These Neo-Nazis Have No Idea This Little Town Is Tricking Them Into Defeating Themselves

Nov 17, 2014 By Abraham 0

This past weekend, to the chagrin of the entire town, busloads of Neo-Nazis descended on Wunsiedel in Germany. There is nothing the town can do to stop the hate group’s annual march that they hold there.

But some creative thinkers realized, while they can’t legally deny the Neo-Nazis, they can make it work against them.

With the help of sponsors and regular folks making smaller donations, the town turned the hateful march into a walkathon in support of EXIT Germany, a charity that helps people get out of extreme right wing organizations like the ones putting the Wunsiedel march on.

For every meter that the Neo-Nazis marched, 10 Euros was donated to this initiative that stands strongly against them. They raised 10,000 Euros. Good for them.

Watch as they see that every step they take is supporting their defeat…

(Turn on closed captioning for English subtitles.)

Dad Puts on a Spider-Man Suit and American Accent to Thrill His Dying Son on His 5th Birthday

Nov 17, 2014 By Abraham 0

Jayden Wilson is a typical 5-year-old — he LOVES Spider-Man.

Jayden Is Spider-Man

But unlike most other 5-year-olds, it’s unlikely he will make it to another birthday after the one he just had. He was recently diagnosed with a brain stem tumor and does not have long to live.

But this tragic news can’t keep mom and dad from providing him with the happiest life possible. In fact, it is all the more motivating to make the most of the time they have.

So for his 5th birthday, dad had a Spider-Man suit custom made and when Jayden came out the front door, he leapt off the roof to come see him in character as the boy’s favorite superhero.

Dad pulled the ruse off perfectly, even using an American accent so Jayden wouldn’t know it was him…

As you see in the video, The Amazing Spider-Dad didn’t just stop by to say hello. He actually stayed for the whole party…

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This Teen Waited 19 Years to Have a Family. It’s Never Too Late to Be Loved or Belong…

Nov 17, 2014 By Megan Berman 0

All 19-year-old Logan Hunt ever wanted was a family. He grew up in the foster care system after being given up for adoption as a toddler. He survived a failed adoption as a child and never felt as though he belonged anywhere. When Logan, whose legal name was Seth Miller, aged out of the system last year, he ended up homeless, alone, and living in a car. “Everything around me was pretty much empty,” he says.

But then last year, when a local news channel interviewed him for a story, Seth’s court-appointed special advocate found the couple who had adopted his biological sister and encouraged them to meet Seth. Although at first they were unsure, Robert and Ara Hunt eventually let their daughter Shyann meet the brother she never knew existed.

From that moment on, the Hunts knew that Seth belonged with them. Ara Hunt says…

I’ve had to tell him many times, “I’m sorry for not finding you sooner. I wish I had. I wish I knew about you, because I would have gotten you the minute you were born.”

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This Paraplegic Vet and His Friends Rigged Up a Beautiful Surprise for His Bride

Nov 17, 2014 By Megan Berman 0

How could this paraplegic groom make his new wife’s wedding day even better?

Paraplegic's First Dance - 06

By giving her the biggest surprise of her life — dancing on his own two feet for their first dance.

Paraplegic's First Dance - 04

Sgt. Joe Johnson was paralyzed from the chest down in a motorcycle accident, shortly after returning from Afghanistan. Suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, he rode motorcycles for the rush, but suffered a spinal cord injury and has been confined to a wheelchair after a bad crash. He explains…

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This Scientist Isolated the Sound That Tricks Your Brain into Hearing Water When It’s Not

Nov 15, 2014 By Megan Berman 2

Science can already explain the mechanics of how we hear. But Maria Geffen, a researcher at the University of Pennsylvania’s Perelman School of Medicine in their ENT department is figuring out why we hear what we do. How do our brains interpret sound, and why do they assign a particular meaning to a sound?

She talks to WHYY’s The Pulse about her research and plays them an example — the sound of a gurgling brook. Then she shows how she is able to strip the waves from the recording that make our brain hear water. In reverse, she creates a recording of man-made signals that our brain interprets as gurgling water, and it sounds remarkable real.

Right now, you’re probably thinking this won’t work on you. Just give it a listen…

Weird, right? If you’re interested in more, you can read The Pulse’s full story.

This Mama Cat Ignored Her Predator’s Instinct to Nurture 3 Unlikely Foster Babies

Nov 15, 2014 By Megan Berman 0

Kit Kat had just become a mama for the second time and was nursing her litter a few years ago when a neighbor brought her three more babies to feed… Baby squirrels. They’d fallen out of a tree and been abandoned.

So what did Kit Kat do with the defenseless little additions? Well, seeing as cats usually hunt squirrels, you might be surprised…

The happy little family, 3 squirrel pups bigger, snuggled and washed each other. And when Kit Kat needed a break, the squirrels’ feline siblings babysat!

Via: The Animal Rescue Site

Husband Reduced to Tears by His Wife’s Artistic Pregnancy Announcement. Beautiful…

Nov 14, 2014 By Abraham 0

When Jacob Jackson proposed to Erika several years ago, he used a children’s book. Then, after finding out she’s pregnant, it was Erika’s turn to surprise him and she wanted to make sure it was just as fun, creative, and meaningful as his proposal.

In fact, a special “reveal” was so important to her that she had it planned before there was even anything to announce. When she got pregnant, she was finally able to follow through on her exciting plan.

She bought a print she knew he’d like

Bawling Dad-to-be - 01

And then added a poem to the back of the art…

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Before Electing Amputation, This Boston Marathon Survivor Broke Up with Her Leg on Facebook

Nov 14, 2014 By Megan Berman 0

After more than 15 operations to save her left leg, 27-year old Rebekah DiMartino was through with it.


She survived the Boston Marathon bombing more than a year and a half ago, but her injured leg was still holding her back. So she decided to have it amputated and move on with her life.

But before she had the surgery this past weekend, Rebekah hosted a “Left Leg Last Hurrah” dinner, treated herself to a final pedicure, and wrote her leg a breakup letter which she posted to Facebook

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