‘ICU Grandpa’ Who Cuddled Babies at a Hospital for 14 Years Dies of Pancreatic Cancer

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This is utterly tragic…

It’s a terrifying time.

By volunteering in his local ICU that homed hundreds of premature and unwell babies.

At the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta near where he lived.

His story originally went viral in 2017, with millions touched by his selflessness. And now, the news of his death has spread far and wide…

“The most meaningful part was the actual time he spent with these patients and their families,” she explained.

And he would visit the hospital on Tuesdays and Thursdays to cuddle babies whose parents couldn’t be with them.

And his story went viral after the hospital posted a picture of him cradling a baby back in 2017.

“He had a very successful business career, and I’ve never heard him talk with such appreciation and love for what he was doing any time during his forty-one years with the company like he talked about his involvement with the people at the hospital,” Lilly said.

“Some of my guy friends, they ask me what I do here. And I say, ‘Well, I hold babies. I get puked on, I get peed on,’ and they say, ‘Why would you do that?'” He said.  “Some people just don’t understand the kind of reward you would get from holding a baby like this.”

“He would go back [to the hospital] even if it wasn’t during one of his days that he volunteered — especially if they had to have a certain procedure,” Lilly said. “He would go in and hold their hands or hold them.”

And just before he considered retiring from his position, COVID-19 came into the picture and put everything on hold anyway.  

He was diagnosed with metastatic pancreatic cancer and the very next day, he was told he should go into hospice care.

“He made it very clear to all his loved ones and even his friends that he feels grateful to have lived a full and rich life.”

Which they shared on Facebook for all his fans to see.

“Led by one of our NICU transport trucks, a procession of nearly 30 cars — some carrying Children’s employees, some carrying patients who had been soothed by David many years ago — honked, waved, and shared well wishes as his family gathered in their driveway.
“For a grand finale, a Children’s transport helicopter circled over his home, an emotional tribute to a man who has dedicated his retirement years to watching over our kids.”

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What an influential man whose kindness will surely be remembered through the lives he touched.! You can buy the book of his amazing story here. Rest in Peace, David.