In the midst of her conservationship case, Britney Spears has concocted yet another headline. This time for saying that she is not afraid to light matches and burn bridges.

Although this is just speculation, it seems a pretty good guess the message was a direct reference to those who have harmed her or those who are involved in her conservationship case.

Britney posted the simple message to her fans, which reads:

If standing up for yourself burns a bridge, I have matches.

The message seems to be that she's not afraid to torch relationships she says have harmed her over the years.

On a brighter note, however, Britney also shared some snaps of her recent trip to Maui talking about the little things in life that she enjoys.

Sharing a photo of her cocktail of choice, Spears wrote:

It's the little things you know … my favorite drink. And the beach in Maui … GOD I LOVE YOU ALL ….. have a brilliant day my friends !!!!! Pssss check out the statue of the rare white owl… I saw it this morning !!!! Before I saw it, a beautiful little boy with white blond hair who was two years old screamed at his mamma because he wanted his drink with a straw … it was the most adorable thing ever cause he reminded me of my boys when they were younger !!!!

However fans remained worried for Britney, after she shared yet another topless photo to Instagram not too long ago.

The singer recently shared three of the exact same topless photos of herself, eventually deleting the first two, and, on Friday she shared a brief topless clip of herself.

Spears has now posted another video, which shows her looking at the camera and tilting her body while covering her breasts with her hands.

And it's not a lie to say that her fans have been left confused and concerned by the posts, with many questioning why she is continuing to share similar images.

One wrote: "Who else is straight up concerned?". Another added: "Literally what is happening."

A third commented: "Something suspicious is going on."

I guess all we humble people can do is keep supporting Britney and hope that all is, and will be, good for the star.

Stay strong Britney.