20 Things Every Teen in America Does | 22 Words

Ah, adolescence. What a wonderful horrific time it is. Your hormones are raging, your body is changing in strange, and oftentimes embarrassing ways.

And then, of course, there are all the pesky adults, who always think you're somewhere vaping, juuling or otherwise engaging in drug-fueled antics.

Being a teen can be a pain, but thankfully, it's a pain that all your peers can relate to.

Here are a few common things that pretty much all teens do.

1. Feel self conscious

Remember when you were a teenager, and there was that one impossibly hot boy or girl at school? Probability is, he or she felt self-conscious too, because what is adolescence but feeling painfully aware of your own skin?

2. Lie. A lot

And the worst part is you wouldn't even have to if your parents weren't so nosy. But lying is part and parcel of growing up. Next step, adulthood.

3. Drink lots of soda

When you're a teenager, your sugar tolerance is high, and your access to alcohol is low. Soda it is. All the time. At least until you turn 21, of course.

4. Eat anything

Ah, the metabolism of youth. Your body can digest pretty much anything, and all it takes is a little run to shake off the pounds. Just wait till you hit 30, kid.

5. Do stupid sh**

There's a reason why moms always say "if he jumped off a bridge, would you jump too?" Being a teenager means making poor choices. All the time.

6. Have crushes

The older you get, the fewer crushes you have. By the time you're 30, pretty much everyone is married, or on their way, so it's sort of difficult to fall head over heels with someone.

7. Play hooky

School's a drag, and your youth is pretty much flying away. The only appropriate – nay – wise thing to do is to play hooky, that way you can fully enjoy the day.

8. Get mad at your parents. Constantly

When you turn 13, something happens inside your body that makes you radioactive around your parents. Anything they say can set off eye-rolls and door slams. Don't worry. It'll pass.

9. Pretend to be sicker than you are so your parents can pay attention to you

Push and pull – that's a teen's relationship with his or her parents. You don't want them around, except for when you do. It truly is a dilemma.

10. Be mean to other teens

Something about all those hormones and the pecking order of high school ensures that teens spend a great deal of time at each other's necks. To be fair, adults do it too.

11. Spend every waking moment on their phones

The iGen is here, and even before them, from the baby boomers on down, teens have loved their electronic devices.

12. Have very specific cliques

Are you a gamer? A jock? A chem nerd? Some of these tropes may be old, but one thing isn't – everyone has their crew in high school. Everyone.

13. Sneak beer

Your first beer is a veritable rite of passage in high school. Ditto, your first wine cooler, vodka, etc. Wine only becomes cool when you're older.

14. Make bad styling decisions

The mark of adolescence is a marked lack of stylishness. Or, conversely, too much style. See your teenaged goth phase for reference.

15. Try out different identities

Are you a potential occultist? A zen master? An aficionado of classical Greek ballads? During your teenage years, you'll try all sorts of new identities until you finally settle on the one you've always had.

16. Making out

One of the best parts of being a teen is getting your first kiss. That quickly turns into your first makeup session, and before you know it, you're spending inordinate amounts of time with your tongue down someone else's throat.

17. Play SUPER loud music

Because who cares about your eardrums, amirite? Besides, everyone knows you can't really enjoy music until you feel it vibrating through your bones.

18. Stay up late

1am? 2am? 3? No problem! Teenagers have superhuman night-owl abilities – they can literally stay up till dawn, and then some.

19. Sleep late

After all that staying up late, you have to catch up on your zzz's somehow.

20. Be SUPER messy

Throwing your clothes on the floor? Check. Leaving dirty dishes lying around? Double check. Cleaning up your mess is literally what parents are for. You just can't say that to their faces. Share with your friends so you can all relate to the struggle!