37 Unexpected Things in Amazon's Secret Bargain Section | 22 Words

Everyone loves a good bargain.

And why wouldn't they? Life can get expensive - your house, your car, your clothes, your food, and all the other little things we have to pay for. So naturally, when we discover an opportunity to get something great that only costs a few dollars, we jump at the chance. That's why I'm always scouring sale racks and bargain bins for something unique. And, I am excited to share that Amazon has its own bargain section where you can find unique gifts, tech accessories, stylish clothes, home goods, and more. Take a look at some of these little gems that you can easily add on to your cart without making your total hit the roof.

We hope you find these handy products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: we participate in affiliate programs, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page.

This Simple Ring That Is Great For Minimal Jewelry Lovers

Rings don't have to be super flashy. This unisex style ring is good for anyone. It comes in lots of finishes and colors, so you can wear it to just add a little touch to your casual outfit, or get a colorful finish for more of a statement, or you can even buy a pair of rings to share with someone you care about. One customer even said that he used it as a temporary replacement for his lost wedding ring -- what a life saver. “View

This Flamingo Light That Adds Some Pizazz To Any Room

I don't have a ton of novelty lights in my house, but I do like to get them for parties or special occasions. One of my favorite party lamps is this little flamingo, which is perfect for a cookout or just a nice, summer night. And if it fits your year-round aesthetic, all the better. It can complement the style of any room, giving it a tropical flair. “View

This Colorful Keyboard Cover That Protects Against Messes

One day, I was looking at my old keyboard filled with plain, black keys and the occasional crumb and I thought: There must be something out there that can not only protect but enhance the look of my computer. Lo and behold, there was. This silicone cover comes in several colors to suit your aesthetic, and it easily blocks spills and messes from destroying your computer. “View

These Hanging Baskets That Give You A Lot More Storage

Ever since everyone had to start staying home all the time, I've been getting into organization in a very big way. Strange how being home all the time makes you realize how cluttered your home really is. Since I'm not quite at the Marie Kondo level of getting rid of stuff, I do need a storage solution that also looks good. These hanging baskets are perfect for anything from organizing random items you have in your junk drawer to using them in the kitchen for dry goods or non-refrigerated fruits and veggies. “View

This Watch That Looks Like A Vinyl Record

I used to be a person who didn't like to wear a watch, but lately, I've been getting into them purely as a fashionable item. Translation: I don't need my timepiece to be fancy as long as it looks cute and tells the time. Enter, this adorable watch that looks like a vintage vinyl record. Not only does this check all the boxes for what I need in a watch, but it also satisfies the audiophile in me too. “View

This Webcam Cover That Adds An Extra Bit Of Security

Not to be too "tin foil hat," but studies have shown that people can hack your webcam and spy on you. Although it all sounds very 'Black Mirror', you can't go wrong with doing a small thing to protect yourself. What's the harm in that, right? I usually opt for a little piece of tape over my webcam, but that can often be sticky or wear out my tape overall, so this slideable camera cover is an excellent solution. “View

These Cat Earrings That Are So Elegant And Understated

Statement pieces are good, but they're not something I like to wear every day. A tiny, shiny piece not only looks good in a formal setting but can also be a finishing touch on a casual outfit as well. These little earrings come in three different finishes and are adorably shaped like a cat. Not only does this make them very unique, but they'll also catch people's eye. “View

This Insulated Cooler Bag That's Perfect For Picnics

You may think this bag may look too fashionable to be functional, but you're wrong. It's actually an insulated cooler. The cutest cooler you'll ever find. Keep all your cold drinks and snacks inside it when you go to the beach, on a picnic, or even on a road trip. There's nothing I love more than when style meets function, and this bag has all of that to boot. “View

This Pashmina Scarf That's Light And Colorful

It's officially autumn, so you know what that means? Layering. When the mornings are cold but the afternoons are just right, it's important to dress in light layers so you're never shivering or sweating. This pashmina scarf is a must-have for your fall closet. It's light enough for a warm afternoon, but weighty enough to keep out a strong fall wind as well. “View

These Planter Pots That Are Perfect For Planting Succulents

Plants are already a pretty expensive addition to your home. When I was younger, I thought leaving my houseplants in their original, plastic planters was just fine...not realizing that was probably a big reason why they always dried up or died. But frankly, lots of planter pots out there are just really way more expensive than you think, so I was pleased to see these adorable, beautiful pots in the bargain section. They're just perfect for little succulents that sit on your desk. “View

This Slouchy Beanie That's Super Warm On Cold Days

Surprisingly enough, even the bargain section of Amazon has lots of high-quality products. This includes this slouchy winter hat, which many happy customers have praised as being super thick and super warm –– perfect for cold, snowy days. The fact that it also has a cute logo that says "meow" only enhances this hat's status for being the most adorable hat you can wear this winter. “View

