Nurse grants dying mother’s wish…to adopt her son after she’s gone

September 19, 2014 | No comments

When single mother Tricia Somers received a diagnosis of terminal liver cancer last spring, her first thought was to wonder who would take care of Wesley, her eight-year-old son. She has no family to speak of, and she couldn’t bear the thought of leaving her son alone after she passes away.


But on the day that Somers was discharged from the hospital, destiny intervened in the form of her favorite nurse, Tricia Seaman. Somers told WHTM-TV

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This Italian hotel has the best view in the world…and guests stay for FREE

September 18, 2014 | No comments

This hotel just might have the best view in the world — a panoramic tableau of the incredible Italian Alps.


The tent shaped shelter is simple: made of wood and steel, it has space for nine beds when travelers on the Ceria-Merlone trail make their way to the building.


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3-year-old makes his military mom disobey orders. They hadn’t hugged in 9 months…

September 18, 2014 | 5 comments

3-year-old Cooper Waldvogel defied his mother’s sergeant and won everybody’s heart on Tuesday.

His mom has been serving in Afghanistan for the last 9 months, but her company came home earlier this week. Friends and family gathered in an auditorium to meet the returning National Guard.

The company’s sergeant instructed them to stand in formation until dismissed instead of immediately greeting their loved ones.

But Cooper didn’t care one bit about this order…

Waldvogel Homecoming

Waldvogel homecoming - 02

Since the original video was shared on Facebook, it has almost 100,000 likes. You’ll see why…

After 5 days of failing to solve a hate crime, police turn to Facebook and Twitter…

September 18, 2014 | 3 comments

Known more for his barbed tongue in the Philadelphia sports world, anonymous Twitter user @FanSince09 put his social media skills to use yesterday solving a hate crime that had eluded police for several days.

At 10:45 PM on Thursday, September 11, a gay couple was accosted on the sidewalk by a group of between 10 and 12 people. Police didn’t know much about the group who attacked besides the fact that they were white and in their early 20s.

Both men who were attacked required a hospital visit, and deep lacerations and facial fractures caused one of the victims to require surgery and to have his jaw wired shut. To add insult to injury, the attackers stole a cell phone and wallet from one of the victims.

After five days of working to identify the suspects, Philadelphia Police finally turned to the internet, posting this photo from video surveillance of the group as they left a restaurant just before the attack.


It didn’t take long before Twitter user Greg Bennett was sent a photo of a group at a nearby restaurant that evening with individuals who were unmistakably the same as those in the surveillance video…

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Filmmaker turns mundane footage of intersection into most insane rush hour ever

September 17, 2014 | No comments

Film director Fernando Livschitz recently filmed ordinary vehicle and pedestrian traffic passing through a perfectly ordinary intersection and then re-edited the footage to turn it into the wildest and most stressful rush hour you could imagine short of everyone crashing into each other…

The mystery of a wedding photo found at Ground Zero finally solved 13 years later

September 17, 2014 | No comments

Every year on September 11th, Elisabeth Stringer Keefe posts the crumpled photo of a wedding party found at Ground Zero on social media, hoping to find its owner, alive and well.

Screen Shot 2014-09-16 at 4.07.09 PM

In a testament to the power of social media, this year after Keefe tweeted the photograph, it was retweeted 58,000 times and even got its own Reddit page. Elisabeth was hopeful, telling Boston Magazine:

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Celebrities become part of classic masterpieces when magazines are perfectly lined up

September 16, 2014 | 1 comment

Eisen Bernardo, a Philippines-based graphic designer and illustrator, is carefully superimposing iconic magazine covers onto pieces of classical artwork. He says of his project, Mag + Art

This ongoing project…is my way of giving homage to the magazines – as a venue of human artistic expression and vehicle of popular culture.

The result is a beautifully curated collection of new icons that are equal parts amusing and intriguing…

The Birth of Angelina


The Ryan of Man; Rihanna’s Mood


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This time-lapse stop motion took 8 years. The Karate Kid scene is ridiculously impressive…

September 16, 2014 | 4 comments

If you take a photo of yourself every day for 8 years, you’ll have 2900 pictures. If you position those selfies to create a stop-motion video of a day at your house, you’ll get this absolutely brilliant video.

From September 2006 to August 2014, this YouTuber took photos of himself, moving ever-so-slightly around his house each day for a fun look at a day in his life — if that day took 8 years…

(Skip to 2:40 for just the most amazing segment.)

(via PetaPixel)

Vigilante on her motorcycle takes serious revenge on litterers

September 16, 2014 | No comments

This anonymous woman with a motorcycle, a helmet cam, and a severe hate for littering has taken to the streets to punish people who throw trash out of their car windows.

She might overdo it, but wow does this feel good to watch…