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It has been confirmed today that Princess Hermine de Clermont-Tonnerre, the French socialite and member of the House of Clermont-Tonnerre, has tragically died at the age of fifty-four.

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Princess Hermine has been taken too soon.

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The rebellious daughter of Charles Henri, eleventh Duke and 9th Prince of Clermont-Tonnerre has sadly, and suddenly, died.

Hermine lived quite the life.

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The French magazine, Point de Vue detailed that she was a rebellious child, and was "evicted" from 9 schools in her youth.

Though Hermine always corrected this claim.

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"Instead the schools would advise my mother that another establishment might be more suitable for my character and temperament," she had once clarified to the publication.

Yet, despite her rebellious childhood, she experienced tremendous success as an adult.

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At the young age of twenty-two, Hermine became a stylist for Dior before founding an event communication company.

Her company organized countless parties and functions for the rich and the famous...

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Thus cementing her firmly within the social group of the elite.

Following on from her party-planning success, Hermine went on to appear in several reality TV shows...

Such as Stars and Crowns, La Ferme Célébrités, and Fear Factor.

She was also a successful author.

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She penned 6 novels in her lifetime, one of which included guides to good manners.

Hermine was a romantic at heart.

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One of her books was titled One Day My Prince Will Come - But Where, When, and How? Speaking about it in a 2001 interview with The Telegraph, she described it as "like a guidebook" on "the lost art of romance".

But, especially later in life, her passions lay within the world of motorsports.

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Over the course of several years, Hermine took part in the Rallye des Princesses, a women-only motor racing event in classic cars that runs from Paris to Monaco.

And it was this passion that ultimately led to her sudden and premature death.

It was confirmed today that, on June 1st, 2020, Princess Hermine was involved in a motorcycle accident.

The extent of her injuries remains unclear...

But we do know that they were too grave for her body to ever recover.

Hermine was placed into a medically induced coma following the accident...

But, devastatingly, she never woke up. She was pronounced dead on July 3rd, just over a month on from the accident.

Her family has now spoken out about their loss.

"All her family and friends will keep from Hermine the memory of a great lady with a big heart who always had time for others," her family wrote in a statement to the French magazine, Point de Vue, per Tatler. She is survived by her ex-husband, French businessman, Alastair Cuddeford, and two children, Allegra and Calixte.

Their statement continued:

"It was enough that she entered a party to change the atmosphere and energize all the assistance. She will remain as a reference for the end of the XXth century of an art of living."

They remembered a beautiful and caring soul.

"She transported you with a joy and a kindness that one that we are not going to forget just like her smile even if she confused more than one by her frankness and her enthusiasm."

Rest in peace, Princess Hermine.

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