Man Slammed Online for Complaining About Toothache While Wife Was Giving Birth | 22 Words

Now I'm not one to deny the pain of toothache. Quite frankly, there's nothing worse than the shooting, throbbing sensation of an infected tooth biting its angry pincers into your soft, sensitive gums. Toothache is real, people, and anyone living with it knows how hard it is to dispel the pain from the mind, even in the most pressing of moments.

That being said, no-one will agree that toothache trumps labor, right? That really is the worst pain of all.

One guy faced this very dilemma when struck by the throws of toothache pain while his wife was in labor. The couple shared their story on Reddit and, now, people all over the world are debating whether the soon-to-be-dad could've put a sock in it for a little while whilst his lady popped out their kid.

On team toothache-papa, however, there are a lot of people calling fair play on the guy's whining. These people appreciate how painful toothache is and think that he shouldn't be made to feel bad for vocalizing his discomfort.

What do you think? Let's dissect it along with some other labor pain stories that have been shared on the internet to determine the worst of all the "daddy-did-you-really-do-that?"'s of all time.

Don't have a red, sugary drink just before going into labor.

One woman, according to a post on a Reddit thread, made a quick pit stop to a 7/11 on her way to the hospital to give birth. You know, for the sugary energy... right? Sadly, she didn't expect to be puking up...

"There must be something seriously wrong, quick!"

"Oh no, sorry, that's just something that I had to drink earlier..." The post explained that "when labor was at a very intense stage she vomited all over the bed, floor, partner etc. Looked like blood because it was red, you have never seen medical staff move so fast when they think a woman in Labor is vomiting blood!" Whoops!

"Don't help the cripple!"

Another pit stop before the hospital landed another funny labor story onto the net. One woman was frantically waiting for her husband get gas when he recieved a request for cigarettes from a man unable to make it into the store. The daughter - who, at this point, was itching to get out of her mom's tum - tells the tale...

"When my dad was driving her to the hospital, he, unfortunately, had to stop for gas."

The daughter continues: "He went in to pay, and just then an elderly man in a wheelchair stopped him, asking him to buy cigarettes for him as the store was not wheelchair accessible. My mom then proceeded to lean out the window, yelling 'DONT HELP THE CRIPPLE.' We have never let her forget that one."

Some men make the worst birthing partners...

Now this guy is an extreme example, so extreme that the nurse delivering his ex-girlfriend's baby kicked him out of the room, deciding that she'd be better off without him. And, quite frankly, I think that she was right.

"The baby's father casually sat in the corner of the delivery room talking to his new girlfriend on skype..."

But, wait, it gets worse: "..watching her strip naked and other unmentionable actions... all the while his ex was an emotional wreck in the throws of labor...needless to say he was kicked out sharpish." What a piece of trash.

Most women poop during childbirth.

As much as pooping is standard when it comes to labor, one woman's poop was impressively airborne. Apparently, she pooped so hard that she "hit the opposite wall. Granted, smallish room so it was about 6 feet away or so but still. Pooping's one thing, hardcore projectile shits is an entirely separate thing." Impressive, no?

Sometimes you don't even realize that you've pooped!

This happened to one woman's friend when she was giving birth... "My friend tells a story of when she was giving birth, she was rocking on a stool for some reason, and apparently turned to her partner and said 'oh god what is that smell??!' She was rolling around in her own poop." Not ideal, eh?

One thing is for sure, the priority should be the mom-to-be during labor, right?

One husband failed to remember this. His desire for diet soda made him take an important stop at a fast-food chain before taking his wife to the hospital. Another child shares the tale: "When my mom was in labor with me, my dad stopped to buy a diet coke while he was driving her to the hospital."

Can you imagine the scene at the drive-thru?

Lois: Peter, why are we stopped? Peter: Yeah, I'll have three cheeseburgers. Sandra the Fast Food Lady: For God's sake, she's having a baby! Peter: ... and a kid's meal.

The secret pregnancy drama!

Some people either don't know that they're pregnant until the baby pops out (hard to imagine, but true!) or intentionally keep their baby bump a secret, not wanting to deal with the drama of anyone finding out. The thing is, though, once you're at the hospital and the head's poking out between your legs, there's no hiding it anymore!

One teen came in with a "burst appendix..."

The nurse on the ward that night tells the story: "One night a young girl comes in with her dad. He thinks it's her appendix, but it quickly becomes clear she is close to delivering a baby. She managed to keep it secret for 9 months. The dad had to ring his wife to break the news they are becoming grandparents. Congrats, you're going to be a grandma!" Say what now?

That kid, Cody...

One woman was a little confused when the doctor went through her notes pre-baby popping...

"Me. Looks like you have had a problem with codein.

Patient: Yeah, I've got a big problem with Cody. He's the one that got me pregnant.

Me: Codeine, the medication. It's listed as an allergy.

Her: Oh, it makes me itch."

Apparently, labor gets some people in the mood...

We've all heard that labor can be induced by getting the lady a little hot under the collar, but I've never heard of a couple wanting to get it on right after the birth of the baby. Until right now, that is! One nurse tells: "I walked in on my patient having sex on the hospital bed with her partner three hours after labor."

Not the mother-in-law!

One woman happily tells the story of how her mom told the nurse to take her away after first seeing her. Glad she can laugh about it! Posting on Reddit she says: "I was just born and the nurse put me on my mother's chest. Mom looks at me and asks the nurse to take me away again with the words 'Oh god - take her! She looks like my mother in law!'"

Two women, one baby-daddy...

This nurse experienced a pretty modern family set up when on duty in a maternity ward: "Was in one of the deliveries and someone asked the dad if he was just with another patient. Turns out he and his ex-girlfriend (my patient) had broken up and she later found out she was pregnant. After the breakup, he started seeing someone and she got pregnant quickly. The women were due 6 weeks apart. The new girlfriend had her baby early and the ex was overdue, with both babies born the same day in the same hospital. Everyone seemed really happy and they were planning on working together as a family to help each other out to raise both babies. I really hoped it worked out for them." As do we!

Moms really are heroes.

Sometimes, it takes seeing birth take place right in front of you to realize just what your own mom went through to have you. One nurse remembers a touching moment that occurred while on shift: "Fellow nursing student was crying while watching her first live childbirth and called her mom, thanking her profusely."

Don't argue with a pregnant lady...

"My aunt hit the call button to tell the nurse she was ready to push with her last baby and the nurse argued with her. "I just checked you 5 mins ago and you were a 3, you don't need to push!!" "Trust me, I'm ready to push!!" "You don't need to push! It's going to be hours yet." "Well, you might want to come in here because I just had the baby!!" Cue every one running in to find yes she did have the baby alone in her delivery room. Don't argue with a woman pregnant with baby."

Now, what about Mr. Toothache?

The latest labor pain story to hit the internet this week was one man's whining about his toothache while his wife was in the intense throes of labor. According to his wife, "It wasn't just that he mentioned once or twice his tooth was hurting, this dominated the conversation for probably a couple of hours."

The wife and husband happily got over the ordeal.

By all reports, the ordeal didn't ruin the couple's marriage and they left the hospital - both pain-free and with their relationship intact: "Fortunately, the cavalry arrived in the form of her parents and the husband was able to go and get some pain relief, apparently just before the contractions really 'started to pick up.'" If this was your husband, would you be so forgiving? If you think that these mid-labor stories are bad, wait until you hear the joke that one guy told in the delivery room. It was totally inappropriate.