Elon Musk Asks for Suggestions on Ways To Donate His Money After Becoming Richest Man in the World | 22 Words

After it was announced yesterday that he had surpassed Jeff Bezos as the richest man in the world, Elon Musk took to Twitter to seek advice on how he should spend his eyewatering wealth...

And, as you'd expect from the internet, the suggestions came in thick and fast.

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Here's the full story...

Now, we all know that Musk was already a very wealthy man.

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Being the founder, CEO, and Chief Engineering Designer of not only Tesla but SpaceX too, he has an awful lot going for him.

Tesla is known for its state of the art engineering...

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With the company pioneering the future of electric car travel with Musk as its CEO.

And his other venture, Space X, is paving the way for the future of space travel.

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Space X became the first private company to successfully launch, orbit, and recover a spacecraft, as well as the first to send a spacecraft to the International Space Station (ISS).

So, of course, all of this has earned Musk a handsome sum over the last few years...

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With the CEO holding a net worth of $165.4 billion as of last year, according to Forbes.

Quite the achievement, I know.

Musk passed Facebook founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, in the world's richest list after Tesla was selected to join the S&P 500, a stock market index that measures the performance of 500 large companies listed on the U.S stock exchange, at the end of last year.

This means that Musk was then left with only 2 men to compete with financially...

Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos.

But it was quickly realized that he didn't need a lot to surpass Microsoft's co-founder for second place.

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The statistics showed that Musk only needed another $8 billion to knock Gates out of 2nd place.

Well, $8 billion isn't unachieveable when you're already a billionaire...

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And, not even one week after Tesla's induction to the prestigious S&P 500, Musk's net worth soared to $127.9 billion, while Gates' lagged behind.

Last year alone, his fortune grew by $100.3 billion.

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Experts say it was a result of Tesla's share price rising, which he owns a twenty percent stake of.

However, there was one man who even Musk couldn't beat...

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Amazon's CEO, Jeff Bezos.

Well, until now, that is.

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Yesterday, it was reported that Musk's net worth had soared to a staggering $188 billion, as per Bloomberg’s Billionaires Index.

The stock price of Tesla jumped 4.9 percent this week...

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An increase that comes just days after finishing the first trading session of the year where they saw an increase of 3.4 percent.

Jeff Bezos who, until yesterday, was the world's wealthiest man, has a net worth standing at $187 billion.

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That says it all, doesn't it?

And as for Musk's response?

Well, he simply tweeted, "how strange."

He then followed up with:

"Well, back to work..."

But now, after having twenty-four hours to allow the information sink in...

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The eccentric entrepreneur has taken to Twitter once more to seek a little bit of financial advice.

He tweeted this:

"Btw, critical feedback is always super appreciated, as well as ways to donate money that really make a difference (way harder than it seems)."

Yep, in perhaps the most Elon Musk move ever, he has asked the Twitter community to suggest ways in which he can donate his wealth...

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And, of course, they responded with gusto.

For example...

The dog rating page, We Rate Dogs, was quick to respond by stressing that a number of animal shelters could do with the donations. "Sir I have a long list of rescue organizations and underfunded shelters if you’re interested."

There were numerous calls for him to donate to the Barstool Fund...

A small COVID-19 relief fund founded by Barstool Sports.

Open Bionics, a prosthetics company that creates affordable bionic limbs, also chimed in with a suggestion...

Writing: "There are so many children and adults in the USA without insurance but still need bionic arms. Help us give them Hero Arms."

Other people urged the billionaire to invest money into poverty-stricken areas of Africa...

Such as Northern Tanzania, where people are working hard at supplying the villages with solar panels and a stable internet connection.

Various orphanages were suggested...

Including Blue Dragon, a foundation that delivers aid to children in crisis in Vietnam.

Though, of course, some suggestions were a little more far-fetched than others.

You can't blame a guy for trying, can you?

Musk hasn't announced how he will be donating some of his wealth...

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Though we can only hope that he'll be spending it a little more wisely than his successor. For more on these insanely wealthy people, keep on scrolling...