3 Minutes of Humans Being Absofrickinlutely Insane and Amazing

Dec 17, 2014 By Abraham 1

Every year the YouTube channel “People Are Awesome” compiles an incredible selection of clips that have been posted that year of people doing ridiculously amazing — even seemingly impossible — things.

And this year’s is the best yet…

Cops Pull Cars Over for No Reason…and Hand Out Money (Thanks to This Generous Secret Santa)

Dec 16, 2014 By Megan Berman 0

Police in Kansas City, Missouri have been targeting vehicles this past month, pulling them over for no apparent reason. But the drivers end up really happy about it.

An anonymous businessman, known locally as the area’s Secret Santa, has been donating $100,000 in $100 increments to random strangers every year. And he’s not stopping now.

But this holiday season he decided to do things a little differently. He gave the crisp $100 “Secret Santa” bills to the Sheriff’s Department to hand out to whoever they wanted…

Secret Santa and the Cops

So deputies began profiling “victims,” and targeting those who seem like they may need the money most.


But Secret Santa’s mission isn’t just to help those who need the money — he told CBS he wants the police to get something out of it, too…

Joy. You know, as tough as they are they have hearts that are bigger than the world.

19 Kids Who Santa Better Listen To, Or Else…

Dec 15, 2014 By Megan Berman 0

One of the sweetest parts of the holidays is seeing children’s adorable letters to Santa. Their unflinching belief in magic, youthful excitement, and unconditional love remind us of the true reason for the season.

Just kidding! They have non-negotiable demands that must be met.

Santa, if you’re reading this, if I were you, I’d give these kids what they want this year.

Otherwise, there may be “consequenses”…



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