A man has blown the minds of thousands of TikTokers with his spooky theory on what happens after death.

He may be onto something here...

Now, it's the phenomenon that's been pondered for centuries:


Is there life after death?

Many believe that when a person dies, that is simply it - life is over.


Of course, looking at it from a biological perspective, from the moment we die, any form of consciousness and life simply stops and leaves our bodies.

Seems simple enough, right?


Well, there's actually many people out there who believe that there is so much more beyond death.

For instance...


A few years ago, a woman named Emi temporarily died during complications in surgery. While her heart only stopped beating for a matter of moments, she insisted that she felt like she had spent "a lifetime" in what she believed was the afterlife.

According to local media, she believed the afterlife consisted of flying through the universe and gaining an understanding of how everything in the cosmos is connected.

And, on a more religious level...


There are theories that a person's spirit can either go to heaven or to hell - depending on the life they lead, of course.

But sadly, none of these theories have scientific proof...


Resulting in many people not taking them all too seriously.

But now, one man has come forward with a theory...

And it has completely blown people's minds.

Brandon Monhollen took to TikTok to share what he believes happens when someone dies.


Responding to the question posed by a different TikTok user, "what's a conspiracy theory that absolutely blows your mind?", he detailed a theory he'd read about recently which he found "seriously intriguing," saying in the caption he hoped it "gains some traction."

"I'm not exactly sure if this is a conspiracy theory but, I read this about 6 months ago."


"What if when we die, the light at the end of the tunnel is the light to another hospital? There we are born, and the only reason you come out crying is that you remember everything from your past life and you're crying at the fact that you died and lost everything?"

He also believes that this theory could explain the unsettling feeling of déjà vu.


"As you grow and start to forget your past life, and you focus on the life that you have now, patches of memory stay behind and that memory causes déjà vu."

Pretty spooky, right?


Brandon's video has since racked up thousands of views, and has sparked an even lengthier discussion.

You can listen to his theory for yourself below.


#stitch with @0fficially_s hope this gains some traction! seriously intriguing.

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