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A good shoe is worth its weight in gold. Well, maybe not literally. But finding the perfect pair of shoes can have a huge impact on your wardrobe and your life. Why walk around in shoes that are uncomfortable or outdated when you can wear something stylish and easy to wear? As someone who has had a ton of foot problems (even going so far as doing physical therapy for them) I'm always on the hunt for good shoes. Especially boots, sneakers, and sandals! Luckily, Amazon has a ton of great pairs from amazing brands. Oh, and did I mention they're all super affordable? That will always put a spring in my step.

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This Chelsea Boot That Keeps The Rain And Cold Out

It's pretty hard to find a good rain boot that is durable and cute at the same time, but this Chelsea boot from Chookah makes it look easy. These rubber-soled boots look sleek like a fashion shoe while also being 100 percent waterproof. They're also lined with faux fur, so they're extra cozy. So commuting on those cold fall and winter days are no problem.

This Cute Bootie That Basically Goes With Everything

Everyone needs a good pair of booties. The sleek leather and sensible heel work well with jeans or a skirt, so your outfit options are practically endless. While a sky-high heel can look stunning, it's not always practical for those of us who walk basically everywhere they go. This pair is in that sweet spot between being too flat and too high, so they're walkable as well as fashionably versatile.

This Winter Boot That's Durable And Cute

Winter is coming, people. A good winter boot is essential, but one of my biggest complaints about most winter boots is how clunky they look. Sperry, on the other hand, makes very strong but stylish boots that you can wear all day. No more stashing your "indoor shoes" in your bag when you go to work and having to awkwardly change at the beginning and end of the day.

This Leopard Ankle Boot That Looks As Good As It Feels

Leopard print seems to be having a moment again in the fashion world, and frankly, I'm here for it. These boots seem like they would be such a breath of fresh air in my wardrobe, and I love wearing a pop of print instead of my basic, black boots every day. These babies have just enough "attention-getting" flair, and they look flawless with a pair of jeans and a black top.

This Block-Heel Boot That Has A Vintage Vibe

I'm not a huge risk-taker when it comes to my wardrobe. I prefer simple chic, often wearing comfortable but put-together looks. Maybe it makes my closet a little plain, but it also gives me a lot of leeway when I want to wear a statement piece, like these kicky ankle boots that have a 1960's vibe. They're not exactly a pair to wear every day, but they're definitely good to bust out when you're going for a night on the town.

This Suede Wedge That's Comfortable And Stylish

Ever since my physical therapy on my feet, I've become a believer in wedge heels to help support my arches. High arched people (like myself) have a hard time finding supportive shoes, and wedge heels are a great way to get some height while also being able to walk around all day. These lace-up booties have just enough heel and work well with a variety of outfits thanks to the many colors you can buy them in.

This Velvet Boot That's Perfect With A Holiday Dress

How much do I love velvet? I'm so glad this material is in fashion again, and I'm always on the lookout for some velvet to put in my winter wardrobe. These adorable boots look perfect with a nice dress and tights, jeans, or pants. Plus, they come in that perfect shade of burgundy that's great for holiday parties. Do I dare match them with a burgundy velvet dress? The verdict is still out on that.

This Riding Boot That Is Good Indoors And Out

Riding boots are a classic shoe option that is perfect for fall. I could wear this pair outdoors while apple picking, or enjoying a light walk to see the leaves change. Or, I can pair them with a work outfit or casual tights on a chilly day. They also come in a lot of different colors and styles so you can easily incorporate them into your wardrobe.

This Suede Boot That's Casual Enough For Jeans

Taupe is becoming one of my favorite neutrals. It's less intense than black but works with more outfits than a casual brown. This sophisticated boot is easy to wear and easy to walk in, especially since it comes from Frye, one of the best affordable brands around. And if you're not into taupe, no worries. This boot also comes in lots of different colors to fit your style.

This Combat Boot That Adds Edge To Your Wardrobe

Ah, the combat boot. I've been wearing some kind of combat style boot since I was in high school, so I can attest to the versatility of this seemingly intense style of shoe. I can wear them with jeans or to add a little edge to a feminine dress. And even if a pair of authentic Doc Martens may not be in the cards for my bank account right now, I'm eternally grateful for finding a less expensive but still high-quality pair on Amazon.

This Adidas Sneaker That's Perfect For Light Runs

Walking and running are a great way to stay healthy, and there are lots of people who swear by this ultra-light pair from Adidas. The breathable material makes it so your feet never get too hot, and their sleek style makes them appropriate for doing your daily errands or going to the gym. Plus, their "cloudfoam" sole supports your feet so you feel like you're walking on a cloud.

This Chunky Sneaker That Is All The Rage

These chunky shoes are getting a lot of attention from fashion bugs out there. If you're looking for something trendy, this pair comes in all kinds of colors to fit your personality and style, from classic white to this soft rose gold. And they make a statement whether you're wearing them with your favorite athleisure outfit, casual jeans, or even a frilly dress.

This Chuck Taylor Sneaker That's An Instant Classic

You just can't beat a classic pair of Chuck Taylors. This low-top style has been around for decades. As the old saying goes, "if it isn't broke, don't fix it." I have worn several pairs of well-loved Chucks in my time, and you just can't compare with their comfort and versatility. They went with everything when I was a teenager, and even today, they're one of my favorite all-time shoe brands.

This Clarks Sneaker That's Always Comfortable

My past foot problems have turned me on to comfort shoe brands like Clarks, especially when they make a good, supportive shoe that also looks good. As nice as those orthopedic shoes make your feet feel, they can also be very hard to pair with a good outfit. These Clarks sneakers have the sleekness of a fashion sneaker and the comfort of a running shoe.

