If you're a frequent traveler, you know how language barriers and translation issues can disrupt your care-free adventures. These can range from being frustrating to mild, to ridiculous entertaining.

Foreigners have often thought that the "bad translations" in China were hilarious. However, in 2022, the Winter Olympics are being held in Beijing. Because of this, the city is trying to get rid of all the hilariously bad translations on signs. Predictably, there are going to be a ton of visitors when the Olympics happen, and while the signs are endlessly amusing, the city thinks it's better if they're gone.

But– don't fret! Nothing fully disappears when it comes to the internet. You may not see any funny translations when you travel to Beijing, but you can certainly enjoy them in the comfort of your own home thanks to the internet.

Here are the best translations people have seen on public signs in China.

The perfect sign to see in the bathroom.

via: Shanghaiist

Thanks to everyone, we can all go to the bathroom! I don't see what the problem is here.

Tell us how you really feel, sign.

via: Shanghaiist

This is the perfect aisle for anyone who doesn't want to be told to eat their veggies. Who needs broccoli, anyway?

Please don't feed the fish, they bring us fun.

via: Shanghaiist

How could you even think for one second that you could feed those fish?

For when you're sick and confused.

via: Shanghaiist

Everyone wants to know where they puke. So, actually, this sign is helpful.

Uhh, what's going on here?

via: Shanghaiist

Something tells me following the "crack" sign will not lead to good things.

Everyone wants one!

via: Shanghaiist

You know when you wake up and you're like, "You know what would go great with this coffee? A nice, electric shock!" This sign is perfect for that very specific situation.


via: Shanghaiist

Let's avoid this park at all costs, shall we?

You would think that this is self-explanatory.

via: Shanghaiist

Although it's always a good reminder that if you're stolen, make sure you call the police.

Wow, who knew there was a hierarchy of power in the bathroom?

via: Shanghaiist

But how do you know if you're one of the "weak" ones? Is this sign giving anybody else some serious self-esteem issues?

There's nothing scarier than an unfunny monkey.

That monkey is not cracking jokes.

Is this something one can use in baking?

If a recipe calls for this very peculiar ingredient, you now know where to find it.

What do you think is in this dish?

Beef or beef? Perhaps more beef? It's hard to say.

I'm not blushing, you're blushing.

Mystic yeast sounds like something that would be sold at a farmer's market in Los Angeles. "Have you tried mystic yeast in your green juice yet?!"

I thought the point of this sign was to avoid slipping?

Do they want us to slip? What is going on here?

Right to the point.

No need for bells and whistles. No need for any fancy names. All businesses should just be called exactly what the service provides.

Make sure to run through the staircase.

We're talking a full out sprint here, people.

So only one man at a time?

Who is this "man?" Why does he get an entire room?

That's an interesting flavor.

How much would someone have to pay you for you to chow down on Big Mac-flavored ice cream?

Forget saying "lit."

The new cool thing to say is "lighted." "That party was lighted this weekend, bro."

This isn't appetizing at all.

But hey, at least the advertising is honest.

So, what are we supposed to do?

This is some kind of riddle, right? Is there a troll waiting under a bridge to let us pass?

Never protect the environment.

It's very important that the environment is absolutely not protected.

It's always good to know where the emergency toilets are located.

Accidents are best avoided this way. This sign is looking out for everyone.

Wow, there is some angst going on with this sign.

In case of fire, push me away! I can't deal with it anymore!

That makes sense.

The more you read it, the deeper it becomes.

What is a "refuse room?"

And how can I make sure that I'm the only one allowed inside of it?

Caution: the entirety of civilization.

You have to respect a vague sign with a direct message.

Don't even think about romping.

According to this sign, "romping" means chasing one another around while flailing your limbs. Honestly? That sounds about right.

There's a lot happening here.

Who wants to write a thesis and deconstruct this complicated sign?

Is this sign telling us to run through the dangerous doors?

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