17 Times Celebrities Were Caught in a Lie on Social Media

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Being a celebrity can’t always be easy, especially in today’s social media-fueled world. Some use their platform to advocate for causes they believe in; others like to share memes or pictures of what they ate for breakfast.

And, sometimes things get uncomfortable—like when a celebrity is caught telling a blatant lie. Hardcore fans and haters are totally willing to dig deep into a celeb’s feed to find receipts (and honestly, we have to applaud their sleuthing skills in some cases). After all, everything on the internet is permanent.

Celebrities work hard to cultivate their social media persona, so it’s always interesting when they get caught in a lie online. Read on to find out about some of the most ridiculous and hilarious instances of celebs being called out on a lie.

Remember Bow Wow?

Last year, he posted about hopping aboard a private plane.

But an eagle-eyed Snapchat user found him out.

Yep, he was actually flying commercial.

Khloe Kardashian posted this picture of supposedly homemade desserts.

But the owner of an LA bakery, Sweet Lady Janequickly recognized that the pies had been bought from her shop.

Really, Khloe?

We’re not totally surprised, but we’re still disappointed.

Rita Ora got herself into a situation.

This is a risky tweet to begin with.

And then she backtracked when she didn’t get as many retweets as she expected.

Ah, the classic hacker excuse.

Soulja Boy posted a photo with what seemed to be stacks of hundred dollar bills.

But look closely and you’ll see that they’re not real.

His response?

Guess he should have mentioned that in the caption!

Sure, Jan.

So we don’t have the receipts for this one, but it’s safe to say Kim is stretching the truth here.

It just doesn’t add up.

Even if you’re toddler is really smart, what are the chances she happened to post a super flattering picture of you?

Even Britney lies sometimes.

She posted this picture of delicious-looking corn on her Instagram.

But it really was too good to be true.

An observant follower discovered that Britney had re-posted a photo she found online.

Kris Jenner went a little too far with Photoshop.

Seriously, what happened to Gordon Ramsay?!

Luckily, he posted an unedited version.

Phew, we were worried about him for a second there.

Bella Thorne was caught red-handed.

In the original caption of this photo, Bella mentioned that she was wearing faux fur. But, followers found online that her coat was actually made of real rabbit and fox fur.

Bieber’s new jet.

Justin Bieber posted this photo insinuating that he had bought himself a jet for Christmas, but TMZ revealed that he had just chartered it for one flight.

He tried.

Hopefully, he stays a little more low-key next Christmas.

A cereal conspiracy.

To be fair, Kylie did have a pretty strange childhood.

But this follower noticed otherwise.

Of all the things to lie about!

Oprah shared the news about one of her favorite things, the Microsoft Surface.

But she tweeted it from her iPad.

You get a Surface, you get a Surface!

But I’m keeping my iPad.

Kim Kardashian shared this gorgeous picture from her vacation to Thailand.

But Buzzfeed revealed that she had lifted the photo from a wallpaper website.

Shay Mitchell was advertising a makeup remover, but something wasn’t quite right.

Yep, that cotton pad definitely didn’t touch her face.

The lies!

If you’re going to advertise something, you should at least put in a little effort.

P. Diddy posted this awesome picture of an eclipse in 2014.

Who knew he was so good at photography?

Turns out he lifted the photo from a photographer’s page.

If only Diddy had just given proper credit.

The invention of the selfie.

To be fair, we think Paris might have been a little tongue-in-cheek with this caption, but The New York Times still put her claim to the test.

A bizarre beef between Perez Hilton and Will.i.am.

Back in 2009, Perez tweeted this.

And Will.i.am actually created a Twitter account to set the record straight.

Apparently, the feud started when Perez said he didn’t like the Black Eyed Peas’ record. Wow, 2009 was a simpler time.

The band YACHT used an odd method to drum up publicity.

The band’s Facebook post announced that their sex tape had been leaked. The whole thing was then revealed to be a hoax, in an effort to gain publicity. Followers of the band were not impressed with the stunt, which led to their public apology.   Share this post with your celebrity gossip-obsessed friends!