People Are Hacking Healthcare By Buying These BIZARRE Meds On Amazon | 22 Words

Recently, Healthcare is all anyone can talk about. One huge reason why? Staying healthy has become mad expensive.

In response to rising healthcare costs and the increasingly convoluted ways by which many folks must now seek medical attention, some have started traveling down new, slipperier slopes to remedy their ailments. One such slippery slope had us laughing at first but then falling down quite the anxiety spiral.

It all started with one simple Amazon search...for fish antibiotics?!

Savvy searchers recently found a seriously bizarre healthcare hack...buying fish antibiotics from

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Because their "fish" have been feeling super sick. No guys. The humans are obviously taking these pills themselves.

The pills are marketed for fish, but humans recently discovered they're made from the exact same ingredients as people-antibiotics.

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So people-grade antibiotics are just sitting out there on Amazon waiting to cure my strep throat and I don't even need to pay my doctor a visit to get them? Sounds like magic...was our first thought. Especially when we saw all the hilarious comments people who had tried out the pills left on the pills' Amazon product page. Then we started ruminating on the massively dangerous implications of having pills like these so readily available out on the Interwebs. But first, the jokes.

When we first stumbled upon these fish pills, we were totally distracted from their dangers by their seriously excellent Amazon product comment thread.

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A fish making minimum wage? HA!

Fish puns for DAYS!

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Alas, soon our minds started wading into all the potentially dangerous ramifications of having pills like these so easily accessible. And trust us...there are many.

Firstly, self-medicating is never the best idea.

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Bypassing a doctor visit and simply treating symptoms with a drug of your own choosing can result in glossing over other, potentially more serious, symptoms. What if what you thought was just an ear infection was actually something much, much worse?! If you just pop a few Amazon pills as a cure-all, you'll never know. Plus, there's another crucial reason taking pills like these without a doctor's approval is a big no no...

All antibiotics are not created equal.

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Doctors prescribe different antibiotics for different ailments. Even if you are indeed suffering from a bacterial infection, who knows if these are the right antibiotics for the job? Oh right, your doctor. Your doctor would know that.

Not to mention taking antibiotics more often than necessary can lead to tolerance development, causing the drugs to become ineffective in the future when you might really need them.

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All those funny jokes don't feel all that funny now. Well, some of them are still spot on. We're not gonna to lie.

You know who's not laughing, though? The FDA.

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The FDA has not approved these pills for human consumption. Makes these fish pills feel fishier than ever before, huh?

Still, folks continue trying their luck and popping these fish antibiotics like nobody's business.

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The scary truth is that if doctor's visit prices continue rising, hacks like these might start feeling more viable as healthcare options. No matter how risky they truly are.

What do you think? Would you ever pop a few fish antibiotics?

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Do you think pills like these are the healthcare hack we've all been waiting for, risks be damned? Or will they have us all sleeping with the fishes? Yeah. We went there. Fish jokes all DAY!