Homecoming Queen Gives Her Crown Away To Grieving Classmate Who Just Lost Her Mom

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 This year’s homecoming at Forrest County Agricultural High School turned out to be a heartwarming day that many people will never forget…

For many young girls, homecoming is a very important event and the thought of being crowned homecoming queen is incredibly exciting…

However, when senior, Nyla Covington, was crowned homecoming queen, she decided there was someone else who needed it more.

In a special moment, that was captured on camera and has since gone viral, Covington decided to give her crown to her friend and fellow classmate, Brittany Walters, who had just lost her mom.

The touching video sees Covington walk over to Walters, take the crown off her head, and place it on her friend’s head instead.

As per Wlox, Walters explained that Covington walked towards her and hugged her before “taking off her crown.”

“I told her it belonged to her, and then she was, like, backing away,” Covington explained the outlet reports. “I was like, ‘No, come here, get it, you’re your mom’s queen.’ I wanted her to know that and then I hugged her.”

Walter’s mom, A.J. Walters who worked as an administrative assistant at the high school, had lost her battle with cancer that same morning.

However, Walters and her father still attended homecoming because her mom made her promise to, news outlet, Mom reports.

Walter’s mom had been aware that she may not be able to make the special day, Sean Walters, Brittany’s father explained.

“She made me promise her that I was going to come out here with Brittany because she didn’t want to ruin her day, her homecoming day. She said that’s something she’ll remember for the rest of her life.”

While Walters added that the beautiful gesture made her see her mom in Covington.

As per Wlox, Walter said: “My mom would have done the same thing if she was in Nyla’s shoes, and I just felt my mom’s presence there. I can see my mom through Nyla. They have the same exact caring, giving spirit and it’s really fulfilling.”

What a beautiful gesture!