bikinis fighting 10-foot-tall transformers with laser beams, you'll be too thrilled to even eat your food. We hope you're taking notes, Chuckie Cheese.

You can make friends with Bambi

At Nara Park, you can shakes hooves with the most well-mannered deer you'll ever encounter. If you bow to them, they'll even bow back. These little woodland creatures can make for a sweet Instagram (though apparently they don't all play nice).

You can have your pick of toilet papers

Japan doesn't just offer a huge array of sushi rolls — some public restrooms even offer your T.P. roll of choice. Who would have thought that you could swipe right on your ply count? Bless you, Japan. You just get us.