Deadliest Catch Star Mahlon Reyes Dead Aged 38

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Star of the iconic reality TV series, Deadliest Catch, Mahlon Reyes, has tragically passed away.

The deckhand on one of the show’s crab fishing boats was just 38 when he died.

He is survived by his wife and four children.

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Rest in peace.

Mahlon Reyes, star of Deadliest Catch, has tragically passed away.

The deckhand, who worked on two of the shows crab fishing boats, was only 38 at the time of his death.

And was an integral part of the team as they went searching for crabs.

During the Alaskan King Crab and Snow Crab fishing sessions.

But he was willing to take the risk to provide for himself and his family.

And Reyes isn’t the first member of the show to die young.

He had complained about feeling excessively tired before going to fetch pain medication and collapsing.

And his two sons rushed to help him as paramedics were called.

As he wanted the show to depict the brutal family bonds that are formed on these exceptionally dangerous vessels.

And he was doing everything he could to recover from a torn Achilles so that he could get back out on the boat.

So his death comes as an even bigger shock to his family and friends.

And his wife revealed to TMZ, that his ashes will be scattered in the sea by his Deadliest Catch crew.

She explained that he passed away in his hometown of Whitefish, Montana last Sunday.

But despite surviving the initial attack, he didn’t regain consciousness.

However his family decided to take him off the machine the following day.

— Gore Crow Society (@crow_gore) 1596282396.0

I guess that’s the only positive we can take from this heartbreaking situation.

The Flathead County Sheriff’s Office says his official cause of death has not been determined yet as they are pending autopsy and toxicology results.

As well as his four children.

Our thoughts go out to Mahlon’s family and friends during this incredibly hard time.

Gone too soon.