Eminem is known well for his outrageous and controversial behavior. In fact, it seems as though he's managed to make a career out of it. But now, Gen Z is trying to cancel him, with Millennials doing their best to retaliate.

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Now, Eminem is an icon for a lot of Millennials.

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Eminem, real name Marshal Mathers, first came onto the hip-hop scene in his home town of Detroit, Michigan, in 1997.

After quitting school, Eminem was determined to make it big as a rapper.

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And throughout the early 90s, he worked tirelessly on making a name for himself in the underground world of hip hop - Something which proved to be quite the challenge for a white man.

His success certainly wasn't immediate.

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And it took him quite some time to establish himself in the industry, with Detroit's veteran MCs and DJs laughing the "skinny white boy" off from the stage.

For years, Eminem worked menial jobs just to make ends meet...

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And his debut album, the 1996 Infinite, sold poorly.

But everything changed in 1997.

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Eminem's freestyle skills and unique persona, Slim Shady, caught the attention of rapper and record producer, Dr. Dre, at an LA rap battle.

Dr. Dre saw something in the up-and-coming rapper...

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And with the producer as his mentor, Eminem released the iconic The Slim Shady LP in 1999, which went on to sell millions of copies and win him 2 Grammy Awards and 4 MTV Video Music Awards.

It was onwards and upwards from there.

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In 2000, he went on to release The Marshall Mathers LP, which included some of his most popular tracks such as "Stan" and "The Real Slim Shady."

His fourth album, The Eminem Show in 2002 was just as successful...

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And in that same year, the musician made his acting debut in the movie, 8 Mile, which was based loosely around his own life and growth and success in the world of hip hop.

However, despite all of his success...

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Eminem certainly hasn't been shy of controversy.

Many credit this turbulent and disruptive attitude to his difficult upbringing.

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Rumors of Eminem's abusive childhood have circulated for years, and the rapper famously had a difficult relationship with his mom, Debbie Nelson-Mathers.

Regardless, he has built his image around an angsty, rebellious young man who simply "doesn't give a f***"...

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And it seems as though he uses his music as an outlet for all of his... problematic frustration. He has publicly blasted many famous faces in his songs, including Limp Bizkit's Fred Durst, Christina Aguilera, and Will Smith.

The rapper has frequently come under fire for also coming up with "problematic" lyrics.

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Many have slammed the rapper as being "sexist" and "homophobic," as well as violent.

He often rapped about hurting women and killing his wife, Kim.

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And in his earlier years, he was arrested and charged with assault in 2000 when he allegedly pistol-whipped a man he saw kissing her, so I guess some people are just concerned that his lyrics might actually play out in real life.

But that still hasn't stopped his behavior.


So now, Gen Z is taking matters into their own hands and trying to cancel him for one song in particular. But if we're being totally honest, it's probably the tamest song he's ever written.

The trend first started circulating on TikTok and has seeped onto other forms of social media...


And it was because the younger members of Gen Z finally heard the 2010 classic that is Love The Way You Lie.

I'm not even going to lie, were you even alive if you don't know this song word for word?

I think I was about thirteen-years-old singing about mental and physical abuse, not realizing the problematic nature of the lyrics. Not to mention the craziness that was the music video. I mean, it was art to me.

But for some people, it clearly isn't...

And of course, Millennials, being the nosy, non-snowflake brand that they are, had to retaliate in the weirdest ways to protect their so-called idol.

Now, I'm all about tweeting your frustrations, because what else is there to do? But you know what I'm not here for...

Millennials trying to rap their frustrations... Like are you not embarrassed that a bunch of teens made you bust out a wonky verse online for the entire world to see?

Eminem might be a rapper, but you certainly ain't.


Originally posted to TikTok, this rap clearly thrown together by a Millennial, has been circulating online to try and put Gen Z in line, but it's actually just proved just how out-of-touch with reality some people are.

Have a look for yourselves, but I must warn you, the second-hand embarrassment is immense:

Gen Z might not be able to cancel Eminem, but they can probably cancel Millennials with this receipt.

And the war between the generations continues.

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