Pickles: love 'em or hate 'em, we bet you'll have a strong opinion on them. Many believe that the strong, sour flavor can be the perfect addition to a burger or sandwich - but to some, they're the devil's food and are nothing short of a disgusting abomination.

But, say what you want about pickle aficionados, they're extremely passionate people. If there's something that they can make pickle-flavored, you best believe they're going to try to do it. Over the years we've seen some truly bizarre pickle-inspired foods. Be it chocolate-covered pickles, peanut butter and pickle sandwiches, pickle soda, or gummy pickle candy, you might have thought the internet had seen it all. But there's one new pickle-flavored food that's breaking the internet this week.

Yep, dill pickle cotton candy is the latest crazy pickle-inspired snack to hit the supermarket shelves - and we do not know what to think of it.

"If you Relish all things Pickle, then this is a really big Dill!" the product description reads. "Our Dilly Pickle Cotton Candy has been spun fresh in hand crafted small batches. This plastic tub is sealed and contains 1.2oz of Dill Pickle Flavored Cotton Candy." And it seems the product is surprisingly popular, with an additional disclaimer reading, "Due to OVERWHELMING DEMAND – this product will ship no later than August 20, 2021."

People are pretty divided on whether they'd be willing to give this crazy pickle product a go. Some pickle enthusiasts are rather open-minded, with one writing on Facebook, "Anything pickles related has me willing to try it at least once!" "Oh heck yes!! Two of my favorite things!" another agreed. One other commenter offered a more substantiated opinion, confirming, "Bought this for my niece. She loves it."

However, others were a little more skeptical on the issue. "I love pickles. I love cotton candy. But for the love of God and all things holy. Keep. Them. Separate." one naysayer opined. "Grandpa Joe can keep his pickle to himself thanks, that's a hard pass from me," another agreed.

Would you be willing to try this controversial product? Or is it a firm no from you?