The Newest, Weirdest Parenting Trend is Sonogram Nails

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If there’s one thing a pregnant woman that’s very ready to have her baby has at the very top of her to do list, it’s getting her nails done. And nothing says ‘I’m ready to meet my baby’ quite like having the sonogram manicured on your nails. It’s a trend that’s adorable for so many moms to be. It could be rather odd for some people that don’t understand what they’re looking at when they see a sonogram. But for moms, this is just another way of getting excited for their bundle of joy to arrive.

Nail art has been a very popular trend for decades. And we can all agree, everyone is excited about the arrival of a new baby. When I was pregnant with each of my kids I got lots of questions, many from strangers, about my pregnancies. Now I wish I had thought about getting my baby’s sonogram manicured on my nails just to show them what was going on with my pregnancy.

There are many people that are extra excited about being pregnant and the upcoming arrival of their child. And I say, do whatever extra thing you want to do to celebrate that joy. We’re not here to make fun of their excitement. But we are here for enjoying the nail art and the creative outcomes of these sonogram manicured nails.


As we all know, pregnancy is a very exciting time for a woman.

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The life-changing experience comes with many emotions and anxiety of what’s to come.

One of the most exciting moments during pregnancy are the first images a woman will see of her baby.

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Sonograms are readily available means for doctors to observe and examine the growing baby. And of course for parents to get excited about the upcoming arrival of their baby.

The sonogram images are technically baby’s very first pictures.

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These are the images will be shared on social media or to just friends and family.

Many moms and dads are already excited about being pregnant. But once they actually get to see the baby through sonogram, the feeling becomes even more real.

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Some parents, me and my husband, think they can already tell who the baby will look like just by looking at the sonogram images.

One thing is for sure, these images are very special and many parents want to celebrate the new member of their family as much as possible.

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We’ve seen some very creative ways for people to express their feelings about being pregnancy or revealing their new baby’s gender. But using sonogram images are definitely a first.

Some moms are now slaying the nail game in the name of celebrating their new baby with sonogram manicures.

Nail art are is extremely popular these days so it was only a matter of time before we saw this trend.

Pregnancy nails are long and strong mostly due to all of the prenatal vitamins a pregnant woman takes.

It is the trend for pregnant women.

Some nail art looks very realistic.

At a quick glance these don’t look like sonogram nails but if you look closely, you can see the baby.

This one is a more simple take on the trend.

On just one nail, this mom can admire her baby anywhere she goes.

This is a very sweet DIY nail art creation.

She nailed the art of her sonogram onto her nails.  

While some sonogram nail art are more extravagant.

I am totally here for bedazzled ultrasound nails.

I think we can tell that this mom is having a baby boy, and not just by the sonogram picture.

It also looks like she used an actual image instead of painting the ultrasound picture on the nail.

The limit to bedazzling your nails does not exist.

As a mom of three girls, I am all about wearing pink.

These are a little less bedazzled, but do not disappoint with the tie-dye.

The jewels framing the sonogram add an adorable touch to these nails.

These nails are simple yet beautiful as well.

The good thing about having your sonogram on your nails is that you can show off that you just got an awesome manicure and your cute little baby.

Short and sweet.

This is probably more my style since I don’t know how to use my hands whenever my nails are long.

These are also ensuring that everyone knows what gender the baby is.

Because this is something that everyone wants to know when they speak to a pregnant woman.

Incredible and simple.

The attention to detail on this nail art is beautiful.

Whether you are into this nail trend or not, one thing is for sure, getting your nails done is awesome.

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It’s relaxing and you feel like a million bucks afterwards. If moms that are expecting want to add another element to their nail game, then we are here for it. And sonogram nails are not the only pregnancy nail trend.

Another adorable pregnancy nail trend are gender reveal nails.

It’s like, don’t just include a sonogram picture on your nails, also reveal what the gender of the baby is.

You can keep people guessing with painting the nails on each hand differently.

This could probably become some sort of baby shower game.

Girl or boy, this mom-to-be already has a lot of love for her baby.

The design on these nails is so exact it’s beautiful.

It’s anyone’s guess if this baby is a boy or girl.

The nails are on point, though that is for sure.

Simple yet chic.

These are so sweet and this mama is rocking a beautiful manicure.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more creative nail design for a mom-to-be.

Did you see the M&Ms design on her thumb nail? That is very cool and now I want some chocolate. Maybe that’s a snack this mom is having pregnancy cravings for.

This mom-to-be is bringing her A-game to her gender reveal party.

These nails are beautiful and what’s even more impressive is how different each one is.

These nails revealed the gender straight away.

The bow detail is an adorable element of design to these nails.

Blue or pink, these nails are on fleek.

I really hope “fleek” is a term that’s still used nowadays. If not, I pretty much have aged myself.

Don’t forget the toes.

Nail art designs looks fantastic on toe nails too.  

Getting a manicure and pedicure is a must when a woman is pregnant.

And whether you are pregnant and plan to get a special design to celebrate your baby or just sticking to a traditional manicure and pedicure, the most important thing is that you can actually relax and enjoy these pregnancy moments.