Giant Shoe Beds Exist For Dogs That Love Slippers

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For many of us pet-lovers, our furry friends are an extension of our family. They are our kin and our children. It’s hard to imagine why anyone would question whether we are considered to be “parents” or not. And, If you love your pet as much as I love mine, then you want them to live a life of comfort, luxury, and love. Pets should be spoiled silly– and never have to stress about anything. So, why shouldn’t we as pet owners give our furry children the life they’ve always dreamt of?

Do you know how your cat likes to claw away at the couch, or how your dog chews up slippers? Well, we have a solution, and it’s pretty amazing. On Amazon UK, you can actually buy a pet bed for your furbaby that’s shaped like a slipper. Talk about spoiling your children!

The Sasquatch Pet Bed is shaped like an actual slipper.

But instead of being for your tired feet, the Sasquatch Pet bed is for your cat or dog who loves feasting on your slippers.

I mean that looks like something a human could wear.

The comfy, fluffy insole is the perfect place for any animal to rest its head. Can they make these pet beds in human size?

You can even match your pet bed to your own slippers if you want.

Then people will really label you a crazy cat or dog person, but who cares? Embrace that this is your identity now, and there’s no going back.

Look how cozy!

These sell for anywhere between 54 and over 200 pounds.

They’re worth the price.

Imagine your furbaby curled up in a slipper bed? There’s nothing cuter. But these slippers aren’t the only hilariously unique and over-the-top pet beds out there. Just you wait, there are so many more.

For the animal with a rustic vibe.

via Etsy

These vintage bed is such a hilarious idea for a pet bed. You can be that nobody else will likely have a pet bed like this.

Or how about a suitcase?

via Etsy

For the cat or dog with a traveler’s heart? Make sure to hashtag “wanderlust” when posting a picture of your animal in this bed.

For your globe-trotting pet.

via Etsy

Some pets have big dreams of seeing the whole world, and they now they can!

This watermelon pet bed is as cute as that cat’s face.

via Etsy

Haven’t you always wanted a watermelon with a cat sitting in it? Now your dreams can come true!

That moccasin looks warm and toasty.

via Etsy

You can start an entire collection of shoe-shaped pet beds. Just remember to remind yourself that you’re buying all of these for your pets and not for yourself.

Carrot Top?

via Etsy

Well now, that’s just adorable.  At only $29 on Etsy, this carrot bed is a steal.

This one is cool and edgy.

via Etsy

A felt bed with customizable writing? Sign me up.

What a chic cat.

via Etsy

Are we sure this is a pet and not a social media influencer? This cat’s style is better than mine.

Hi, yes, there’s nothing cuter than a dog in a waffle.

via Etsy

For $160, this waffle bed can be yours! Why are pet beds way better than human beds?

For the cat who is a direct descendant of Dr. Seuss.

via Etsy

This looks like a pet bed from Whoville. That curly top is eclectic and fabulous.

For the regal puppy.

Some pets just have a royal vibe, and this is the bed for them.

For the pet who needs some activity.

Sometimes pets are a little hyperactive and energetic, and need to play with something before they pass out for a nap. This fishy pet bed with a hanging toy is perfect.

This bed looks super-sized.

But sometimes you need to kick back on a giant, luxurious bed. This dog and his relaxation are goals.

If this isn’t the loveliest pet bed out there, I don’t know what is.

It’s perfect for the dog who wants to start a side hustle as an interior designer. Or maybe a dog who loves watching Sex and the City and wants to channel some Carrie vibes.

This pug and this bed are a match made in heaven.

A creature as cute as pug deserves to sleep in only the cutest of pet beds.

Who wouldn’t want to sleep in a bed designed like their own paw?

That would be like a human sleeping in a bed shaped like a hand, which for some strange reason seems way creepier.

A customized bed is always appreciated.

This dog is saying, “Why are you keeping me from my beauty sleep?” You can hear the sass through the picture.

A canopied pet bed is next level.

Sometimes your pet just needs their “me time” and needs to draw the curtains shut. Don’t take it personally– we all need our space.

This regal puff is so elegant!

I imagine only a fluffy white cat with a snooty air about them relaxing in this bed.

A bed shaped like a comfy chair is genius.

I love how the dog matches the color scheme of the chair as well.

Sometimes a pet bed needs a little pop of color.

This dog looks like the coziest pet to ever live. How can I, a mere mortal, achieve this level of coziness?

For the sassy pet!

Talk to the paw and let me sleep, please!  

For the dog who is proud of being extra.

This pet bed screams, “Let me relax all day and binge-watch Real Housewives.'” This is my kind of dog.

What a clever pet bed!

You can keep treats in that drawer right above where your pet is snoozing. Though that sounds a bit dangerous, your pet will probably figure out a way to break into the treat stash.

What cat doesn’t want to sleep in an owl?

“The Cat and the Owl” saying is like a Pixar movie– and I’m here for it. Share this post with your friend who loves animals as much as you do! Plus, it’s a great hint at a possible Christmas present!