People Are Sharing Video of a Black Kid and a White Kid Hugging to Remind Us of How We Need to Be Right Now | 22 Words

A video of a black child and a white child hugging that went viral last year has been reshared online, and it is serving as a poignant reminder that there is no room for racism in this world.

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Tensions across our country are currently reaching a breaking point.

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Following the unjust death of George Floyd, who suffocated while being restrained by 4 police officers, thousands upon thousands of people have been taking to the streets to fight against the blatant racism in this country.

This type of disgraceful violence has been happening within our police forces, primarily to black men and women, for decades now...

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But, recently, the anger and upset has peaked to unprecedented levels.

It all happened last week.

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On Monday, May 25th, Passers-by in Minneapolis witnessed and filmed 2 police officers "arresting" George Floyd for an assumed forgery incident.

Police found George matching a suspect's description in his car.

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Even though he didn't resist arrest, one of the officers got him on the ground and pinned him there by pressing their knee into his neck.

This position was clearly very painful for him...

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"Please, please, I can't breathe," George can heard begging in harrowing footage as the officers remain standing. "My stomach hurts. My neck hurts. Everything hurts," he moaned as passers-by began to gather and repeatedly plead with the officer to stop leaning on him.

Multiple witnesses were arguing with the officers when he started to lose consciousness...

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"He's not f****** moving!" one witness shouted as another says, "Get the f*** off him, he isn't moving!" One of the officers responded with, "This is why you don't do drugs, kids."

After around 4 minutes of the officer kneeling on him, George was completely unresponsive.

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An ambulance arrived, the paramedics checked his pulse and moved his body onto a stretcher - but, devastatingly, he was later pronounced dead in the hospital.

George was only forty-six-years-old...

And he did not deserve to die.

The police officers involved have shown absolutely no emotion, regret, or urgency...

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And a huge amount of backlash has hit the headlines.

Officers have been punished, to some extent.

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And in total, 4 police officers have been fired following George's death.

The Mayor of Minneapolis, Jacob Frey, has been repeatedly addressing the incident, referring to events in the videos as "wrong at every level."

"Being black in America should not be a death sentence. For 5 minutes we watched as a white officer pressed his knee to the neck of a black man. For 5 minutes," he said.

"When you hear someone calling for help, you are supposed to help. This officer failed in the most basic human sense. What happened on Chicago and 38th, this last night, is simply awful."

And the Mayor pointed out that, if any normal person had committed this horrific act, they would be in jail right now.

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"Why is the man who killed George Floyd not in jail?" Frey asked during the press conference. "If you had done it or I had done it, we would be behind bars right now, and I cannot come up with a good answer to that question."

But on Friday, we got the news that we'd all been waiting for.

Derek Chauvin, the officer who had knelt on George's neck, has finally been arrested.

He was charged with murder in the third degree and manslaughter...

And could face up to twenty-five-years behind bars if found guilty of his charges.

But, despite his arrest, the wound from George's shocking death is still very raw.

The footage of his death is still circulating all over social media, and millions of people remain both heartbroken and disgusted.

People all around the world have been left furious over George's unjustified death.

But many are feeling completely hopeless due to the fact that this blatant racism is happening more and more in our country.

Protests have been held in George's memory all around the country...

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Thousands upon thousands of protesters took to the streets last week to express their hurt and their anger at the injustice.

But things very quickly turned violent.

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As thousands of people took to the streets, the police force became involved when shops started getting looted and police cars were being attacked.

Police officers in riot gear pelted the crowds with tear gas and rubber bullets...

And when protestors began fighting back, things turned very ugly and the mass brawls continued into the night.

But things were far from over...

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A Minneapolis Police Station was set on fire last night to mark the third evening of rioting. Thankfully, the station had been evacuated beforehand so nobody was seriously hurt.

The scenes have been truly apocalyptical...

And even though the protest was to demand justice for George, so many people were left fearful for their own lives in the chaotic streets of Minneapolis.

It is an incredibly difficult time to be an American right now.

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And now, more than ever before, we need a little reminder that not everything is so dire in this world.

Recently, a heartwarming video has resurfaced on Twitter...

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And it is serving as a poignant reminder that racism has no place in our world.

The video, which shows 2 toddlers running to greet each other, gained viral fame last year.

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The dad of one of the children, Michael D Cisneros, shared the heartwarming clip to Facebook, and it has since had millions of views.

The children, who were both 2 at the time, were filmed excitably greeting each other after forty-eight-hours apart...

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But, today, there's one poignant factor that's standing out.

The children are of different races.

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Finnegan and Maxwell come from different racial backgrounds, but they haven't let this come in the way of their friendship.

And, if a pair of toddlers can overlook the color of someone's skin...

So can the rest of us. 

Nobody is born racist...

It is an ideology that is pushed upon people from a young age... It can be prevented.

The video was reshared by DJ and music producer Kam Bennett...

And it has since been retweeted over 125,000 times and viewed 11.5 million times since being shared on Saturday. If we were all like Finnegan and Maxwell, the world would be a much better place. Keep scrolling to read more about the 2 adorable best friends...