This Hand Towel That Adds A Bit Of Tropical Flair

If loving the pineapple aesthetic that I see practically everywhere is wrong, then I don't want to be right. There's a reason why you can't seem to escape pineapples at your big box stores, home decor stores, and even on Pinterest and Instagram –– it's because it's just so cute. These pineapple hand towels are good at any time of the year, but particularly if you're the kind of person who likes to rotate their linens based on the season. “View

This Laptop Sleeve That's Functional And Beautiful

Everyone needs a good laptop sleeve. As someone with a big tote bag that I throw everything into, it has definitely dawned on me that this is not the best situation for my laptop (i.e. my livelihood). But instead of carrying a dozen bags with me that have all different functions, I can still keep my "daily carry" as simple and streamlined as possible. How? With a nice, functional laptop sleeve like this one. “View

This Dreamcatcher That Is Perfect For A Boho Home

I have a small niece, so as soon as I saw this dream catcher I immediately thought of how adorable it would be hanging up in her room. But that's just me. You don't need to have a small child in your life to love this wall hanging. It goes perfectly with any home that has a Bohemian, eclectic style. Plus, it's a nice alternative to putting up posters everywhere. “View

These Ear Buds That Deliver Some Serious Sound

Yes, you can afford good headphones. Contrary to popular belief, you actually don't need to shout out $200 to get some quality sound. It's true that when I spotted these earbuds, I was skeptical. Customers who have bought it say that the sound is fairly decent and the fit is comfortable (and at less than $5 for a pair, that is saying something). They also come in lots of cool colors and are particularly great for a commute or travel if you're feeling apprehensive about bringing along your expensive pair. “View

This Face Scrubber That's Almost Too Cute For Your Bathroom Counter

There are so, so many facial scrubbers out there. You can buy one that is more like a bristled brush, or you can find many different models of this silicone scrubber for varying price points. But this is the only model that looks as good as it feels. This silicone scrubber has little nubs that gently wash away dirt, oil, and makeup, all while looking like an adorable jellyfish. It also comes from one of the best-liked K-beauty brands out there. “View

This Camera Shaped Flash Drive That Makes A Good Gift For Photographers

I have tons of flash drives in my house, at the office, in my bag, and so on. Most of the time, they just serve a basic function, but did you know that there's a cuter version of pretty much any tech accessory? Well, now you know. This flash drive has 2G of data (there are also 4G and 8G versions out there) and looks like a teeny tiny DSLR camera. It's basically the best small gift or stocking stuffer for any photographer or videographer out there. “View

This Holographic Fanny Pack That's Great For Traveling

I never would have expected this statement to be true again after 1995, but –– fanny packs are back. Also known as a 'bum bag' these bags sit squarely on your hips and ar a favorite among tourists and active grannies everywhere. But now, of course, they've been given a 21st-century touch by coming in different styles and colors, like this holographic one. Take it with you on a trip, while exercising, or just walking around. “View

This Sequined Purse That Goes With Your Date Night Outfit

How much do I love this purse? Let me count the ways. First, it's just a well-made satchel that is neither too big nor too small. Second, it comes in different color schemes to fit different people's style. And third, it has lots of shiny and sequined touches that make it perfect for a night out or a formal occasion. Fourth, it's literally less than $10. There you have it. Four very good reasons to put it in your cart right now and never regret it. “View

This Popsocket That Looks Like The Moon

This Popsocket designed to look like the moon allows for easy swapability. It offers a secure grip so you can text with one hand, snap better photos, and watch cat videos hands-free. Be ready to watch videos anywhere with the convenient stand that sticks to most devices and cases so you can watch videos on the fly. “View

This Ear Pick Kit For Squeaky Clean Ear Canals

Sure, our moms told us to wash behind our ears, but what about inside them? If you're an earbud-wearer, you know how nasty our ear canals can get. Sometimes, simple washing isn't enough to clean them. These days, ear pick kits are becoming a more popular way to clean your ears since they don't push wax deeper into the canal like a Q-tip can. But it's also important to use these tools properly, so make sure you're following directions. “View

This Air Pod Cover That Keeps Your Headphones Pristine

Even your Air Pods case needs protection. These silicone covers make your charging case virtually indestructible and easy to find thanks to the keychain carabiner that hooks anywhere you like. They also come in tons of fun colors and at this price point, you don't have to choose just one. This protector is perfect for people who just want the protection for their charging case without making it being too clunky or kitschy. “View

This Vinyl Decal That Tells You How Amazing You Are

Hey, did you know that you look amazing today? Well, it's true. And if you don't have someone telling you that every day, you can at least give yourself a little reminder vis a vis this vinyl decal that you can place on any mirror. It's also a cute way to make an inexpensive hall mirror look a little nicer and Pinterest-worthy. “View

