Police Spark Outrage by Posing With Bank Robbery Suspect After Manhunt

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Four police officers have caused outraged after they posed with a bank robbery suspect following a manhunt.

Many have been raising the same point after seeing the controversial snap…

Eric Boykin was allegedly involved in a bank robbery earlier this week.

As per WLBT, Prentiss Police Department investigator Richard Browning claimed that Boykin entered a bank, armed with a handgun, and robbed it.

He then fled the scene sparking a manhunt.

Agencies such as the FBI, Mississippi Bureau of Investigation, the Mississippi Department of Corrections, the Louisiana State Prison System K9 team, the Rankin County Sheriff’s Department, and the Columbia Police Department all joined in search of Boykin.

Boykin was eventually found and arrested in a wood just a short way from the bank.

Before bizarrely posing for a picture alongside the 4 officers that arrested him.

However, it’s caused quite the divide in opinion online.

While others can’t understand the fury…

The shows Boykin who is shirtless, smiling at the camera…

Surrounding him are the 4 officers who arrested him and their police dogs.

Many people have an issue with the picture as they claim it dehumanizes Boykin and is similar to a picture taken after an animal hunt.

Prentiss Police Investigator Richard Browning spoke with the Daily Mail, confirming the officers in the picture are not from his department.

“I didn’t even know about the photo until reporters started calling me,” he also added.

“It’s unfortunate. I agree that it’s in poor taste.”

The officers involved have not been identified yet.

Nor is known which department they came from.

You can see the picture below.

What do you think about it?
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