YouTube Star Brittany Dawn Said Her Husband Shot Her Dog Instead of Taking Him to the Vet

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YouTube star, Brittany Dawn, has been slammed after she revealed that her husband shot her dog instead of taking it to the vets…

Brittany Dawn, a YouTuber and fitness influencer, has revealed that her husband shot and killed her injured dog…

Instead of taking it to the vets.

Dawn announced the tragic passing of her dog, Brodie, on Instagram in a post where she said her “heart is shattered.”

“Brodie, you were my best little buddy,” she wrote. “The dog that picked up on when I was about to have a panic attack, and would gently bring me back down. you loved your Starbucks puppuccinos, trips in the truck with dad, and sitting in mom’s lap while she worked. I just wish I could hold you again right now. you got me through some of the darkest times in my life… and I don’t know why or how this happened.”

She also announced the loss in a video posted to her YouTube channel that was titled: “my heart is shattered… my dog died in a hit and run…”

In that, she explained after her dog was hit by a car, her husband, Jordan Nelson, shot him “so that he wouldn’t suffer.”

And it is safe to say, the internet is not happy about their decision…

In the video, Dawn filmed herself sitting in the car as she explained what happened to Brodie.

She told viewers that she and her husband returned home from running errands when they found Brodie lying on their street.

She said that when she realized that Brodie wasn’t moving, she jumped out the car and went over to him, but as she got closer, she could not stand to see her pooch like that.

“I wish I could unsee what I had to see… Nothing prepares you for having to see your dog like that,” Dawn said.

Dawn then explained that her husband took her inside their house, while he went back outside and shot Brodie.

“I knew what was about to happen… All I heard was his truck rev its engine so loud,” she said. “That’s when the gunshot went off and poor Jordan had to do that for Brodie so that he wouldn’t suffer. There was no saving him, it was so bad.”

Rest in peace, Brodie.