This Suede Sneaker That Is Perfect For A Casual Friday

I like to think of these suede sneakers as a dressier version of a Chuck Taylor. Yes, they're a comfortable casual shoe that goes well with some old jeans, but they can also be dressed up a little for those workdays when you can loosen up a little bit on your wardrobe (without being inappropriate for the office). They also come in my favorite shade of blue, so that's a win-win.

These Classic Keds That Will Make You Feel Nostalgic

Who didn't wear Keds when they were a kid? A standard shoe of 90's kids and teens, Keds are popping back up in some fashion circles as the "normcore" trend continues on. While they may be a plain sneaker option, you can't deny how well they go with a casual, summer, or spring outfit. Wear them on errands, to the beach, or while shopping. You can't go wrong.

These Quilted Sneakers That Are Casual, But Not Too Casual

I'm a big fan of the black, laceless plimsoll shoe like this quilted pair. They're like sophisticated Chucks or Keds, and they are definitely the most comfortable shoes I've ever owned –– and I've owned several pairs. I wear them with practically everything: leggings, jeans, a casual dress, you name it. They're simply the most user-friendly, stylish fashion sneakers in the universe.

This Running Shoe That Offers Lots Of Support

ASICS has some of the best work-out sneakers around, so naturally, I gravitated toward this neon-colored pair. While this style of running shoe also comes in plainer colors, a pop of bright orange is enough to make me actually want to hit the gym or running track. Plus, people swear by their quality, making it one of the most popular sneaker styles that runners and walkers love.

This Walking Shoe That Is Supportive And Sporty

I love a shoe that does both –– a shoe that's strong and supportive enough for a workout while also being cute enough to wear on a normal day. This pair from New Balance comes in all kinds of colors and are sleek and fashionable enough to be a great, regular street shoe. Plus, the midsole support make them very comfortable for wearing and walking all day long.

This Boat Shoe That Works On Sea And On Land

This pair definitely makes me want to hop on a sailboat. The go-to lace-up boat shoe by Sperry is practically perfect for a summer day at the beach or lake. However, you can easily pair them with a casual outfit, even if you're landlocked. The rubber sole and removable footbeds also make this pair incredibly comfortable to wear anywhere you go.

This Strappy Espadrille That Is A Comfy Classic

Looking for a pair of sandals that won't leave your feet sore and blistery after wearing them? Look no further. This stylish espadrille from Steve Madden gives you all the style with none of the pain. The thick, supportive straps and well-crafted insole make this pair an excellent find if you (like me) absolutely need a good pair of sandals that you can actually walk around in without looking frumpy.

These Flip Flops That Are Perfect For Beach Day

Ditch those cheap, plastic, Old Navy flip flops and get a pair that will actually last you a whole summer –– like these by Reef. These flip flops are casual enough for a beach day and well-crafted enough to wear while walking around your town. And while they look like a no-frills pair, they actually have a sculpted insole with arch support and cushioned EVA material.

This Thong Sandal That Is Actually Supportive

Spotlight on Clarks again. You'll seriously want to wear these flip flops (also called thongs) pretty much everywhere. Here's the thing: Most sandals are so flat and poorly made that they actually hurt your feet in the long run, but not with this pair. The crafted arch support perfectly hugs your feet, so you can keep on getting your steps in without pain later.

These Colorful Sandals That Are Great For Walking Anywhere

Say what you will about Teva, these sandals are so easy to walk in, it's no wonder they're finding a new following of fans online these days. Once the shoe-of-choice for granola-loving, new-age hippies of the '90s, Tevas are actually beautifully made and come in lots of adorable colors. So-called "ugly" shoes may be a trend right now, but they're trendy for a good reason.

This Platform Sandal That Won't Kill Your Feet

Some people love a nice, high heel. That's great! I personally love a well-crafted heel, even if I can't really wear them 24/7. But this platform sandal is a different story. Its wedge heel is actually perfect for high arches and the straps make it a good option for a casual, but not too casual, outfit. Again, I'm a walking advertisement for a good wedge heel.

This Buckled Sandal That's Elegant Enough For An Evening Out

This camel-colored slide with a tortoise buckle is just too beautiful to believe. This shoe, from an Amazon brand called Find, is just begging to be worn with a flowy, summer dress. And the thicker, block heel makes it way easier to wear all day long. It also comes in black, if you're looking for something that looks a little more formal. Either way, you're going to want to flash these sandals at brunch.

This Cork Slide Sandal That Gives You Lots Of Height

Love to have a little height? The right heel can make your legs look longer and more toned, and this beige wedge gives you all the height you need without killing your feel. Simply slide your feet into this pair and you'll be dying to show them off. They also go well with a nice sundress, shorts, or jeans, making them one of the most versatile shoes out there.

This Metallic Sandal That Makes A Strong Statement

Some sandals just make a big statement. These strappy, slightly flatter, sandals come in lots of colors, but my favorite has to be this bright, metallic purple that gives you a break from the typical summer shoe. Wear them to jazz up a simple, casual outfit or show them off with a pretty summer dress. These purple sandals are impossible not to love.

This Slide Sandal That Is Easy To Slip Into

I love Birkenstocks, but boy are they expensive. Luckily, Amazon has some more affordable options that have the same style as classic Birks, plus all the comfort that this style of sandal offers. While they (along with Tevas) were once the go-to shoe for modern-day hippies out there, this comfortable and easy to wear style has been showing up on the feet of all kinds of people out there.

This Strappy Sandal That's Perfect For A Summer Wedding

Everyone needs a strappy shoe that's perfect for any formal occasion. If you're planning on hitting the club or attending some dressy occasion (like a summer wedding), you can't go wrong pairing a cocktail dress or formal outfit with these gold, strappy heels. And if you're not a fan of gold, don't fret. They also come in silver and lots of non-metallic finishes (including snake skin).

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