The pandemic is keeping us all locked inside our homes, which has caused the demand for online orders to surge. Key workers, such as delivery drivers, are the people keeping the country running.

One delivery driver, in particular, has gone above and beyond his call of duty.

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We are living in a pretty strange time right now, to say the least.

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With the deadly COVID-19 sweeping the planet, millions have descended into mass hysteria.

A large proportion of the world is currently in lockdown...

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And, while most are calmly self-isolating at home, many have been taking to their local supermarkets to stockpile on supplies.

The scenes have been truly apocalyptical.

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Thousands of frenzied shoppers have been seen hoarding on non-perishable items to see them through the pandemic.

And, as a result...

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The supermarket's shelves have been stripped completely bare.

People have been hoarding everything and anything.

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Canned goods, fruit, vegetables, fresh meat, frozen meat... You name it, it's been unnecessarily hoarded and stockpiled.

It's truly shameful...

And one of the more heartbreaking realities of this stockpiling is that many people, including the elderly and the vulnerable, have been left with nothing.

Things are getting out of hand...

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And because the shelves are being emptied at such a fast pace, the elderly and vulnerable have been left behind in stocking up on their daily supplies.

This is unfair...

And to think that people had easier access to food back in the war is utterly disgraceful.

But when there is fresh produce available to buy...

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People must take ultimate care when being around this type of food for hygiene purposes.

Some people have taken extra precautions when it comes to hygiene.

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And the reasons behind their actions are heartwarming.

More and more people are turning to home deliveries.

To lessen their chance of contracting the virus.

It's a scary thought to think that one touch could pass on such a deadly disease.

But imagine if you had to deal with this constant fear your whole life...

For people with autoimmune disorders, that's their reality.

People with these chronic conditions have a higher risk of life-threatening complications if they get sick.

Many immunosuppressed patients have taken to social media to detail the risks they face.

Urging others to think before they go against self-isolation measures put in place to keep people safe.

Despite these measures, delivery drivers are still working.

These key workers are risking their lives every day to ensure that people can stay at home in isolation.

One particular delivery driver has gone above and beyond his call of duty...

To keep a little girl safe. It's evident from the video how much he takes pride in his job.

The FedEx driver, Justin Bradshaw, was about to post a parcel when he noticed a note on the door.

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Carrie Blasi had put up the sign for her eleven-year-old daughter who suffers from type 1 diabetes.

The note warned that a child with an autoimmune disorder lived there.

The chronic condition puts her at a higher risk of life-threatening complications if she ended up contracting the virus.

Bradshaw didn't just leave the box on the doorstep like the note said.

Instead, he took the time to sanitize the parcel, and write a message to assure the family it had been cleaned.

Blasi was so touched that she shared photos of Bradshaw's actions to Twitter.

The 2 families met virtually via video chat last week, with both Blasi and her daughter thanking him for his act of kindness. Keep scrolling to see what Jeff Bazos is asking people to do for his employees... It's pretty twisted.