One in 10 Think That Their Partner Eating McDonald’s Without Them Is as Bad as Cheating

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It turns out that 1 in ten people think that it’s classed as cheating if their partners eat McDonald’s without them.

Do you agree? Read on to see what hungry couples had to say…

Founded in 1940 in San Bernadino, California, McDonald’s has gone from strength to strength since.

The fast-food chain has a menu absolutely filled with delicious items – truly, there’s something for everyone at the golden arches.

The Big Mac is truly the king of all burgers.

Double cheeseburger, anyone?

Now, who doesn’t like nuggets? (Apart from veggies and vegans, of course!).

Including the veggie burger, the iconic McDonald’s fries, and a selection of sides such as the amazing cheese dippers.

No words are needed!

McDonald’s is perfect for any occasion and thanks to many of their restaurants now being open twenty-four hours a day, they’re always there for us.

And many couples all around the world enjoy indulging in the fast-food together.

And some are that dedicated, they consider their other halves to be cheating if they pay a visit to their local McDonald’s without them.

Some people are that passionate about their time in McDonald’s, they don’t want their partners going in without them!

And since the reopening of many McDonald’s restaurants in the last month, people have been feeling a little bit more territorial over their favorite fast-food chain than usual.

Well, according to a poll of 1,000 fast-food fans, one in twenty are desperate for a taste of Maccies after months of going without and would break up with their other half if they went for a sneaky drive-thru alone.

1 in 5 claimed that their first taste of a Big Mac after the lockdown was better than a pay rise.

And it seems that a lot of people can relate to this phenomenon.

“100% worse… He had one while I was ‘on a diet’. I didn’t talk to him for 2 days after that!” one frustrated girlfriend wrote on Facebook.

So much so, that one user wrote this: “It’s not as bad as cheating, it’s so much worse!”.

Many take this very seriously…

“I would 100% agree with this, eat a McDonald’s without me and you’re finished,” one girlfriend wrote threateningly to her other half.

“Well, my husband is more than welcome to eat as much McDonald’s as he wants without me. I don’t care!” one wife wrote calmy.

But the one thing that we can all agree on is that McDonald’s is a delicacy not to be underestimated! Keep on reading to see the 9-year-old cry tears of joy when he ate his first McDonald’s meal in months…