Landlord Forgives $100 in Rent for Every Hour Tenants Volunteer for Local Charities

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The pandemic has caused many people to get behind on their rent, but luckily, one landlord has come up with the perfect way for tenants to repay their debts…

We’ve all had landlord issues in the past.

Whether it’s about paying rent late or dealing with maintenance issues, landlords can sometimes be hard work.

There is a handful who just couldn’t care less about the wellbeing of their tenants.

Is getting their monthly rent payments on time!

Because more than often, this results in a very miserable living situation.

As a lot of tenants have been struggling with payments.

The landlord of the Contemporary Housing Alternatives of Florida has watched as tenants have been hit by the effects of the pandemic.  

Many of them worked in hospitality, which has been one of the worst-hit industries.

The nonprofit decided to help them get clear of their debt with their new initiative. After learning more, reactions came pouring in…

That forgives $100 of overdue rent every hour each tenant spends volunteering for local charities.

“To be honest, it’s probably money we wouldn’t get anyway, but it gives them some pride and a feeling they’re doing something,” said Joseph Lettelleir, the nonprofit’s president and CEO. “Bottom line, they’re good tenants, and we’d like to keep them.”

“I thought it might be a kookie idea, but I pitched it,” she said.

Volunteering at food banks, cleaning up a trailer park, and removing trash along the shorelines with Tampa Bay Watch.

At Hope Villages of America, volunteers sorted, packed, and labeled food for a food pantry.

“We’ve had almost 20 residents volunteer at our food distribution center, and they provided nearly 150 volunteer hours processing food donations and assisting with food distribution,” Perry said. “Their efforts meant that we could meet individuals’ and families’ needs for nutritious food.”

Residents who live there make no more than about eighty percent of the area median income.

Rent for a 2-bedroom apartment is around seven-hundred dollars a month.

And back in April, it gave everyone who paid their rent on time a twenty-five dollar grocery store gift card to show their appreciation during this difficult time.

It also helped them connect with rent-assistance programs, including Pinellas CARES and 211 Tampa Bay Cares. Both programs help those struggling, although they have now closed applications.

The downturn has made eviction a constant worry for millions of Americans across the country, and the non-profit is doing everything they can to prevent this from happening.

“It takes a group that is really struggling and offers them an opportunity to hold up their head and do something for the community,” he said. What an amazing thing to do! Keep scrolling for more rent-related news…