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Tiger King was released on Netflix last year, and since then Joe Exotic's life has just got crazier.

And it seems like we'll be seeing him on our screens once again, as Louis Theroux has announced he plans to release another documentary on the ins and outs of the star's life now...

And it's set to be a bumpy ride.

It's no surprise that Tiger King has completely taken over pop culture this past year.

And now we're all in for another treat after Louis Theroux announced another documentary...

But not many people know that he actually already took part in a documentary before with Louis Theroux.

As we all know, Joe was previously found guilty of plotting murder and multiple animal cruelty charges...

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But he has now become a media phenomenon, with a campaign team behind him, who are attempting to free him from prison.

And Louis is hoping to tell all. Here are all the details...

Now, the Tiger King docuseries gave us a majestic insight into the captivity of big cats here in America.

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The 7-part series retells the story of a war between a very flamboyant tiger owner named Joe Exotic and his enemy, a Florida-based animal activist named Carole Baskin.

But it isn't just about the tigers and lions...

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It is mostly about the scandalous lives of these people in America's big cat community.

There was a lot of drama over the years...

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And Joe Exotic seemed to really have it in for Carole Baskin, with footage showing him repeatedly wishing death upon her and describing how he would like to kill her. Yikes.

The show takes things to a whole new level...

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And it has already been branded as "bonkers" by viewers but that certainly doesn't mean it isn't binge-worthy.

But even though it reigned supreme for a while...

After an impressive run, Tiger King is now no longer the most in-demand documentary in the world, bring dethroned by The Last Dance .

But that doesn't mean we've stopped watching it again... And again.

This is mainly because we still can't believe what we're seeing.

Who knew there was such a large cult of exotic animal hoarders in the US?

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Nevertheless, the show brought us some unforgettable moments and some very... eccentric characters. I guess that's the best way of putting it, right?

And one of them just so happened to be Joe Exotic...

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The series is based around his actual life and how it slowly began to spiral out of control, which landed him in some deep trouble.

Joe is an openly gay man...

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And after he married both John Finlay and Travis Maldonado in a 3-way ceremony, both of his husbands gradually deteriorated with drug use and mental health problems. Travis tragically took his own life after he made claims that he wasn't at all gay, and Joe had simply hoodwinked him by fueling his addictions.

And after this marriage tragically fell apart...

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Joe himself fell into a downward spiral and his obsession with Carole and her husband grew even bigger.

And things slowly took a turn for the worst.

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Joe was sentenced to twenty-two years in prison for attempting to have Carole murdered.

He hired a hitman to take Carole out while she was biking down a deserted bike path...

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But the FBI got involved and they thankfully managed to put a stop to this dangerous plan.

Viewers couldn't believe what they were seeing...

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And of course, the internet quickly turned into a Tiger King minefield.

The memes came flooding in...

And even though this is poking fun at real-life events, people couldn't get enough during lockdown.

But what some might not realize is that Tiger King wasn't the first time he'd been interviewed.

Back in 2011, British journalist Louis Theroux and his team filmed a show called Louis Theroux: America's Most Dangerous Pets.

Taking to his Twitter last year, he reminded viewers of the earlier documentary...

Urging fans to watch the documentary again for a fresher insight into Exotic's behavior before all the hype.

He even decided to reveal some of his own memories about the interaction...

And that's when Twitter completely blew up with comments from shocked fans.

Apparently, this show confirmed what some viewers already knew. Joe is not stable.

A lot of people seemed to agree.

However, some were shocked at how "normal" he seemed...

Compared to the antics we saw him get up to in Tiger King, apparently, he was more "calm" in Theroux's documentary.

Another user also questioned Tiger King's reliability...

"He seems like a different person," this user claimed.

And now, Louis Theroux has officially announced his next project...


Louis Theroux: The Cult of Joe Exotic is a feature length documentary surrounding his life now.

It will take place in Oklahoma and explore what has happened since Louis first met Joe 10 years ago.


Louis will reflect on hours of unseen footage as he sets out to understand who the real Joe Exotic is. As well as speaking to old friends, and those trying to get Joe out of prison.

Discussing his latest venture, Louis explained:


"This is one of those quintessentially American stories, taking place in the heartland of Oklahoma, with a cast of characters almost too colorful and larger-than-life to be believed."

​He continued...

"I spent eight or nine days filming at the park back in 2011, over the course of three separate visits. I'd forgotten how much we shot until I went back into the footage during lockdown. It's extraordinary how much was there.

"Since then the story just got stranger and bigger, and in going back at the end of last year I uncovered a real-life drama that took me in directions I never could have expected."

We can't wait!

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