Tweets for Anyone Who's Worked in the Food Service Industry | 22 Words

If you have worked as a server, a bus person, restaurant host, a dishwasher or line cook, then you know exactly how stressful and exhausting the foodservice industry is.

Not only is the job physically grueling in and of itself, but on top of that, you have to deal with people. And the people who come to restaurants often treat those who serve them terribly. It is the awful reality of working in the foodservice industry that you will likely be yelled at, blamed for something that you have no control over, or simply confronted with some of the strangest requests from some of the strangest characters you have ever seen.

So, what is the best way to deal with bad tippers, rude customers, bad bosses, and everything else you have to encounter as a server? Well, you have to laugh at these things, of course. Because if you are not laughing, you are crying, and that is no good.

There's nothing easy about being a server.

And honestly, the only people who really understand what you go through are those that do it too.

What's a weekend?

Servers don't work typical 9-5, Monday-Friday jobs. When you're settling down for your weekend, that's when they're just getting started.


It sucks how much of working in the food service industry is appeasing crazy people who are yelling at you for things you aren't responsible for.

Remake the milkshake

Sometimes you have to nod and apologize while pretending to fix whatever the customer thinks was wrong.

Split the check

I 100 percent understand why some places won't split checks. It's one of the most annoying things in the world.

Two hands

This is never funny. If it's not clear to you that servers are doing the most that they can at every single moment, you're not paying attention.

Not your fault

Oh man, I wish I could do this to apologetic servers. I just want them to know I appreciate the job they're doing.

People are the worst

This is such an awful, mean thing to do to someone. If you do this, the server should be allowed to drive to your house and demand $1000.

"No you're not"

This is hilarious. You never expect to get called out when you're going through the motions of polite interaction.

My job is:

Hey, turns out this doesn't only apply to foodservice jobs! I think we all feel this sometimes.

Slow down

Sometimes people don't give their servers the courtesy of a "Hi, how are you?" and that's so infuriating. They're people too!

Closing time

It's so frustrating when people come in right before closing and post up as if they live there. No thank you.

Omg sorry

Sure, you like the idea of being open to cover someone's shift, but when it actually comes down to it, you'd rather do literally anything else.

Yelled at

What do these people think yelling at the server about the prices is going to do? If you don't like the prices, don't eat there. It's simple.


It's a special kind of hilarious and frustrating when someone orders something and then very clearly has no idea what it is that they ordered.

Old people's jokes

Whatever canned jokes you have about eating in a restaurant, I guarantee you your server has heard them before. Might as well not even bother.

Big table

Oh, this is so infuriating. If you are going to take up a lot of time or space, you should be generous in your tipping. You're costing that server money just by continuing to sit there!

"I'm the manager"

This is the most badass tirck I've heard of. I wish I saw the look on that customer's face. I bet it was priceless.

Leave your number

If you leave your number on a receipt with only a 10 percent tip, that is quite bold. How could ever expect a call when you're that stingy?


This is so true. There are usually many easier ways to do things than the actual way that you're supposed to do them.

After work

Oh man, I can feel the relief in this photo. No one really talks about how physically taxing foodservice jobs are.

"Anti-murder meditation"

This is so real. I think we've all had jobs like this. Some days, you just have to brace yourself.

Stress dreams

These are the worst! Especially when you are dreaming about situations that deep down, you don't really care about.

The customer's always right

Except sometimes, the customer is wrong. If they think they're right, then they can start working.

My watch has ended

By the end of your watch as a server, chances are you look just as bloody and battle-weary as a Game of Thrones character.

How did work go?

I have definitely looked like this after some days at work. Poor penguin.

Impatient customers

Listen, there's a group of people back there trying to make meals for a whole bunch of people right now. Cool it.

No phones at work

This is so mean. But also a little bit funny.

Get to the point

Just let the poor server do the spiel they are supposed to do before you rudely interrupt them with your rudeness.

Verbal tip

Be generous to your servers! (With money, if that wasn't clear.) Share this with someone who understands the pains of working in a restaurant.