Stand-up Comic Doesn’t Speak for 6 Minutes…and It’s Some of the Most Inventive Comedy Ever

Oct 3, 2014 By Abraham 0

A few minutes before the end of his comedy special “What,” Bo Burnham just stops talking. And he doesn’t speak again for the rest of the show. But the performance continues and only gets more amazing as it progresses.

It’s funny, it’s touching, and it’s genuinely impressive…

(NSFW language)

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When a Detective Learned These Boys’ Secret, He Took On a Case That Will Last the Rest of His Life

Oct 2, 2014 By Megan Berman 1

Jack Mook is a hardboiled detective of the first order…with a heart of gold. As a bachelor, he has more free time than a family man, and spends lots of it volunteering at the Steel City Gym teaching boxing to underprivileged kids.

Most of the kids who come in this gym are street kids. Many of them have been born into poverty.

Two of those kids, 11-year old Jessee and his 15 year-old brother Josh, had really bonded with Mook. So three years ago, when they stopped showing up at the gym one day, he went looking for them. And he didn’t like what he found…

They have had it as worse as any other kid that’s ever lived in the city of Pittsburgh, living conditions wise. And I had enough of it.

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These friends found the best possible way to waste their summer just sitting on the couch

Oct 2, 2014 By Abraham 0

Well, summer is over, and as winter approaches some of us are wondering if we made the most of all that the warm sunny weather had to offer. And usually that means asking, did we spend enough time off our couch?

But for one group of young, Vermontonian hipsters making the most of this past summer meant being on their couch as often as possible.

Because they brought it with them everywhere they went…

Across the whole country…

Starting in Vermont, crossing to Alaska, and then heading down through California, these free-spirited (and almost certainly funky-smelling) friends piled into their van with their dogs and their futon and hit the road for 4 months, documenting the trip with images that put to shame every indie folk band’s promo pictures and album covers…

Futon Road Trip - 01

Futon Road Trip - 02

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This Lawyer Knows *Tons* of Celebrities! Except It’s All Photoshop and Now She’s Screwed…

Oct 1, 2014 By Megan Berman 2

It seems that celebrity obsession isn’t just for teen fans… A California attorney is facing a six-month suspension after the State Bar caught her photoshopping herself into celebrity pictures for her business website.


Kind of like that time in the 90s you glued a cutout of Nick Carter into a photo with you and told all your friends he was your boyfriend…

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Woman flies her car over a raised bridge. Her punishment is amusingly reasonable…

Oct 1, 2014 By Abraham 0

Earlier this week in the Croatian town of Tisno, a woman shocked onlookers by revving her car up and over the mini precipice at the end of a raised bridge. Later she’d tell the police that the sun prevented her from seeing the red light cautioning against her accidental daredevilism.

The bridge was raised about 8 feet at the time, and the bridge’s warden says,

I was shouting and gesturing her to stop but it was no use. She ignored me, went full throttle and flew across the bridge. I was convinced she’d overturn the car.

Another witness reported…

It sounded like a bomb had gone off. There was a terrible noise and all the airbags were opened by the force of the crash.

Despite the drama of the frightening accident the woman and her passenger were completely unharmed, though she did get fined the equivalent of $41 by the police.

Elton John Writes Hilariously Impressive Song on the Spot. Look What He Used for “Lyrics”…

Oct 1, 2014 By Abraham 2

In 1997, at “An Audience with Elton John,” actor Richard E. Grant hilariously put Elton John on the spot…

I’ve heard that you write your songs very, very quickly. And I’ve brought some words along and hoped that you could put some music to them. Would you do that?

After a quick facepalm, Elton asks him what the lyrics are. To which Grant replies…

Um, well, it’s from… It’s the… It’s the instructions from my oven.

The crowd erupts in laughter and Elton agrees to give it a go. After starting slowly, he finds his stride — as if the music were already latent in the dry prose of the manual — and by the end the improvised song is a virtual masterpiece…