Hallmark-Themed Monopoly Now Exists and We're More Excited for Christmas Than Ever | 22 Words

It's not long until we'll be dusting off our Christmas trees, rushing out to buy festive candles, and transforming our homes into a Christmassy haven. Yep... we don't have long to wait until the holidays are upon us and stores start stocking up on all things festive.

Christmas is a time for good food, family, festive decor, gift-giving, and of course, Christmas movies. One of the highlights of the festive celebrations has to be the Hallmark channel's "Countdown to Christmas" event. The legendary channel is a favorite among movie-loving folk. We can't get enough of the channel's cheesy rom-coms - especially when they're Christmas-themed.

Well, fans of the popular channel are being treated to something even better this year -  Hallmark-themed Monopoly - meaning we can get into the festive spirit early with a good old board game.

Keep scrolling to get a glimpse at the new game.

Summer is officially over.

Meaning that we’re trading the sun and long days for frost and dark nights.  For the summer fanatics amongst us, this is very bad news.

But there is a silver lining.

As winter approaches, it means one thing… Christmas.

It's the most wonderful time of the year.

Good food, time with friends and family, Christmas movies, gift-giving… what’s not to love?

A highlight of the festivities is the Christmas movies.

From family-friendly classics such as The Grinch and Elf to romantic flicks like Love Actually, there's truly something for everyone.

It's the best way to get in the holiday spirit.

Nothing screams Christmas like a good old festive movie.

Hallmark Channel is a fan favorite during the festivities.

The popular network runs its eagerly-awaited "Countdown to Christmas" event where it airs a whole host of Christmas movies in the lead up to the festivities - kicking off from October 25.

The network's slate of movies may be cheesy...

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But that's exactly why we love them!

The network is basically the go-to for all things romantic and heartwarming.

The channel's feel-good vibe has earnt it a dedicated, die-hard fanbase.

And now there's another reason to love the channel...

A Hallmark-themed Monopoly game is officially coming out later this month.

Boardgames epitomize the festive season.

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There's nothing better than ditching the phones and gathering round for some good old-fashioned board game fun.

And Hallmark Monopoly is the perfect way to get into the Christmas spirit early.

It offers a festive twist on the traditional 2 to 6 player buying and trading game.

It looks magical...

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Every aspect of the game is Hallmark-themed - from the counters to the board.

Boardwalk and Park Place are traded for Christmas tree farm and a holiday bakery.

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And in place of the usual "Chance" and "Community Chest" cards, there are "Home" and "Family" cards.

Even the money is Hallmark-themed...

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Each banknote is branded with the network's iconic white dog mascot and his signature red scarf.

Instead of buying "houses" and "hotels"...

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Players can gear up to splurge on "cottages" and "inns."

Players can expect to find nods to many of the network's popular shows.

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Whether it's taking a ride on the When Calls the Heart Railroad or passing by the Chesapeake Shores Ferry, the game hasn't fallen short of any fan favorites from the beloved channel.

Although, one key element of the classic game remains the same...

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This version of Monopoly may take place in the wholesome world of Hallmark but players can still get sent to jail. You've been warned.

The game is perfect for the cosy nights leading up to Christmas.

But, have no fear, as this game can still be played all year round as it features "distinct motifs from all four seasons."

The board game will be hitting stores very soon...

You can purchase your own from October 25 in-store and online, just in time for when the network's "Countdown to Christmas" movie event begins.

The game will retail for $39.99.

While you eagerly wait to get your hands on one, keep scrolling to get all the details on Hallmark's "Countdown to Christmas" extravaganza. There's so much festive goodness to look forward to...