People have shared their views on how society has conditioned women to behave and the list will make you want to analyze your own actions...

Have a look for yourselves.

Sexism still exists...

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And it is not okay.

Women being degraded and looked down upon by men has been happening for way too long...

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And you'd think that today, in 2021, equality would be thriving... right?

Sadly not.


Although the rights of women are now stronger than ever, certain individuals continue to look down upon women and, even worse, they continue to objectify them.

Do you want evidence?

Just take a look at this list compiled by a man called Alexander Cortes. He believes women have value when they're thin, able to cook, wear make-up, have long hair, are sensual and graceful, shave their bodies, wear pink and fashionable clothes, and "listen to men."


And if you still don't believe me...


Have a look at this list of incredibly sexist things society has conditioned women to think is "normal behavior." It's pretty f***** up.

1. Establishing the patriarchy early.

2. Basic empathy.

3. "I have a boyfriend."

4. Daddy issues.

5. Social Conditioning is real.

6. Stop touching women.

7. Pain is pleasure.

8. It's called compensation, boys.

9. Logic? None of that here.

10. Ban the word "female."

11. Oh, so you think that makes you attractive? Yikes.

12. It's the latter.

13. Or maybe she's just more talented than you?

14. Internalized misogyny is also real.

15. S*ut-shaming is not cute but apparently dating underage girls is? Okaaaay.

16. Ironic, very ironic.

17. One word: Mansplaining.

18. Getting shamed for showing too much... Getting shamed for not showing enough.

19. Make men wear heels too.

20. Educate yourself in the history of misogyny, babe.

I've only got one thing to say: Smash the f****** patriarchy.

Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk.

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