Emily Ratajkowski Calls Out the Treatment of Megan Fox’s Character in ‘This Is 40’

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Megan Fox is beautiful. That’s undeniable. However, last year, the actress revealed that since 2009, she has hated the over-sexualization of her body which has resulted in deep mental health issues.

And now, in an interview with Amy Schumer, world-famous model Emily Ratajkowsi has stood up for Fox saying that her character’s treatment in a recent movie “has not aged well.”

During a conversation at the Tribeca Festival on Saturday with friend Amy Schumer, Ratajkowski explained that while Judd Apatow’s movie This is 40 is hilarious, the hit “is not aging well.

According to Page Six, the model said the movie was “hilarious and spot-on,” but took issue with its treatment of Fox’s character.

This is 40 is a 2012 American comedy written and directed by Judd Apatow, starring Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann.

The movie was a spin-off of Apatow’s 2007 hit Knocked Up and follows married couple Pete (Rudd) and Debbie (Mann) whose stressful relationship is compounded by each turning forty.

Fox appears in a supporting role as Desi, who works in a boutique but is an escort on the side.

“So that movie is hilarious and very spot-on,” Ratajkowski started during the chat on Saturday after the movie came up because Schumer just turned forty, “I recommend everybody who has a husband or wife and kids to watch it [but] Megan Fox is treated in it so badly.”
“Oooh, that movie is not aging well?” Schumer asked.
“That movie is not aging well,” Ratajkowski replied.

Megan’s character has proved to be problematic as the film has aged.

There are several scenes in the movie where Desi is objectified, including one in which Leslie Mann’s character feels and discusses her breasts for an extended period of time. However, though Fox has yet to speak specifically about This is 40, she has been vocal about the effect widespread public objectification of her body has been on her mental health.

Back in August 2020, Fox spoke with Refinery 29 admitting she has felt she has existed within a “self-imposed prison” for much of her career.

She said that after filming the cult classic Jennifer’s Body in 2009, she had experienced a “genuine psychological breakdown” after marketers and the media misunderstood the point of the movie. While directors Karyn Kusama and Diablo Cody had wanted to make a movie for young women, specifically teen girls like Needy and Jennifer, Jennifer’s Body‘s trailers and posters seemed suited only to attracting a young straight male audience.
The focus of the entire ad campaign was on Fox’s sex appeal, the irony of the title completely lost on the publicity team.

“I didn’t want to be seen,” Megan told the film’s writer, Diablo Cody of that time, in her life.

“I didn’t want to have to take a photo, do a magazine, walk a carpet. I didn’t want to be seen in public at all. I feel like I was sort of out and in front of the #MeToo movement before the #MeToo movement happened,” she said, “I was speaking out and saying, ‘Hey, these things are happening to me and they’re not OK.’ And everyone was like, ‘Oh well, f*** you. We don’t care, you deserve it.’ Because everybody talked about how you looked or how you dressed or the jokes you made.”
Fox is currently dating musician and actor Machine Gun Kelly whom she has referred to as her “twin flame.” She has 3 children with her ex-husband Brian Austen Green.