These Overheard Conversations Are a Mix of Hilarious and Bizarre | 22 Words

We've all done it before. You're in a public place, minding your own business when all of a sudden a pair of strangers nearby are having a particularly intriguing conversation. You try to ignore them, but you just can't help but listen in. And then you end up feeling guilty about spying on complete strangers. (Or, if you're like me, you don't feel guilty at all and put minimal effort into hiding the fact that you're listening in on conversations).

Whether it be just a small snippet of an exchange or an entire conversation, eavesdropping is a total guilty pleasure. And fortunately for us, these 30 people have decided to document their juiciest overheard conversations so we don't have to experience the guilt of spying on other people. What a sacrifice.

These overheard conversations range from hilarious to inspiring to downright confusing. And, you never know, one of these ridiculous quotes could be from you!

This woman who is seriously over vegetables

I can't say I completely understand this person's extreme aversion to zucchini, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't get the sentiment behind it. Do NOT start with me, people.

This horrifying image

"Like wow" is right. I'd rather not imagine that, thank you very much.

This depressing reality

Four years?! How time flies when you're having fun, right?

This frightening exchange

I would consider the fact that it's hard to track down genuinely haunted dolls to be a good thing, but maybe that's just me.

This accurate statement

This is SO true. Remember when she just effortlessly wiped off all that makeup using only her sleeves? That does not work like that in real life.

This hilarious housekeeping tip

This woman would be horrified by my life. I can't even remember the last time I folded my laundry instead of just pulling it out of the dryer as-needed.

This justified outrage

Considering that the line at pretty much every lady's restroom seems to wrap completely around the building, I couldn't agree with this woman's statement more.

This unique eating method

Well, that's one way to do it. I have to say, I'm a bit jealous of her speed-eating abilities.

This history lesson

I can kind of understand someone believing that ogres were, at one point real but the fact that All-Star existed all the way back then? Someone's history teacher failed them miserably.

This strange question

Not sure what she thought her implants were made from, but she was either very misinformed or she went to a doctor with questionable credentials to get her breasts done.

This epic burn

The sass is strong in this one. This is one of those parenting moments when you try to chastise your child for their rudeness but you're laughing too hard for it to really make an impact.

This inspiring story

Sometimes, you just have to party through the puke. Why isn't this phrase on a tee-shirt or inspirational poster?

This inevitable firing

Poor Greg. He should probably just start checking out the want ads now.

This beautiful comparison

I'm not going to lie, the minute I read this I made an actual note of it on my phone so I could tell my husband this same exact thing the next time he disappoints me.

This tiny pickpocket

This is the kind of behavior that you have to shut down at a young age before they grow up to live a life of crime. Although, if you're going to steal money, your Dad is a pretty good target.

This understandable confusion

Honestly, I can see why she made this mistake. But it's also a sad commentary on what we as a society have become.

This lazy dating plan

Seeing as 90% of Tinder dates aren't worth the effort of traveling over 30 feet, I totally get where this guy is coming from. But also, maybe it's time to just stop using Tinder altogether.

This sad situation

It's a sad state of affairs when you're more concerned with a parking spot than maintaining your own health. I can't say it's not totally relatable, but it's still sad.

This unsettling exchange

Are these really the types of conversations Our Nation's Finest should be having in public? Comparing their junk?

This future world leader

I'd vote for this person in 2020. Sure, it might exacerbate the growing obesity problem, but that's an entirely different topic.

This disturbing statement

Of all the things you want to hear while sitting in the chair at the dentist's office, this is not one of those things. I would like to hear a few more details, though. How many teeth were allowed to stay? How did this person get to this point and how do I avoid it myself?

This way easier Plan B...

Seriously, is it even worth the hassle? Egging and TP-ing their house is another great option that involves way less paperwork.

This heartwarming husband

I may or may not be crying right now. But on the bright side, I just thought of a great reason to use that "stale ham sandwich of a human" insult on my husband for never saying this about me.

This definition of #relationshipgoals

This is honestly all I could ever ask for in a partnership. These two people are a match made in retail heaven.

This unappealing image

There's something about the idea of a bag filled with chili that just makes me want to vomit. But on the other hand, this saying is hilarious and I'm totally stealing it.

This brilliant observation

This kid is going places. Although, if you truly believe that you can be house, what's stopping you?

This interesting description

At first, I thought to myself, "Loud? How does something smell loud?" And then I thought about that section of Whole Foods and completely understood.

This awesome day

A Master's Degree AND Skittles?! That's my idea of a perfect day.

This valiant effort

If this woman just keeps being persistent, her efforts will pay off one day. And what a glorious day that will be.

This example of LA in a nutshell

If you've ever wondered what it's like living in LA, just read this Tweet and you'll know. It sums it up pretty perfectly.