What Your Boba Order Says About You, According to a Boba Professional | 22 Words

What do you typically order when you go to the boba shop? Are you a traditional tea person? Or a fruity slushie person? Maybe you go for milk tea, or maybe you are lactose intolerant. Whatever your boba tea personality, we can all agree that those squishy, gooey, sweet tapioca balls bring something special to the tea-slurping experience.

As boba increases in popularity, more varied types of people regularly purchase it. Remember that clip of Hillary Clinton trying boba for the first time on the campaign trail? She might have been a little late to the game, but that does not change the fact that Boba is for everybody.

But exactly what does your boba order say about your personality? One boba professional took to Twitter to explain different boba personalities in an epic thread. Fair warning, you will not be able to get through this list without wanting to drink a boba tea, stat.

We all love to slurp up boba, but have you ever stopped to think what your boba order says about you?

Probably not. But luckily, this boba professional has.

Devon Tumulak works at Peace, Love, and Boba in Vacaville, CA.

Over his shifts, he's discovered some consistencies in the people who order certain boba drinks. Without further ado, this is what your boba order says about your personality.

Original Milk Tea

Basically, ya basic. Step it up!

Taro Milk Tea

Look, he's not saying that taro isn't delicious — it is. But, it's time to step out of your comfort zone!

Thai Milk Tea

There's something so yummy about Thai iced tea. Maybe that makes me a soccer mom, but I don't care!

Jasmine Milk Tea

I'm pretty partial to Jasmine tea, so I get this characterization. Its got a very delicate, floral flavor.

Lavender Milk Tea

Uh oh, I also like lavender tea! In fact, sometimes I'll steep some dried lavender in hot water and drink it before bed. (It helps you sleep.)

Hazelnut Milk Tea

Wow, I very much respect this description. Maybe I'll start drinking hazelnut milk tea in the hopes that I transform into this person.

Tiger Milk Tea

Tiger milk tea sounds ferocious, but apparently, the people who order it are anything but.

Matcha Milk Tea

Matcha is having a moment, especially with the group that Devon describes here. These are the people who are trying to make a living with their lifestyle Instagram accounts.

Honeydew Milk Tea

Aw, this description kind of makes me sad. I think honeydew deserves more credit. It's a better melon than it's given credit for.

Lychee Slush/Snow

If you go for a slushie when you go get boba, I don't know what to think of you. That's like, basically a Slurpee. That's a lot to commit to.

Strawberry Slush/Snow

I like strawberries, but strawberry-flavored things are not my favorite. I associate it with a childlike personality.

Mango Slush/Snow

If I were to commit to a boba slushie, I would most likely go for mango. Mango is one of my go-to flavors. It's fun and festive! It's also true that people call me the light of their life– sorry, I can't help it.

Cantaloupe Slush/Snow

People who like cantaloupe are truly mysteries to me. It's like, they don't look like the devil, but their food and drink choices would seem to say otherwise.

Coconut Slush/Snow

OK, I love coconut and I agree with this sentiment–  I love everything about this. Coconut slush is who I want to be.

Coffee Milk Tea

Coffee people are extremely extra, and this is so accurate. You know that the people who order coffee even when they're ordering tea are intense.

Mocha Slush/Snow

This is such a good description. In my early coffee days, I loved a mocha because it was coffee, but it was mostly chocolate. I relate to this description.

Oolong Milk Tea

Oolong is tea for serious tea people. It's a very serious tea paired with boba, which is not so serious, so you get this cute and quirky personality.

Wintermelon Milk Tea

I don't know what winter-melon is but in my mind, it tastes minty, and I don't think I like that.

Almond Milk Tea

Now we're talking! I love a good almond milk tea. Anything almond flavored is my jam– so I agree with Devon's assessment on this one.

Earl Grey Milk Tea

Earl Grey is the good stuff. I feel like this is the tea that you order if you are a college professor without a sense of humor.

Hokkaido Milk Tea

This might seem like a not-great assessment, but I disagree! There's nothing wrong with being a loyal friend.

Any Fruit/Flavored Teas

This also describes me. If it's there, I love a good peach tea boba. Guilty as charged.

Rose Tea

Rose tea is a delicate flavor for delicate people. But rosewater flavored things are becoming increasingly popular, so I anticipate this will change soon.

Okinawa Milk Tea

Oof, this is harsh. I have a feeling "is lonely but won't admit it" applies to more than Okinawa tea people, though.

Passionfruit Slush/Snow

Passionfruit is for the fun, happy-go-lucky person, which is why I order it occasionally but mostly don't feel like I deserve to.

Cookies and Cream Slush/Snow

This is for the person who wants to try to trick themselves into thinking that they're not having a milkshake. Come on, stop lying to yourself.

Avocado Slush/Snow

Ugh. This person is probably a vegan who cannot shut up about it. It's fine if you want to drink avocado. But don't force it on the rest of us.

Vanilla Slush/Snow

Vanilla slush people are fine, they're all vanilla. Share this with a boba buddy and make them go get some with you!