Guess What Kind of Shoes Melania Trump Wore to Visit Puerto Rico | 22 Words

After one footwear-related fashion faux pas earlier this year, we were all a tad worried to see what Melania would wear to visit Puerto Rico.

But she actually did a great job!

With the shoes, at least...

Back in September, Melania made quite the fashion misstep when she visited Texas after Hurricane Harvey.

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She chose to wear a pair of stilettos. To Texas. In the wake of a deadly hurricane. While they were undoubtedly stylish, you have to admit that stilettos are not exactly the appropriate choice for that particular visit.

Most of us had a little bit of side-eye for the situation...


Seriously, Melania. What were you thinking?

However, Melania was given a shot at redemption with today's presidential visit to Puerto Rico. And it looks like her footwear was much more appropriate!

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A sensible pair of boots! We're... actually kind of proud. Is that weird?

Of course, it's possible that the first lady was just unable to find a pair of these in time:

Which she also would have rocked, but... again. Not appropriate when you're visiting a place that's been devastated by a hurricane.

That said, while we're thrilled Melania has put her best footwear foot forward, we have some doubts about the rest of her outfit.

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White pants? And a white shirt? That's a pretty bold move. It seems like her fashion advisor (do first ladies have fashion advisors?) knocked it out of the park with the shoes, and then kind of gave up. But at least she's taking baby steps. And we're betting those steps are way easier to make in boots than they were in stilettos.