A mom has recently taken to Reddit to ask for advice about her recent punishment - sending her 9-year-old daughter to bed without dinner - after her husband questioned her parenting technique.

The mother wrote into the popular AmItheAsshole thread, asking if she was wrong for sending her daughter to bed without dinner as a punishment.

The mom of the young child has explained that her daughter has been testing boundaries and saying rude things: "These comments range from critiques on clothing to criticisms of weight or other physical features. Absolutely rude statements that my husband and I would never say about anyone, ever."

Both her mom and dad have had serious discussions about how harmful her words can be to people, urging her to think before she speaks. But one night, the mom got home from a twelve-hour shift, hitting the kitchen straight away to cook her family a stew, for Evelyn to say: "No offense Mom, but this stew is really bitter. Maybe next time only use half a bay leaf."

It seems as though she's being a little insensitive right?


Well, the Reddit user explained that she "stared at her for a good ten seconds, my jaw on the floor. I had just worked a twelve-hour shift at the hospital and come home to cook her dinner from scratch, only to have her insult my cooking. I honestly wasn't sure how to react.

"I was hurt and angry, but I don't like to raise my voice, and just talking to her about these statements in the past hasn't changed her behavior.

It turns out that the bay leaf wasn't even sitting in Evelyn's bowl and she was just trying to insult her mom.

"So when I was finally able to respond, I quietly said, 'If you don't like the stew, you don't have to eat it. Please take your bowl to the kitchen and get in the bath. You may eat breakfast in the morning,'" the mom explained.

The Reddit user received a lot of hate though:

"I find it disgusting that someone who works in the medical field would do such a thing. Sure hope they are not a medical 'professional' in my town," one person wrote.

"Yep - I work in eating disorders and it is noooot a good idea to teach children that their behavior determines whether or not they 'deserve' meals," advised another.

Finally, someone said: "Food is not a privilege it's a right, and taking away a major meal is not a fair punishment. If you can't figure out how to disabling and teach your child effectively without infringing on basic rights talk to a parenting counselor or look up parenting books, there are resources easily available."

Once the mom posted an update, she explained she'd apologized to her 9-year-old daughter, and that after a while, she'd figured out that Evelyn is having a difficult time adapting to her mom's long hours and double shifts.

"I told her I'm going to try to give her the positive attention she needs before she feels like she has to resort to getting negative attention," the mom finished off.

What do you think about the punishment method?