When the humdrum of life gets too much, sometimes it's easier to lock yourself in your apartment and watch hours of Disney movies.

And at some stage in our lives, whether it's when we were children or after a stressful day at work, we've all wanted to become a real-life Disney princess.

The only issue is that they look so damn perfect all the time. Obviously, it helps that they are cartoons... but it's still frustrating! We can still dream though, right?

One artist has gone on to create some images that perfectly envision our fantasy, but in a hilariously realistic manner. If you'd like to see these princesses looking a little worse for wear, or you just want to boost your own ego, keep scrolling!


Disney movies are a staple of most people's childhoods.

When you look back on growing up, your memories are likely to be full of toy-destroying, mud-rolling, and, of course, Disney-watching.

Disney Princesses are most women's first idol.

Disney Princesses taught us many important lessons as kids. They taught us to be kind and strong at the same time. They were usually the main character in our favorite Disney movies and we so desperately wanted to be one of them.

We all had our fave Disney princess.

Though our feminist ideologies today make some of the storylines slightly problematic (we don't need no Prince Charming) these princesses were heroes to us.

But what would these princesses be like in real life?

It's a question that most of us will have asked at some point. These seemingly perfect princesses are too good to be true - literally. They always have immaculately placed hair and are always ready for Prince Charming to sweep them off their feet. Not quite realistic, is it?

Luckily, one artist has answered our question.

Andhika Muksin, an Indonesian artist, has re-envisioned some of the popular Disney princesses... they're just a little more haggard and life-like than we remember them being.

The results are hilarious.

Because none of us look quite like Sleeping Beauty when we're having a snooze, do we?

Even Ariel hates the front camera...

Hey! Ariel has the same amount of chins as us!

The Little Mermaid isn't always so graceful...

This takes us back to many failed photoshoots at the beach...

Being an Evil Queen can be emotional.

Crying while asking how pretty I am over Facetime? I've never done that, I swear...

Is there such thing as a cute front camera angle?

Facetime isn't the most flattering of apps as Cinderella will tell you.

And there's definitely no cute way to eat an apple...

Snow White is all of us.

Maybe Princess Jasmine isn't great with heights.

Because who can look pretty when free-falling thousands of feet on a magic carpet?

Pocahontas didn't fare too well, either...

She still has that sass, though.

Being cursed isn't pretty.

More like Painful Beauty.

And getting washed up isn't always pleasant.

It's safe to say that we've all looked like this at some point...

Of course, there has to be a Game of Thrones reference...

Maybe Sleeping Beauty has had enough of waiting around for her Prince Charming. I feel you, girl.

When you do find your Prince Charming...

What better way to celebrate than with a cheeky Snapchat face swap?

This Queen knows our poison...

Give us all the nuggets.

And you can't get pizza in the ocean.

We now know Ariel's real motive for leaving the sea. Pretty understandable, if you ask me.

We won't be forgetting these versions of the princesses in a hurry.

They're such a refreshing, realistic and grizzly portrayal of our favorite princesses and they simply cannot be unseen. You have this guy to thank for it. What a genius! And if you enjoyed these babies, take a look at Helen Morgun's art, which transforms our fave celebs into Disney princesses! We're obsessed with Rihanna as Tiana.