These Succulent Candles That Look Adorable On Any Surface

I have these little tea lights sitting on my window sill and I have to admit, they make me smile whenever I see them. I actually like them so much, I can't bear to burn them. However, at such a low price, I can afford to buy lots of these and use them as candles if I wanted too. Not to mention, these tea lights are perfect as decoration for weddings or other occasions. “View

This Ring Holder That Looks Like A Cute Puppy

Your vanity area is just not complete without a cute ring holder, and you don't have whip out and huge bills for something so tiny. This ceramic ring holder comes in two shapes. One is a cute, little cat, and the other is this dachshund that has a perfectly shaped tail to hold even the daintiest of rings. It also makes a great gift. “View

This Soap Holder That Resists Mold

The last thing I like to see in my house is mold. It's not just gross to look at, it can also be harmful to your health in a major way. One way to combat mold is to keep things nice and dry so those spores don't start growing. This may seem like a simple soap or sponge holder, but it's the easiest way to keep your house mold-free. Or, at least your sponges. “View

These Goldfish Earrings That Are A Quirky Addition To Any Outfit

Sometimes, you just need a quirky piece of jewelry to lift your spirits. I don't always go for unusual accessories, but for these earrings, I'll make an exception. They're lightweight and made to look like little goldfish in a bag (kind of like the ones you used to be able to get at carnivals). Since they're so small, they also make a statement without being too garish. “View

These Chopstick Holders That Make Sushi Night More Adorable

You're never supposed to set down your chopsticks on your plate (until you're done eating) or on the table itself (yuck). Instead, many restaurants that serve Asian cuisine have little holders as part of their place setting. With these adorable, cat-shaped holders, you can recreate the experience of being at a fancy restaurant (even if you're just getting take out). “View

This Lightweight Top That's So Versatile

This is truly a top for all seasons. The lightweight material makes it breezy and cool for summer, but it's also great for layering over or under other garments for those colder months. In addition, the front-tie makes it super flattering since it's not just a typical, boxy blouse. Wear it with casual jeans or a skirt for those nights when you go out. “View

This Drain Stopper That Looks Like A Pastel Stingray

The bargain section at Amazon is chock full of useful kitchen and home gadgets, like this drain stopper. Sure, you could get some boring, normal, old drain stopper that will do the job, but why not take it to the next level? This stopper is shaped to look like a stingray, faithfully guarding your drain against unwanted food scraps or other things that can easily get lost. “View

This Mini Bowling Toy That Is A Cure For Boredom

These cute little games used to be all the rage (before everyone was playing games on their phones, that is). So, I was delighted when I saw this while hunting for bargains. This tiny game is basically like finger-bowling but requires a lot of precision in order to get a strike. It's perfect for rainy days or as an activity to do with older kids. “View

These Sleek Gloves That Let You Use Your Phone Too

The person who invented touchscreen gloves deserves a medal because I can't imagine another winter without them. You can find lots of versions of gloves that allow you to use your phone (even when it's freezing outside), but I particularly love these. They look so warm and thick, so your fingers will never get cold. But also, they have specially-designed fingertips that work with any phone's touch screen. “View

This Cactus Fridge Magnet That Doubles As A Bottle Opener

This magnet is the epitome of usefulness and cuteness. At first glance, it looks like an adorable magnet shaped like a cactus. And, of course, you're right. But it's so much more. In addition to holding up your kids' artwork, it can also crack open glass bottles, whether they be sodas or a frosty beer at the end of the day. “View

This Wireless Charger That Keeps Your Battery At 100 Percent

I was pleasantly surprised to find so many great tech accessories in a bargain section. This includes this wireless charging pad that works with all kinds of devices that have the wireless charging technology. Looks like you actually can get more than one charger without it costing an arm and a leg. Not to mention, this charger lights up and looks handsome anywhere you decide to keep it in your home or at work. “View

This Hedgehog Coin Purse That Is The Cutest Way To Store Your Change

I never thought I would be a person who owns a change purse but I have a slim wallet, so that doesn't help me when I'm given coins at the store. Instead of filling up my purse in quarters, nickels, and dimes (which I have definitely done), a change purse basically solves my entire problem. And it's not a huge investment to get one, either, like this adorable purse that has hedgehogs printed on it. “View

This Trinket Dish That Looks Like A Tropical Leaf

Tiny items like bobby pins, rings, and errant coins can frustrate me to no end. As someone who is constantly fighting against clutter, I want to know I always have somewhere to put things, whether they be big or small. I have a couple of trinket dishes, like this one, in my home. Honestly, I'm even thinking about adding this one to the bunch because it's so cute. “View

These Crystal WandsThat Look Beautiful Anywhere In Your Home

Whether you believe in crystal healing or just like the witchy look of crystals on your shelf, these wands make a nice addition to your collection. I'm personally not a big believer in crystal powers, but I do have a few in my home just for show. They not only make a nice piece of decor in your living room, bedroom, or wherever, they also can make a good display for a party or wedding. “View